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Jodha Akbar 23 October 2021: Jodha says i am proud of the soldiers of amer. Jalal says you are proud of your people and I am ashamed. Hakim is with the enemies and want to attack me. Jodha says i don’t know what has happened to him. Should i talk to him once? He says he wont understand.

Anyhow, i think i shouldn’t treat him as a brother now but as a king. jodha says i am proud that salim knows his responsibilities now, Jalal says its too late i think you should go now. spy sees them and says i knew that there was something going between them. I will show the reality to the people of village.

Sharif asks a man that he need some food and medicines. the man says i need to ask someone after that you can have it all. the man goes to jodha and says a man needs food and medicines, Jodha says where is he? He brings sharif in. sharif has covered his face. jodha says you need food? Sharif says in heart you are here hat means jalal must be here as well. He says whole family is here. When jodha comes there, sharif is not there anymore, she asks a girl. She says he must have eaten something and left after that.

Jalal says i think its about to rain. All the people say what will happen now, its about to rain. Jodha says take all the people in the camps. please take all the patients in. jodha says God is testing us. jalal finds spiritual soul playing the ground, he asks him to go in but he smiles at jalal.

jalal says listen and chases him. jalal says who are you? but he runs towards the forest. The spiritual soul comes to godown and vanishes. jalal rummages for him and sees the crops and grains there . He is dazed, he says so much crop? this is the crop that mughal emperor has been sending for villagers. someone has been concealing it here for long.

he hears some men talking, this crops is enough for hakim for 6 months. They have to attack agra. Jalal says should i help you in taking all this? his men say whi are you? jalal says i am here to help you people. the man says we were told no one will be here. jalal starts hitting them. jalal brings them down and takes their corpses to the side.

He says this is a conspiracy someone is betraying our emperor. I have to stay here and wait to see who is it. He hears someone coming in. jagdev comes in and says who left the door open? i think watch man left it open or men of mirza, Jalal says in heart i have to bring the truth of jagdev in front of everyone.

Jalal comes to jodha and says i got to know who is doing this all. jodha says who is it? jalal says jagdev. jodha is dazed. she says how can jagdev do this, jalal tells her everything. jodha says he is betraying us all. Jalal says he is with hakim. jodha says we need to tell the villagers. jalal says i can’t do this, they respect you. if you say they will believe, she says you are right.

Jodha tells everyone. people says this is not the truth. He is so nice. Jodha says he just pretends to be nice. He is filling his godown with crops. Jagdev says i gave all the food i had to the villagers. jalal says he is lying he has betrayed you all. jodha says he has seen many crops in your godown. He says how can you trust him? He is putting allegations on me. this man is a liar. Jalal says i am not lying i have seen everything. jodha says we all will go to his warehouse and check.

Everyone reach the warehouse, jalal says come with me. those crops are here. When they go in, there is nothing. people says what joke is this? there is nothing here. jalal says i am not lying they were all here. Jagdev says where are they now? i told you people that jhe is putting false allegations on me. Jalal says tell me where are those crops? jagdev says radha ji you trusted him, i never expected this from.

A woman says this is not her fault. Don’t worry you are proven innocent. Jagdev says what about the 2 crops i placed here for my family. I am sure he has stolen them. He says i would now demand you to check his camp. Ruks says my husband can’t do this. Jagdev says we have to check his camp. Jalal nods. jodha says okay check his camp.

Daniyal says to salim i would have been so proud if i could come with you on war. salim says you have bigger responsibility. you have to take care of the people and emperor here. i am leaving haider here for your help. Hamida comes in and does their arti. she says your mom has been doing this but I am doing this in her absence today. My prayers and hopes are with you.

Don’t attack hakim until its necessary. He has mughal blood in his veins. Don’t kill him, try to arrest him. Wear these shoes, they are jalal’s. you will understand his responsibilities when you wear them. you will know the hardships he has faced. This sword id of your granddad. he has fought many battles with this, now its your time.

