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This is fate 23 October 2021: Karan and Preeta return home. Karina welcomes Karan. Karan smiles that her naughty daughter Kritika was with Akshay. Preeta mentions Karina called her. Karina says she wanted to ask about their arrival. Rakhi comes to meet the couple.

She says she wished they had stayed longer in Manali, but also missing them. Preeta asks Kritika if she will tell them, or they should. She shares with the family that Akshay is back from Dubai forever, and wants to marry now. Tomorrow morning, he is coming with his family. Karina was excited to arrange the best for Kritika. Rakhi says now Preeta is also a part of their wedding preps.

Preeta offers to arrange everything for her wedding. Karina offers a jewelers, Preeta also knew a jeweler who sells antiques. Karina thanks Preeta for thinking about Kritika.

Everyone wonders where the sun rises from. Karan jokes, from Manali, where he was.

Sherlin speaks to Rishab on phone and was annoyed. Mahira was upset and says it feels she should not have gone to Manali. She chose the wrong way to get close to Karan. Everyone else is behaving like a family here, and here she is alone. Sherlin says Rakhi always behaved nicely to Preeta and Kritika was always her friends. Sherlin clears to Mahira that Rakhi wants to be in everyone’s good books and keep herself away from any plannings; her attitude towards Preeta is only because of this.

In the room, Karan teases Preeta by turning the lights on and off. Preeta was making a to-do list. She says it is about wedding preparations. Karan says it is a normal preparations, caterers, decorators… Preeta vowed to make Kritika’s wedding the best and most memorable. Karan comes close to Preeta and says, I am proud of you. He then says he will tell the family about Mahira’s story. Preeta forbids him, as everyone is happy, and they must not ruin it. And the one who matters the most for her knows about it already. Karan agrees. She goes out of the room, as Karan would not let her do any work. Karan thinks he must do something about Mahira.

Kritika gets a call from Akshay. He inquires how she is. He says he did not want to say it, but there is someone he can not live without, and always dreams of. Today, he wants to tell her that he loves her dearly. He is extremely lucky to have her in his life. He is guilty of delaying the marriage, but he cannot wait anymore. He wants to marry her as soon as possible. He apologizes for misbehaving with her in the past. He is sorry for all this and was thankful to her for lending him another chance. Kritika says when he has realized his mistakes, then they should both forget about it. Akshay promises to fill her life with happiness now. Kritika requests him to come earlier tomorrow. Akshay was hopeful of a new and happy life ahead.

The next morning, Preeta and Rakhi had prepared to receive Akshay and his family. Kritika was excited as the guests arrive. Preeta welcomes Akshay and his mother. Karan meets Akshay. Rakhi introduces them to Mahira, her friends’s daughter who came to stay here for a few days. Rakhi inquires about Akshay’s father. Preeta goes to serve tea. Sherlin also turns to leave but Mahira stops her and says she is pregnant; she must take some rest. Akshay’s mother congratulates everyone for the news. Preeta serves tea and sweets for the guests.

Akshay’s mother was happy to meet them all after a long time. Karina says she is happier that they shifted to this city and she can meet her daughter anytime. Akshay’s mother requests for a wedding date next week. Everyone shares sweets as token of celebrations. Rakhi suggests that this time they wished to do Kritika’s wedding in a traditional way. Preeta has taken a responsibility for the wedding. Rakhi says they will not invite any formal guests and will do Jago ritual tomorrow. Akshay and his mother agree to their wishes. Akshay thanks them for choosing him as Kritika’s partner. Karina was also gracious to Akshay, as she got a son. The guests take a leave.

Karan teases Kritika if she will wait in a week. Preeta says it seems she must take Kritika for shopping today.

Shrishti comes out of her room wishing a loud good morning. She asks if they were discussing about Preeta. Shrishti says Preeta has even won hearts of her in law’s family, only Karina and Bani Dadi are left now. Sarla prays for her Preeta.


Sarla exclaims that Preeta has the ability to always win the hearts of everyone with her good character, Sarla prays that Preeta should always remain happy in her house, Shristhi asks why is she not praying for her, Sarla mentions that she is frequently praying for her in the hearts however would never tell her, she leaves to get something, Janki then asks Shrishti if she should talk with Sarla about her marriage, Shrishti doesnot understand, Janki responds how she is talking of her marriage with Sameer, Shristhi leaves to wash her hands, Janki thinks of her opportune it would be if she is also in the same house with Preeta as then they both would never be alone.

Kritika is talking with her friends, she is confused about the plan then Preeta comes from behind asking if she needs her help, Kritika explains that her friends were pressurizing her for a bachelorate party which cannot happen now as the functions has been arranged, Preeta mentions that she has taken the responsibility of her marriage and so they would surely have the party as she should remember how much they enjoyed when it was the party at the time of Rishab’s marriage.

Karan sees Preeta sitting in the room, he comes asking if she is trying to steal anything, Preeta stands asking why does he not steal someone’s else tongue so that he would not be able to irritate her, Karan says that she is talking very foolish, he asks if she has any degree, Preeta responds that she has become like this because of being with him she feels that she is getting the punishment for her wrong doings in the past life, Karan gives her the credit card explaining how she should not worry about the price of anything which Kritika desires to buy as she is his sister and this should be the duty of Mahesh however he is not well.

Karan inquires where Kritika is, Preeta says that she has gone to fix her makeup, Karan inquires why does she not have to fix her makeup, Preeta mentions that she doesnot do so much makeup and that is why she doesnot have to do it, karan mentions how he knows it because he saw her makeup kit just lying there in the drawer, Preeta gets irritated explaining how she knew her belongings would not be safe in the room because he should have just left it there, Karan responds that she has come into his room and taken his belongings forcefully, Preeta gets mad, Karan finally apologizes to her, Kritika coming from behind inquires if they should leave,

Preeta rushes out of the bedroom exclaiming how they cannot waste even a moment, Kritika questions Karan who responds that he made feel Preeta irritated, Kritika asks why does he do this even when Preeta is so nice to them, Karan scolds her ordering how she should not instruct him just like Ganesh, she should only go for shopping.

Karina is sitting, Rakhi comes asking the reason for her happiness, Karina exclaims that it had been a year since Kritika’s engagement and now she is finally getting married, Rakhi teases her by saying that she should tell Kritika how happy her mother is that she is leaving this house, Karina asks Rakhi about why does she always have to joke,, adding that the best part is Akshay’s entire family is coming to their city so she would be able to meet her daughter at any given time.

Preeta standing from behind wonders how happy Karina is, she realizes how being a mother she would be excited on the wedding of her only daughter.

Preeta comes saying how she is taking Kritika for shopping, Karina mentions that she should not worry about the prices and should take her card, Preeta after smiling exclaims that Karan also said the same thing and even gave her the card, Karina asks from karan why he gave his card. Karan questions Preeta on why she was not able to hide it, Preeta responds that she only told her about the card after she sought permission from her.

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