Anupama update Monday 5 September 2022

Anupama 5 September 2022: Kavya hearing Baa and Bapuji’s decision to perform Anupama’s aarti first asks family who is she then. Rakhi comments irritating new bahu. Anu steps forward for aarti. Bapuji takes out her nameplate from her bag and fixes it on door. Anu gets emotional remembering Vanraj kicking her out of house before. Baa and Bapuji then perform her aarti. Serial’s title track plays in the background. They both take Anu in. Rakhi asks Baa to perform her new bahu’s aarti if she has oil left in the lamp and comments that Kavya got both second hand husband and aarti. Baa asks her to perform is she is so interested. Rakhi says she just comes here for entertainment. Kavya shouts nobody is bothered about her. Rakhi says looks so. Baa gives aarti thali to Dolly. Dolly calls Vanraj. Kavya says even bhabi and walks in front. Dolly performs their aarti. Vanraj walks in first. Kavya walks in stepping on door garland thread by mistake and breaking it. Baa comments that garland pearls shattered with new bahu’s arrival.

Baa sits on swinger and says filter water would be old now. Anupama offers her water bottle. Baa says one who wants to take care of other will do it at any cost and everyone cannot possess those good qualities. Kionjal asks her to open temple door. Anu hesitates. Baa asks her to go ahead as she bathed in resort. Kavya says its new bahu’s right. Anu asks her to wash her hands first. Kavya says she will not touch god’s idol. Anu says she needs to wash her hands even to touch the door, leaving Kavya fuming more. Anu then says she will prepare tea and coffee for everyone. Every give their preferences. Rakhi says she needs black coffee without sugar. Baa comments her tongue is bitter as she has bitter coffee. Their argument starts. Anu stops them and says she will bring coffee and tea for everyone. Kavya comments to wash her hands first. Anu says he was doing same. Baa taunts Kavya to use her big button like eyes and see things around her. Rakhi taunts her that she is lucky to see her new and ex-bahus’ nok jhok from hereon.

Anu washes her hands in wash basin. Kavya walks to her and says even she needs coffee. Anu says she will prepare it. Kavya reminds her that she is this house’s bahu and this house belongs to her. Anu says not only hers, it was her house since before and will be always, so Kavya should remember it as she is new here. Vanraj asks Kavya if she cannot be in peace without adding ghee in burning fire, why did she ask Anu to prepare tea. Kavya says she was preparing it for everyone. Vanraj says she is this family’s bahu and not a guest, so she should behave like a bahu. Kavya says he should remind it to his family. He says one has to act as a bahu and not just say it; when she can show her right to open temple doors, she could even prepare coffee and tea for family, she should use her hands and should remember that he likes ginger tea and says his girlfriend never used to remember it, but hopes his wife will. Kavya thinks she had such an amazing graha pravesh; she thought her problems will solve if Anu leaves this house, but she didn’t, so now she will show Anu her real place.

Anu enters kitchen and thinks she feels as if she is meeting her friend after a long friend, kitchen is her friend as she always shared her happiness and sorrows with her. She cleans utensils and prays maa Annapurna to have her blessings on her kitchen as family can prosper only if there is peace in the kitchen. She starts preparing tea when Kavya walks in and she greets her in. Kavya asks how does she know she came in. Anu says by her perfume smell and asks if she is preparing coffee. Kavya asks if she has any problem. Anu says there is only 1 pan, so she should prepare coffee after she prepares tea. Vanraj angrily walks to his room and thinks its weird he has to stay with wife and ex-wife in the same house, don’t know what all he has to face in his and Anu’s house now. Kavya taunts Anu that she planned well and grabbed a big house by gaining Baa and Bapuji’s trust. Anu says why don’t she do same and grab the whole world. Kavya says her attitude changed after grabbing the house, she was living like a servant till yesterday and now acting like a boss. Anu comments that a woman can also be a bahu, so Kavya should act one; they can’t live under same roof with love, but can live peacefully, so Kavya should think about herself and her husband and not bother her; says she didn’t prepare her husband’s tea, so she should add ginger and 1 teaspoon sugar by herself.

Rakhi walks in and taunts Kavya that she broke the garland while entering house and now overboiled and spilled the milk, what else she will break in the future.Samar informs family that Dr. Adi called and asked about Anu’s health. Baa says Adi should then call 10 times a day as traveling was easy and difficult to stay with Kavya. Rakhi suggests Kavya to get habituated to family’s taunts as they want her to fall in Vanraj’s house, they will show how Anu can handle everything and Kavya is fit for nothing. She points at Anu and says Anu is smiling as she knows whole family is on her side, but Kavya doesn’t even have her husband on her side; Kavya is alone in this fight, so she should play smart. Kavya says she is alone, but smart and knows how to handle things; its good that Bapuji kept Anu in this house to serve the family again like a servant, so she doesn’t have to bother about cooking. Rakhi says Vanraj likes spicy food, can she change his habit. Kavya says she will change his mind with her good acting and will force him to kick the jokers/family out of house. Dolly tells Anu that she is not concerned for her family now with Anu’s presence; every mother wants her daughter to become a doctor, engineer or some professional, but she wants her daughter to become like Anu. Baa jokes. Dolly greets bye to everyone. Kavya says should address her bhabhi and not Anu is her ex-bhabhi.

