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This is fate 5 August 2022: Karan along with his entire family is waiting for Preeta to come back, Kritika enters through the front door asking if Preeta did not come back till now, they all get really worried.

Preeta is put in the lockup, she constantly requests the police to let her go as she wants to be with her daughter however, she is not listened to when Vinod walks into the police station, he is shocked to see her so goes asking what has happened, Preeta replies that she has been locked up, Vinod going to the inspector asks them to let Preeta jee free because he knows her really well.

In the morning the entire Luthra family is waiting, Dadi asks Mahesh to go and rest with Rakhi because they both are not well however Mahesh replies how can he sleep knowing Pihu is not here, Preeta walks through the front gate when Karan immediately rushes to her questioning where is Pihu, Sonakshi also asks her, Kritika gets tensed asking Preeta where Pihu is because they both were coming together. Preeta replies to Pihu would never come now, Rakhi worryingly asks why she would not come back when this is her house.

Preeta walks straight to Sonakshi questioning why she did this, Sonakshi tries to act as if she doesnot know anything when Preeta exclaims why she took the life of such a small child, everyone is stunned to hear this, Mahesh kneels holding his chest. Karan forces Preeta to turn, questioning what she is saying as it cannot be the truth, Preeta turning towards Sonakshi, exclaims she is the one who took the life of Pihu.

Preeta while crying blames Sonakshi for taking the life of her daughter, she informs everyone that Pihu is dead as she got her in the accident, Sonakshi exclaims Pihu is her daughter and Preeta at first said that she was going to bring Pihu as she will then inform everyone how Sonakshi was the one to do everything,

Sonakshi questions what is Preeta saying because she is the mother of Pihu, Karina also questions Preeta why is she saying such words. Preeta in anger asks Sonakshi what she is trying to say as the doctor already confirmed her that the mother of Pihu died after giving her birth, she informed that the women worked in the NGO, Preeta is crying while everyone is also really tensed.

Sherlin receives a call from someone and then gives it to Karan informing him that he is the inspector from the police station, the murderer informs karan that the accident happened at road 45 and because of her rash driving a little girl lost her life, Karan ends the call when Preeta and Sonakshi are still blaming each other, Karan in anger asks Preeta what is she saying because the trucks cannot go at the road, Preeta while crying replies that Sonakshi had sent the truck after her however karan exclaims she is so careless that she did not even tie the seat belt of Pihu, he also blames her for killing his daughter. Dadi also starts blaming Preeta for being a careless mother as had she taken care of her Pihu would never have gotten kidnapped,

she would still be alive so she blames Preeta, Shelrin also blames Preeta for being the one behind it all as she needed to save her mother’s Kumkum Bhagya hall she can go to all the limits for the sake of mother, Preeta tries to say that she has not done anything of the sort, Sherlin however exclaims she knows Preeta can do this because she is missing since the day Karan withdrew the amount, she even has the proof. She then plays a video which states that has received his twenty million, Sherlin informs how and is clearly saying that Preeta has given him the amount, she thinks how she went there in the Burqa disguising herself as Preeta.

Karan is not able to stand and leaves, Preeta also follows him when he is in the room of Pihu looking at the drawings which she made, she also thinks how happy they both would be with Pihu, she tries to touch him however he leaves ordering him to stop.

Dadi exclaims she is feeling really restless and cannot fo9rgive Preeta because she is not a good mother as because of her they lost Pihu so she can never be trusted again, Mahesh questions what is she saying as they should have at least some faith in Preeta because she is not like this however Karina questions why is he still saying they should believe her when they can see everything clearly in the video how Preeta gave money to save her mother’s Kumkum Bhagya hall, Mahesh tries to explain what can be seen with the eyes is not always the truth however Karina exclaims it is indeed when they can see it.

Preeta while running tries to stop Karan who is walking away in anger, she pleads with him to at least listen to her as she wants to talk with him, Preeta falls pleading that he at least talk with her, Sonakshi coming to Preeta exclaims this is the first step of falling as Preeta should now see how everyone would start filling their hearts with anger for Preeta, Sonakshi exclaims she will take her place in the Luthra mansion. Preeta exclaims how evil can she because she killed her daughter to make her place in the house, however Preeta replies that she will reveal the truth to everyone after which they will throw her out of the house, Sonakshi however exclaims that Preeta has already said it all, but they did not listen to her, Preeta rushes saying they did not listen to her clearly but she will once again reveal it.

