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Jodha Akbar 24 October 2021: Jalal is getting beaten up, Ruks ask Jodha to leave him, we will leave this village, Jalal says no, if this justice then i am ready to get it, Ruks whispers in Jalal;s ears to tell everyone who are you, nobody cant touch you,

Jodha Akbar 23 October 2021

Jalal ask her to not create more problems for Jodha, he ask her to go away, lady takes Ruks away, man starts hitting Jalal with hunter, Jodha and ruks are in tears, Jalal recalls how his people had to suffer because of his orders, he recalls how kid said that now you will have to bear the pain which you have given to others, Jalal’s back starts bleeding, after punishment Jalal is freed, Jalal falls on ground being injured, Jodha and Ruks gets worried.

Soul Talk- Jalal’s soul says that i went out of palace to become common person but i became common stealer, it was my payback time, i had given punishment to pamy but that day i got to know how it feels to get punishment.
Ruks is treating Jalal’s wounds, Jodha comes there, Ruks says dont touch him, to save your position, you gave punishment to your husband? you stoop so low, Jodha says you are right, i stooped so low, i did such a big thing today that i cant be forgiven but king’s order was so big for me that i had ti give punishment to my husband, its my punishment that i cant even put medicine on my husband’s wound, she is about to leave but Jalal stops her, he ask for water, ruks says to Jodha that i didnt know about your pain Jodha, she ask Jodha to give water to Jalal.

Scene 5
Maan says to his man that i will run from Mirza’s custody then he will gt angry on me and will send soldiers behind me, his attention will be diverted from war.
Jodha makes Jalal drink water, Jalal says you know it was not your mistake, Jodha says why didnt you leave the village, Jalal says i wanted to feel how it feels to get beaten up by hunter, this pain is much less than the pain which i have given to people.
Maan runs away from custody. Jodha is giving medicine to injured people, Jalal is working there, one man comes to Jalal and says we will not get medicine from thief’s hand, maybe you will give poison to us, Jalal starts leaving, one man ask him where are you going? nobody will ask you to serve common people, you have to work hard now, he ask Jalal to take vegetable’s carton in kitchen, Jalal feels pain to hold carton because of wounds, Jodha looks at him and is in tears seeing him in pain.

Jodha is crying and says this is all happening because me, he came here because of me, he has to bear all this because me, why i didnt die before seeing his pain, Jalal comes there and sits infront of her, he says why you are blaming yourself, you did justice and as judge you just punished me,

Jodha says only i know how i gave you punishment, Jalal says i know you feel my pain before myself, we feel for each other, this is beauty of our relation but if you cry then how will i be strong, dont cry, he hugs her.

Soul talk- Jalal’s soul says that punishment was my lesson that he pain which i have given to others, i had to bear them too. Jodha’s soul says that punishment i remembered my whole life, you bore those hunter attacks but they left impact on my heart for life as you had to get that punishment because of my order.

Salim ask Qutub about force of Mirza, Qutub says they are 25,000/-, Salim says we are half of them, we have to clever, i dont want them to run away from our clutches, he hatches a plan for war, Qutub ask Salim why you are placing yourself at most difficult position in battle field? dont you love yourself a little?

Salim says when the army head is leading his force then the whole force gets stronger, i want to assure my soldiers that i am with them till my last breath, Qutub says we will fight, Salim says you are lucky that you have someone(wife) who is waiting for you, who is praying for your life and the one i love doesnt pray for me, infact she curse me.

Scene 2
Anarkali is praying to God, Zil ask her to pray for Salim too as he has gone for war, Anar says i will pray for my force only and about Salim, he only loves the ghungroos of dancers, Zil says dont take him lightly, he has spend his life in war field, he is king and they do like dance bars but that doesnt mean he is not a good warrior, he is our next king, you cant think bad about him, also he is fighting for whole Agra so keep your personal grudges aside and pray for his life, she leaves, Anar thinks about Salim, Anar sits and prays for Salim, Rabba is pyar mein plays.