They all come to check jalal’s camp. Jagdev’s men says check every corner.They find some crops under his bed. Man says look here. jalal, ruks and jodha are shocked. Jagdev says these the crops i saved for my family. he must have stolen them. jalal says why would i steal them. jagdev says we all know in the times of dearth crops are like gold. you must have planned to sell them on higher prices. Jagdev’s men says he is a thief. he should be punished.

Jalal says he must have placed it in my camp. Jagdev says he should be punished and it should be decided. Woman sasy radha will decide what we have to do with him, tomorrow. jodha says in heart how can i punish shahenshah.

Scene 1
Jagdev shows grains storage to his men, one person says that Jalal doesnt know that you have changed the place godown, he says i had seen Jalal in other godown so i changed the place of grains, he ask his men to keep eye on grains till Mirza’s men dont come here.

Jalal shouts on God and says i am angry with you today, why did you do this with Jodha that at one side is is her husband and at otherside are villagers who trust her, spiritual soul comes there that when you hurt one person, it hurt many others, you are recalling your wife’s pain but have you ever thought that the people whom you have given pain, his loved one also suffered, what you sow so shall you reap, you have hurt many people and now its your time to feel that pain,

Jalal ask who are you? why others cant see you? spiritual soul says i am you soul, i am day who separates you from night, i am that happiness which you feel, i am that pain which you have given to others and now have to feel yourself, soul vnishes from there, Jalal looks around, he looks in sky.

Scene 2
People are chanting for Salim, Salima comes to Salim and says i pray that you win. Birbal says to Salim that Jalal will meet you in war field, Salim thinks to see Anarkali’s once for peace, Anarkali is in crowd, she says to Sakina that this is all drama, soldiers will fight and die and then he will raise flag of winning, when his soldiers will be fighting, he will be busy in drinking and enjoying dance.

Jodha is in tears and says i will not give punishment to jalal, never, Jalal comes there, Jodha looks at him emotionally, Jalal says to her that give me punishment, he says if you dont give me punishment then you will have to suffer, Jodha says i will tell people about our relation but i cant give you punishment, Jalal says this is not punishment but my repentance, i have hurt people alot and now its my time to pay back, Jodha ask who told you all this? Jalal says the same kid, i dont know who is he, i dont why he cant be seen by others, he says promise me that you will punish me,

he says you are judge and you have to do justice, Jodha says as wife i know that you have not done this mistake, Jalal says i know that but i have done many mistakes, forget that i am your husband, this punishment is must for me, give me this punishment, he ask her to remember it, he leaves, Jagdev finds Jodha there and Jalal leaveing from there, he doesnt see his face and says who came to meet Jodha? maybe someone came to get medicine from her, anybody will try to come closer to her as she is beautiful.

Scene 3
in court, Jodha says to Jalal that you have done mistake of betraying and you will get punishment for it, your punishment is that you cant live in this village from now on, leave from here, Jalal sits in her feet and says dont do this, my family is here, i cant leave from here, dont give me such a big punishment, Jagdev says there is one more punishment for stealer, Jalal says ok give me that punishment but i wont leave you, i mean i wont leave this village, he touches Jodha’s feet and pleads, Jodha says what you are doing, she says no your punishment is to leave from here,

Jalal says give me second punishment, Ruks says lets leave from here, Jalal says no, he folds his hands infront of Jodha and ask her to change punishment, all ask Jodha to give other punishment, Jodha is tensed and says okay, she says other punishment is that you will have to get beaten up by hunter, Jodha ask him to leave, Jalal says no i am ready to get beaten up, Jodha looks on.

Shama comes to Haidar, he is having headache, she says i am happy that you didnt go to war, now i will get to know you, she gives Kaddah to haidar, he drinks it and ask what was that? he says it was for constipation, Haidar says but i dont have it, he starts feeling pain in belly and says i will kill you.

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