These Streets update Wednesday 9 June 2021

These Streets 9 June 2021: Chanda says they are adopting you. They will keep you as a son. You will have a new life. New family. Shantanu says this life is fine. this is my family.

These Streets 8 June 2021

What will I do without you all. Chanda says you have to go away from all of us. Shantanu says no I won go anywhere. I can’t live without you and puchki. Please don’t send me. Chanda says for your name. You will be respected. He says how will I live without puchki. Chanda says you will understand why I did that after years. You will have a new life. He says what aout puchki? Chanda says she can’t go from here.

Arpita says from now choti ma wont be angry at puchki. Puchki says promise? SHe says yes promise. Arpita and Puchki play together. Arpita says how will she live once shantanu leaves. SHe is paying

for sins of her father. She loves you so much God. She thinks you fulfill all her wishes. She doesn’t know what you wrote for her fate. She looks at Puchki’s doll an says my daughter will live here and that Shantanu will leave. Why? Because she is a girl?? Shantanu will live in a big house and my daughter here?

She will live in Sona Kachi? She cries.
Puchki looks for shantanu. She says to kaka I will tell him that God does everything I ask. Kaka says how will she live without shantanu. She says Shantanu’s name all day. Chanda looks at Shantanu crying. She is in tears Shantanu recalls all his moments with Puchki. Puchki finds him and says why are you crying? I want to tell you something very good.

She says why are you cryin? Please tell me. Hero doesn’t cry. I don’t cry unlike you. Tell me why are you crying. He swipes his tears. Puchki makes faces to make him smile. She says I told you we will have fun. Don’t cry. I wanna dance. Lets dance together. He says I don’t wanna dance with you. Don’t you understand. Go from here. He shoves her. Pucki is dazed. He leaves. Puchki says I know how to cheer his mood up.

Scene 2
The pooja preps start. Chanda packs shantanu’s bag. She says get ready. He throws out clothes from his bag and says I don’ t wanna go anywhere. Chanda slaps him. She says you have to go and that’s final. Tomorrow at 12 you will have to leave.

Shantanu comes out and looks at Puchki. He says I never want to go away from you. Nothing looks good without you. I don’t wanna go away from you. Puchki says see I have candles. Lets lit them. He is in tears. She says lets play with them.

The pooja starts. Thakur does pooja. Puchki puts hand on Arpita’s eyes. SHe says guess who am O? Arpita says who? She says Radha. SHe is dressed as Radha. Arpita says you look very pretty. Puchki says I and Shantanu will dance together. He said he will have to go. I wont let him go. LEt me look where he is.

Chanda asks kaka to look for shantanu. He says he is nowhere. Murli brings Puchki on stage. Beauty says where is your Krishna? How will you dance alone? Puchki says did he leave me?

Pucki is on stage. Shantanu comes and they both dance as Radha and Krishna. Chanda says they can’t live without each other. How will they separate. Arpita says better not shed your crocodile tears.
Shantanu says to puchki come I want to tell you something. She says I wanted to dance with you and you came.

Beauty says I will do after dance. Shantanu says I am leaving this place forever. Puchki is dazed. She says what? He says that’s what I had been trying to tell you.

Shantanu and Puchki are crying. They recall everything. Puchki says I can’t live without you. I will live with you. She cries and screams. Puchki says please don’t go. He says I promise you I wont go anywhere. You have to help me in my plan. See what I do. Puchki hugs him. He says promise I wont go anywhere.

Scene 2
Shantan is missing. Chanda says to Arpita no one should listen this. Murli hears.
Puchki and Shantanu are hidden. He says we can’t go inside. They shouldn’t know where we are.
Beauty says to Arpita where is your daughter? You made her run. She will live here. we will find her.

Murli says she is nowhere. Beauty asks kaka where are they? Kaka says people are looking for her. Beauty says go and find him at any cost. Thakur says open the roof. Mruli says okay. She asks all girls to go and look for them. Arpita is crying.
Puchki says I am very hungry. Shantanu says let me get you something.

Murli looks for Shantanu but can’t find. Chanda says thalur please call police. I can’t find my sojn. Shantanu comes to puchki and gives her snack. Chanda comes and slaps him. She takes him fromt there. Beauty catches Puchki. Puchki cuts her hand and runs. arpita runs after them too. Pucki comes to balcony and says bari ma please don’t shantanu away from me. He is my friend. Shantanu says puchki come down. Beauty comes and shoves Puchki. she falls down. arpita screams. SHantanu screams.

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