Moti ask Jodha how is jalal, Jodha says he is fine now, Ruks is with him, Jagdev comes there, Moti says i want to kill him as he made Jalal bear punishment, Jodha comes to talk to Jagdev, Jodha says to him that i know you must be hurt with Jalal’s matter, Jagdev says i know you must have felt bad by giving punishment to him as you are a lady, Jodha says its not about being lady but i think he was innocent, Jagdev says you have soft heart, i just wanted to tell you that tomorrow is Holi function, Kaushalia(head of village) says that you did great, our king has forgotten to give some happiness to his people, Jodah says nothing like that, it was king Jalal only who gave order that hindus can celebrate their festivals freely, she thinks to bring out truth of Jagdev soon.

Scene 3
Mehtab comes to Jalal, he says i am fine, she talk about her wounds, Jalal says i am warrior, i am used to it, you are working here as warrior too and we are proud of you, Ruks says we are, Jodah says comes there and says Jagdev ash arranged holi function, its time to bring out his truth so people realize that mistake is not yours but of the people like Jagdev, Ruks agrees with her, Jalal says so we will do it, i have sent message to Birbal, Jodha says now on Holi, his sins will burn too.

Jagdev comes to Jalal in Holi function and says i didnt let you go away from this village because i wanted you to see who i am and people like you are mere insects in from me, Jalal gets angry on him, Jagdev comes to Jodha and ask to lit Holi’s fire, Jodha says Holi is festival where people forget their grudges and we try to kill sins, Jagdev says great thought so i forgive jalal for his mistakes,

Jodha says i want Jalal to lit the fire as he has already bore his punishment but why we people keep giving them punishment, why cant we give respect to the person who have bore punishment, he should be given chance to redeem himself so i want him to lit the fire, Jagdev says as you, Jodha gives candle to Jalal, he smiles at her, he lits the fire, Kaushalia ask to do Parikama(taking rounds around fire) and the couples will do it together,

Jalal does with ruks, Jodha looks at him, Kaushalia ask her to come, Jodha says i cant come as it is for couples, Ruks says why not? you forgave my husband, i am able to be with him right now because of you only, you can come behind us, it will br our honor to have you, Jodha smiles and goes behind Jalal, they take rounds together.

Scene 4
Shama is irritating Haidar, Javeda comes there and ask what happened? Haidar says i cant bear this girl, you talk to her, he leaves, Shama says where did you go? Javeda says if she remain like this then Haidar will not marry her.

Jodha thinks that this is the first time, i wont be celebrating Holi with Jalal, Moti comes and applies color to Jodha and felicitates her Holi, Jodha applies color to Moti and Mehtabl, MOti says Ruks doesnt like colors, Jodha ask where is she? Moti says in her room.

girls are asking Ruks to come out of room to play Holi with them, Kaushalia comes and shoos away the girls, Ruks comes out and thanks her for sending them away, Kaushalia says one should not force anyone to celebrate Holi, we can use mind too, she applies color on her face, one girl throws water at her, Ruks shouts, she thinks once i go to palace then i will send this Kaushalia to jail.

Jodha applies Tilak to ill people, she wishes them Holi, Kaushalia says they all are happy because of you, Jodha says not because of me but because of Lord, she turns to see Jalal smiling at her, he points that he wants to apply on her, she nods no, Kaushalia ask what happened? Jodha says nothing, Kaushalia leaves, Jalal is approaching her with color plate, Jodha is coming towards him too, he trips and color falls on Jodha’s face, she smiles, sits to give him plate and touches his feet in process, jalal blesses her, Jodha leaves, Ruks smiles seeing them. Jagdev comes there and thinks that Today i will make jodha color in my colors, i will make this Holi special for her,

Jalal finds Jagdev and comes to Jodha, he says its time to teach him lesson, till he is busy here, my soldiers will find out where he has hidden the grain cartons, Jagdev dreams of applying colors to Jodha, he says i will celebrate Holi with her at any cost, he throws color at her face, Jalal and all others are shocked, Jodha angrily looks at him, one man says that Jagdev shoud have been in limits, Jalal gets angry on him, Jagdev says i was throwing at someone else and you came inbetween,

Jodha says it was not deliberate so i forgive you, jalal ask his soldier about grain cartons, soldier says we are not able to find it, Jagdev invites Jodha to come at his son’s school for function, Jodha thinks to not lose her cool infront of him, Jodha agrees to come, Jagdev thinks that this night will be with her only, Jalal thinks that this night i will bring his truth out.

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