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Curse of the sand 24 Sept 2021: behind the bushes. She screams as Shiv pulls her with her hair. She pleads Shiv to leave her but he drags her by her hair. Shiv clutches her neck, pulling her high above the floor. Amar reaches Shiv and beats him from behind.

He was startled to see Shiv’s black eyes. Shiv kicks Amar who falls a distance apart. He now watches Ananya who had fallen unconscious. Shiv pulls her down and bends to bite her neck. Once again, Amar hits Shiv from behind. Shiv drops Ananya and pushes Amar back with full force. Amar and Ananya hide behind a tree.

Amma ji, Rekha, Kamal and Ketki sat together around the fire. They all waited for tea. Sunanda was there on the roof, laughs devilishly and enjoys her powers to fly two pots in the air and crash them. Everyone from the family hears the strange noise. Amma ji goes

to teach a good lesson to neighborhood boys assuming it was them. Sunanda uses her eye flash to light a street bulb. She says when the time was theirs she suffered, but now the will suffer. She multiplies herself, flying in the air. She wished to show each one from the family who the real witch is.
Amar and Ananya were hidden behind the tree while Shiv came looking for her.

Amar pulls a dagger and attacks Shiv from behind. Ananya stops Amar and says he is his brother. He can’t kill Shiv when he isn’t in his senses. Shiv pulls Ananya again. She looks for his Rudraksh, hits her forehead with Shiv’s and runs away with Amar.

Amma ji comes upstairs on the roof and was startled to see Sunanda. She scolds Sunanda for not bringing the tea. There, Rekha sends Ketki to look for Sunanda. Sunanda replies to Amma ji if she is fond of enjoying tea, she will give her a good dose. Ketki reaches to see Sunanda twist Amma ji’s hand.

There, the second duplicate of Sunanda brings tea for Rekha. Rekha screams why Sunanda didn’t bring tea in time; she will burn in hell if her mother in law suffer. Sunanda asks Rekha if she is done. Kamal was aggressive over her behavior. Sunanda throws the warm tea over Rekha’s face, who now screams in pain. Kamal questions Sunanda what she means.

He was about to raise a hand over her. Ketki comes running and tells them that Sunanda is twisting Amma ji’s hand. Ketki turns around and was frightened.
The third Sunanda enjoyed a few moments with Mishra ji. They family looks towards all the three copies together. They were terrified all at once. Sunanda says she will now show each of them her real face.

Ananya was unable to walk. Shiv came from behind. They spot a tree with a temple and walk towards it. Amar was pulled back by Shiv.

Amar and Ananya were about to get in the temple corner. Shiv pulls him and press his nails into his chest, Amar bleeding now. Ananya prays for help from God to stop Shiv. She brings sindoor, throws it over Shiv and pulls Amar behind.

Sunanda speaks from upstairs that she will show them what she is. She flies up in the air and then lands downstairs in the hall. Amma ji faints out of fear. Everyone else was also terrified. Shiv faces a protective shield around the temple corner. He makes multiple attempts to enter the circle. Ananya cries in front of temple and pleads to God for help, Shiv’s Rudraksh also went missing. She brings water to Amar who felt bad and had started coughing badly. Ananya finds Shiv’s Rudraksh fall from his pocket. She looks quizzical and questions how he got this.

Amar says he found it on the way. Ananya was grateful to God.
Everyone in Panday Nivas was terrified of four Sunanda.

Ananya moves ahead with the Rudraksh. Amar tries to stop her, but she says today if she doesn’t move forward, she might lose her Shiv forever. Shiv moves ahead to attack Ananya but Ananya comes into his hug and puts the Rudraksh around his neck. The sun rises. Shiv turns to human.

Sunanda loses her powers. She silently thinks it seems she lost once again, Shiv was saved from turning to a devil. Amma ji calls from upstairs to get hold of Sunanda as there is a terrible witch inside her.
Ananya cries in relief. Shiv joins his hands to Ananya and Amar, as if only this Rudraksh hadn’t fallen off and he must have been fine. Ananya hugs Shiv. He goes to take Amar into his hug as well.

Sunanda resists the family as they tie her to a wooden bed. Kamal brings a Tantric Baba who treats Sunanda against her resistance. He suggests there is a dangerous witch inside her. Everyone from the house uses the broomsticks, peacock feather or Sindoor to beat her well. Shiv, Amar and Ananya return. Ananya goes to save her mother. Shiv whispers to Amar that it seems they know her reality. Ananya goes to save her mother and untie her.

Amar goes to throw the Tantric Baba out of the house. Ananya hugs Sunanda. Sunanda says she is clueless how it happened. They all used to call her a witch but now they have believed she is the real witch. That Tantric must have killed her today. Rekha convinces Ananya for what happened. Ananya asks what Sunanda wronged, if the salt was a little fast or her hot water was left warm. Kamal tells Ananya there were four Sunanda in the house last night. Ananya looks towards Sunanda who denies. Ananya wasn’t convinced. Kamal insists that it happened. Sunanda pulls Ananya and asks her to forget about it. She asks why they all are bleeding and how they got the injuries.

Shiv turns around. Sunanda wish Mann feels for her pains. Amma ji pulls Ananya away from Sunanda and orders Sunanda to leave the house. Ananya was protective of her mother. She says she never expected this from him.