Preeta rushes down to the hall trying to once again say how evil Sonakshi is because she murdered Pihu, Sherlin also blames Preeta questioning why is she once again trying to make another story to blame Sonakshi however Preeta tries to plead saying that she is telling the truth, Karina says that she is the one who has ruined their family, she should give back Pihu to them if she desires to give anything back but Karan also blames Preeta, he orders her to shut up blaming she is the one who took away his daughter from him, he says she did it all for the sake of money as had she asked him before, he would have given her the entire wealth of the Luthra house. Kritika even exclaims she never thought Preeta would change so much to ruin their entire family.

Preeta pleads with them all questioning why are they not believing her when she has lived with them for so long, they knew how she is so why are they saying it, she even asks Rakhi to live her but Rakhi exclaims she considered Preeta as her Lucky charm but she has given them the pain which can never be recovered so what can she do of a daughter in law like her, Preeta then asks Karan to hear what everyone is saying when he once again exclaims she is the one behind everything because he advised her to not leave the room but she had to as she was the one who planned it all,

she called Sameer and Shristhi and not him because she knew if he came then would bring back Pihu. He in anger exclaims he doesnot want a wife like her, Kritika also mentions it is for the better that she should leave the house, the entire Luthra family says that Preeta should leave the house, Dadi exclaims she doesnot have any shame, she orders Karina to throw Preeta out of the house, Sherlin tries to break her Mangal Sutur but Preeta in anger stops her, they both drag her out of the house closing the door on her face, Karan doesnot even look at her but Preeta is crying.






she called Sameer and Shristhi and not him because she knew if he came then would bring back Pihu. He in anger exclaims he doesnot want a wife like her, Kritika also mentions it is for the better that she should leave the house, the entire Luthra family says that Preeta should leave the house, Dadi exclaims she doesnot have any shame, she orders Karina to throw Preeta out of the house, Sherlin tries to break her Mangal Sutur but Preeta in anger stops her, they both drag her out of the house closing the door on her face, Karan doesnot even look at her but Preeta is crying.

Preeta while sitting outside the Luthra Mansion requests Karan to not separate her from him because she has already lost her daughter, she requests him to let her in as they will share the loss, she even exclaims that she told Pihu they have to go back to karan, Karina asks her to shut up exclaiming Preeta is only doing this because she wants to get back her position in this house, Dadi also mentions they thought Preeta is a really innocent girl but she turned out to be an evil person, Karan leaves in anger when Sherlin also asks Preeta to leave and not try to come back.


Mahesh is not able to bear it, he then falls on the floor, they all rush to him when Dadi assures there is nothing to be worried about since they have thrown Preeta out of the house, Mahesh is constantly calling Preeta as his daughter, he once again gets unconscious, Sherlin thinks it is a really good day since she got what she deserved as Karan himself threw her out of the house, so now they both would never be together.

Karan entering the room of Pihu starts to think of the memories he had with her, how she came to their house for the first time, and the incident in the kitchen when she was copying him but refused to slap her cheek exclaiming, she is not stupid. Preeta is emotionally broken, she after walking some distance sits on the side of a bench, Karan also sits down on the bed, she thinks how he exclaimed had she asked him, he would have given the entire wealth of the Luthra family, but she desired to snatch his daughter from him, so never asked, they both try to calm themselves but are not able to, Preeta lies down on the bench crying.

Sarla opens the door when she is shocked to see Preeta standing there, she immediately hugs Sarla who questions what has happened, Janki also asks the reason, Shristhi come crying exclaiming Pihu has died after getting in an accident and the Luthra’s have done what they did in the past by blaming it all on Preeta, Sarla also starts crying realizing it is the truth, Karan going into the bathroom starts taking the shower, Sarla also takes a broken Preeta to the bathroom. Karan recalls the incident where Preeta pulled him in the shower.

Sarla cannot even calm herself, karan sits down in front of the shower trying to forget his relationship with Preeta, Sarla starts cleaning Preeta’s wounds which she has gotten on her body, she even wipes off the tears. Preeta is still thinking how she used to love Karan a lot, but Sarla asks her to forget everything that has happened, Rakhi also enters the room of Karan when she is shocked to see him sitting in front of the shower, she hugs him after immediately closing it.

Preeta is sitting in the bed, Sarla requests Shristhi to go and sleep in her room but Shrishti also insists on staying in the same room as she also desires to sleep with Preeta, she also jumps on the bed, the three of them sit together.

