The good son update Wednesday 9 June 2021

The Good Son 9 June 2021: Purva comes to Nani’s house and tells her that she loves Rahul and can’t live with Vedant. Nani says you want divorce from Vedant. Pankhudi says you have gone mad in love that you can’t see Vedant’s goodness.

Purva says how can I stay with a person whom I don’t love. She says I will not happy with Vedant. Pankhudi says what is the guarantee that you will meet Rahul and if he meets you then will he be able to keep you happy. Purva says she trust Rahul fully and knows that she will meet him in Jaipur. Vedant and Purva are on the way to Jaipur. Vedant asks Purva if Rahul told her about his family. Purva says she don’t look into small details and scolds him. Driver keeps eye on her. Purva moves the mirror.

Driver asks if this is their first honeymoon. Purva says they are not married. They reach the hotel. Vedant asks receptionist to give them two rooms. A man is keeping eye on Purva. Purva sees royal college students union board in the hotel and goes there. Dadi talks to Vedant and tells that she has talked to Shanti and promised her that he will bring Purva back. Vedant asks why did she promise and tells that Purva loves Rahul. He looks for her and sees her. He asks if she came to search Rahul or go missing. He sees Rahul’s pic on the projector and tells Purva that she is very lucky as she found him. Purva sees his pic on the projector and smiles.

Vedant hears Purva talking to Rahul’s pic and telling that she came to search him and tells that they have to think about her plan of having a short family, 5 years honeymoon and baby after that and baby’s name will be Aniket. Vedant smiles hearing her. Purva asks why did he listening to her. Vedant asks her to question Rahul when she meets him, and asks why he didn’t come to marriage and why he didn’t call.

Purva asks her not to raise doubt against Rahul and says you can’t judge him. She says she don’t regard their marriage and will not return with him. Vedant says sorry and says I thought you are understanding, but what did you think. He says I will pray to God that our ways doesn’t meet again. He says you are not my type. Purva says even you are not my type and I will take Prasad for God after meeting Rahul.

Dadi comes to meet Nani. Nani says I thought Rahul is good. Pankhudi says many lives were ruined because of Rahul’s cheap trick. Dadi sees her crying and gets doubtful. Vedant and Purva come for the college union. College old students come there on stage one by one. Purva comes to Vedant. Vedant says I am sorry that I doubted on you. Friends laugh hearing Rahul’s name.

The host tells that Rahul was famous in the college and we have learnt from him that love can happens twice in one semester. Purva is shocked. They ask where is Rahul, but he don’t come to stage. Purva tells Vedant that Rahul is mad after her and was ready to jump from terrace of a building. Vedant asks her to cry if she wants. She says she is a strong woman and knows to solve problems. She goes to drink juice and drinks wine instead. Purva falls down and cries. She says Rahul didn’t come. Vedant comes there and sees her crying. She starts dancing on the song main ghaani banwari hogayi…….Vedant tries to take her to room. Purva herself goes and asks him to sing atleast. Vedant takes her to room. Purva holds his collar and asks him not to leave her. She asks him to say I love you…Vedant recalls their moments and says I love you.

Vedant says I love you to Purva. Purva says I love you too…Rahul. Vedant smiles and goes to his room. He comes to his room and calls room service. He orders food and telephone directory. Purva wakes up in the morning and calls Vedant. Vedant comes and asks her to drink lemon water and says she will feel good. He tells that he called at all Rahuls looking in the telephone directory, but none of them is his number. He tells that he went to his college and met the principal, and got his address.

Purva gets happy. Ramesh comes to Vedant’s cabin and tells that he will open his shop there. He argues with Vedant’s assistant. Vedant and Purva come to Rahul’s address. Purva happily knocks on the door. A boy opens the door. Vedant says we are searching Rahul Gupta. Boy tells that he is Rahul’s cousin and he met with an accident. Purva went inside worriedly and calls him, but he is some other Rahul. Purva says you are not Rahul. Rahul says you are saying this in my house.

Vedant smiles. They leave. Purva scolds him for laughing at her and says you didn’t love anyone and will not understand my feelings. Someone is spying on them. Vedant says how can I feel the pain of losing the thing which I didn’t get. Purva says sorry. Vedant makes her laugh and says you can get angry at any time.

Vedant’s phone rings. He turns to attend the call and sees someone is hiding from them. Dr. Rashmi calls Vedant and tells that your father wants to buy gems stone store in your cabin. Vedant asks her to lock his cabin. He asks Purva to come and tells that they will have food. He stops the taxi.

He is the same driver who took them to Jaipur and asks them to sit. He looks at Purva. They get down at some place. Vedant asks Purva about Rahul’s family. She says his parents were against our marriage. Ramesh calls Vedant and scolds him for locking his cabin. Purva hears Ramesh scolding him badly and reminding him of the blank papers which he signed for Purva’s acceptance in the house. Vedant ends the call. Purva questions him why his father behaves badly with him. Vedant says it happens between son and father. He tells that Ramesh wants to open gem store in the hospital so that he can sell gems to the patients etc if I tell them the gender of their baby before its birth. Purva says it is illegal and against your ethics. She asks him why do he call him guddheri lal and asks him. Purva asks him to share with her. Vedant tells her that Dada ji found him in the train and brought him home, so Ramesh calls him by that name so that he don’t forget his truth. Purva holds his hand and says you are really a nice guy. Vedant says I never loses hope and says we will not go until we search Rahul. He asks her to have food. The man is still following them.

Vedant and Purva are in the restaurant. Rahul’s friend comes there and calls her Purva. Vedant asks how do you know her? Man introduces himself as Sumit and I am Rahul’s friend. He says we left with the baraat, but got late, Purva was already married. He says Rahul was very upset. A fb is shown, Rahul tells Sumit that he thought his mom and dad will agree, but they have problem with Purva. Sumit says they will agree once they see their grand children. Rahul gets a call and is shocked. Fb ends. Sumit tells Purva that Rahul got a call from hospital, his father died after heart attack. He says when he returned after doing his last rites, Purva was already married. Vedant says we have to marry due to the circumstances , but Purva loves only Rahul. Sumit says Rahul is not here, and will come tomorrow. He tells that he will come to pick her tomorrow to surprise Vedant. He goes. Purva hugs Vedant and thanks him. Vedant asks her never to lose hope and thinks of Dadi’s words.

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