Ketki also convinces Ananya that Sunanda twisted Nani’s arm and threw tea over her mother. Ananya now forcefully twists Ketki’s arm and throws the water over her. She didn’t trust anyone against her mother. She says her acts must also have turned her a witch then. She beats herself using the rope used to tie Sunanda. Shiv stops Ananya who was now crying. She swears to Mahadev she won’t spare anyone who goes against her mother. Sunanda goes inside with Ananya.

In the room, Ananya cleans Sunanda’s face. She says the one who suffers is a bigger sinner than the one inflicting the violence. Now, she will stand for her mother in front of all of them. She kiss Sunanda’s forehead, tells her to freshen up while she will bring turmeric milk for her. Sunanda silently thinks Ananya was just in the right time today, else they must have handed her to the Tantric. She at once feels dizzy and blurred. She gets shocks. She goes to the mirror and calls Mohini to reveal herself. She cries that Shiv has left her all alone, she has been unable to get her powers and son both. She gets fits, tries to hold the glass of water but it turns into ice. She wonders if this all is a result of the events last night between the three children. She decides to meet Mann.

Shiv was trying Dai Maa’s number but it goes unanswered. Furiously, he punches his hand with the hall, throws away the bed sheet. He thinks about his attacks on Ananya and Amar, and how close he had been to kill Ananya and Amar. He was sorry to both of them. Sunanda calls him as Mann and his attention goes towards Sunanda at the door.

Shiv apologizes to Amar and Aanaya for what he had done, someone calls him as Mann, turning he finds Sunada standing in the door, he asks the reason she is in his room, she explains that there are some questions which she needs to ask, she asks the reason he is punishing himself, he mentions that there is nothing to worry about but She is sure that something had happened the previous hight for which reason all three of them were in such a bad condition.

Aanaya is stopped by Ketki while coming from the kitchen brining two glasses of milk mixed with Haldi, she asks why did she not bring three glasses as her brother in law also got injured, Aanaya tries to leave bhut is stopped at which she gets angry so scolds her for being a foolish person, Ketki wonders what Aanaya will do when the entire world

will ask the same question from her.
Shiv asks from Sunada what happened with her as the family members called a Tantari thinking that she is the Chudail, She responds that there is no need to ask the question when she demanded the response, She then explains that there is no need to act as she must behave like the real person she really is, she explains that she is also saying the same thing, they both are talking when Aanaya enters the room, she is shocked to see that her mother is with Shiv, she hands her the glass after which she leaves but when Aanaya tries to give a glass to Shiv, he refuses to take it and heads into the balcony, she explains that everything will be alright and nothing will happen, she thinks of questioning Ammar who she believes is the main reason behind the attack that occurred.

Amar is with Sunada, who is applying the medicine on his wounds, she asks about what happened with the three of them, he explains the entire situation that occurred and how Shiv turned and would have killed him if it had not been for Aanaya, she plans to kill her otherwise she would not be able to attain her goal and succeed, he pleads with her to not harm Aanaya as she is the love of his life, he also requests with her to provide him with powers that are even greater than Shiv, she assures him of even greater strength at the correct time, he leaves the room, she says that he will not get the powers as the only thing written in his destiny is death, she starts to feel ill so walks away.

Rekha is sitting on her bed while Amma jee is reciting the verses she advises that they give everyone the copy of the verse as it might help in curtailing the Chudail. They also plan to do everything possible to protect themselves and their family from the Chudail which has taken Sunada’s body as a host. A man enters the room,

he comes straight to her, she turns saying to Kamal that tomorrow is Makar
Shakarantai and the sun will have the effect on them all so he must call someone who can remove the Chudail from Sunada’s body, he assures her saying that he will bring someone who is a professional, he advises Rekha to take care of his mother before leaving, she says that she is really sacred, the mother scolds her asking her to stay calm, they both see Sunanda who is ill.

Aanaya is walking wondering where Amar is, she sees him coming then when he is about to leave she holds him back asking the reason he was in the forest, as she feels he was following her, he agrees to it, explaining that she knows the reason, she asks why he took the Rudaraksh from his neck, he answers that it was not on purpose but why is she so tensed about it, she is adamant hat it is off extreme importance mentioning that she feels he is not worthy of her trust and she is worried about his way of life, he tries to convince her that she has no future with his brother but Aanaya mentions that she will accept him under any circumstance,

she asks him to say what he said in front of his brother who will come to know his real intentions, she takes his hand and knocks on Shiv’s door but he does not responds at which point Ammar leaves, he taunts her by saying that she can call him when he opens the door, she pleads with him to open it as otherwise she will sleep at his doorstep, Shiv remembers what he did and how he tried to kill her, he walks to the door but is in extreme pain, he touches her hand on the glass she also matches her hand with his, they both sit on the either side of the door. He gets up and sees her from the window where he sees that she is crying, he turns to sit beside his bed where he also starts to weep, and closes his eyes, she does not leave his doorstep.

Sunada is sleeping but is restless she turns on the light wondering where Aanaya is and why has she not come back, she is left confused wondering what has happened to her, she feels sick so sits on her bad and is dizzy, she walks towards the mirror asking Manmohini to come out as she wants to talk with her, she vomits something which turns into a woman, she is nervous wondering what can do she therefor takes on a knife questioning the lady of her identity, She increases in her size, Sunada is amazed to see that it is Jalebi, she responds that she is her one and true friend, Manmohini is not able to understand so she says that she was born because of the powers that Manmohini received the previous night, she has therefor come to aid her in succeeding in her mission.

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