Karina while sitting with Sherlin and Sonakshi exclaims she cannot see Karan like this, it has been a week since she left the house, but he has not talked with anyone, she requests Sonakshi to take care of him as a friend, Sherlin replies she has also tried to explain the same thing to her, they both leave the room after hearing Karan coming towards them. Sonakshi standing up is delighted thinking that the time has finally come for what she desires, Karan entering the room asks Sonakshi what is she doing here, she exclaims she is feeling really scared, he asks from whom when she replies that now he is the only one who can save her,

Sonakshi hugs him exclaiming that nothing is left in his life as their was only Pihu who was snatched away by Preeta, now he is the only one in her life, he pushes her away when she questions why is he doing this, Karan asks why is she coming close to him, he questions what is she trying to say, she explains that she believes they both should get married. Karan replies she has lost her mind, he exclaims she was his friend but now he knows what she has in her heart for him so it is better that she leave this house, Sonakshi exclaims that she cannot live without him and he is the only one she loves, however karan pushes her away, Sonakshi exclaims he is a really ungrateful person because she gave him Pihu and also thought of giving him the happiness of his life but he only thinks of Preeta, he cannot live with her but neither can live without her,

Karan asks her to shut up but she exclaims he has double standards and is a hypocrite because he has all the memories of Preeta but is even saying that he doesnot want to live with Preeta, she starts showing all of the things which belong to Preeta, Karan asks her to shut up exclaiming this is his house so she should leave the house, Sonakshi replies she thought that she would be his support so proposed him, but he is not even worthy of being with her, he asks her to get out, she doesnot ,move when he is forced to throw her out of the house after holding her hand, Sonakshi exclaims he has pushed her so now life would also once push him, he will also not b able to live happily, Karan leaves saying he doesnot want to talk to anyone.

The entire Luthra family is following him questioning what he is planning to do, he throws all of the belongings of Preeta on the floor and lights them on fire, Sherlin and Karina are happy while Sameer is really tensed, Karan thinks these are not the belongings of Preeta but Preeta herself as from now on there is no place of Preeta in his life, he doesnot even want to think of her.

Karan is drinking while driving the car when he recalls how they came to know that Pihu got kidnapped and when Sherlin blamed Preeta for taking the money which Karan brought home, he recklessly takes a turn to drive away.

Janki is in the kitchen when there is a knock on the door, she exclaims she is coming when Sarla herself opens the door, Karan is standing there while drinking and he even takes her blessing mentioning how he needs to talk with Preeta, he questions why did she not come back to take her belongings, she doesnot reply but he exclaims did she think she would come back after ruining his entire family, he says he has no place in his heart for her, also the doors of the Luthra Mansion are closed for her forever, she tries to take his name but he warns her to not take his name from her tongue. Sarla requests him to leave and come back tomorrow but karan replies that he doesnot intend to come to their house ever again, he once again blames Preeta for being the one who killed Pihu, Preeta questions how can he even think she is capable of doing such a thing, he exclaims that she promised she will bring back Pihu but why did she come back when Pihu died, she should have also died with Pihu.

Sarla slaps Karan exclaiming that she did not come in between a husband and wife but now it is relating to her daughter, why is he cursing Preeta to die because this is not a good thing, however karan doesnot listen saying Preeta is greedy for money and Sarla has not given birth to a right girl, Preeta questions why is karan talking like this with her mother, whenever everything wrong happens to the Luthra’s, they always tend to say bad things to her mother. The neighbors also come to watch what is going on, they still have heated argument when Preeta exclaims why is he standing in their house, Janki tries to close the door however Karan stops her, Preeta exclaims Karan came to throw her out of his life but now she doesnot want him in her life anymore, Karan mentions he burnt everything and now she doesnot have any importance in his life, Preeta pushes him out of the house, closing the door when he exclaims he has not said it all and his life doesnot have any importance for Preeta.

Sarla while sitting with Preeta, exclaims she is her brave daughter so must not even think of such people who do not have any importance for her, she cannot move forward in her life if she keeps on thinking about these things, Preeta agrees saying she will forget it but cannot live in this same house and Mohalla, she wants to go to another city and will take Dadi with her, Sarla hugging her agrees that she can go anywhere she desires.

Sarla is making the dishes with Janki, asking her to hurry because Preeta would come with everyone very soon, Preeta is getting ready, she places her things in the bag and opening the door stands as a completely changed person, wearing a saree.

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