Dolly says one doesn’t get respect by saying but will have to earn it, Anu earned respect for 25 years and she cannot stop respecting her, bhabhi is not a mother but cannot be less than that, Kavya is unfit to be called as babhi, and for her, Anu is always her bhabhi.Kinjal praises Dolly for her befitting reply to Kavya. Dolly leaves. Nandini asks Anu to rest now, she will meet her later. Samar says Nandu is right, mummy should take her medicines and rest in her room. Rakhi asks which is Anu’s room. Pakhi says mummy will stay in her room. Anu thanks her and says she cannot stay in her room as its in first floor which belongs Vanraj. Rakhi says she forgot that she is not from this house and leaves asking Anu to inform her later which room she chose. Kavya returns to her room and seeing Vanraj writhing in headache suggests him to have pain killer. He fumes that as if he doesn’t know. She grins looking at the room and thinking she snatched it from Anu, tells V that family is the reason for his headache. V says not only family, even his new wife is. She massages him and asks not to vent out family’s anger on her; she knows he is tensed because Bapuji gifted part of the house to Anu; Anu acts as self-reliant and dignified, but she shamelessly took the share; she never thought she would share this house with Anu and hope she doesn’t lose her husband to his ex-wife. Vanraj fumes that she is increasing her pain instead. She says he is venting out Anu’s anger on her, Anu took his house away by manipulating Bapuji. Vanraj reminisces Bapuji dividing his house into 3 and says he is feeling bad thinking how can Bapuji be so foolish, Anu would have asked alimony instead of house.

She thinks he doesn’t have a job and is talking about alimony. He says he cannot understand why Anu accepted house after divorce. She says Anu got her freedom after divorce, even family and house, who can be luckier than Anupama.Anu walks into store room and tells family this is her room from hereon. Baa says she can stay in whole first floor, why in this dilapidated room. Anu says she will turn this room into most beautiful corner of the house.They all say of course they will. Kavya continues provoking Vanraj against Anu that Anu may grab the whole house as Dolly and children are also on her side, she may try to be good with his family and try to gain their confidence. He walks away. She thinks her words will affect him slowly, but she will continue to pester him. Anu with children cleans store room dancing on an energetic song. Children then turn it into a beautiful room and shift all her stuff there. Anu gets happy seeing the decoration.

Kavya thinks finally Anu’s room is hers now and she will decorate it as she wishes. She sees Anu’s dresses and other stuff and throws them in dustbin angrily. She then shifts her clothes in cupboard, throws away family photo in dustbin and fixes her and Vanraj’s photo in its place.Pakkhi fixes mummy ka room tag on Anu’s room door. Anu happily thanks them. Pakhi says let us take selfie. Anu clicks family selfie. Kavya also clicks her selfie in her new room excitedly. She then gets angry seeing Gujrati Anu’s calendar. Vanraj returns and seeing her reaction says Anu stayed in this room for 25 years and Kavya needs a lot of time to turn into hers. Kavya fumes that she will not share her space with that woman and trying to pull calendar out injures her finger on nail.Anu over phone asks her mother not to get angry for not staying with her as she cannot break Bapuji and children’s hearts, says she is fine and will call her tomorrow, etc. She then writes a note in Gujrati on a paper, fixes it on her mirror, and thinks Samar asked her to have medicines and rest, but how can she rest as she has to take care of her family. Baa receives Kavya’s order and asks who ordered cattle food/salad, if its free she will feed it to a monkey.

Delivery boy asks how can he forgo 700 rs worth order. Baa stands shocked hearing that. Anu noticing her says it must be Kavya’s order. Kavya walks in and says Anu understands her well, pays bill, and tells Baa its for V and her. Baa scolds her for feeding raw vegetables to Vanraj and turn her into Vanar/monkey. Kavya says she will feed healthy food to V. Baa says once Vanraj gets hungry, he will have proper food. Kavya asks if Anu prepared food for even Vanraj.Baa says nobody’s name is written on food and anyone can have it. Kavya yells at Anu that Vanraj is not her husband, so she should stop preparing food for him. Anu says she is not her sautan, so she should stop taunting her.Kavya says she is sautan by heart, so she should stop her tricks. Anu sorry she doesn’t have time for her taunts, so she should come back later. Kavya stands fuming.

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