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These Streets 10 June 2021: Arpita screams and so does shantanu. Puchki is badly injured. Arpita is crying. Beauty hides. Everyone gathers and rushes her to the hospital. Shantanu and Arpita are crying.

Arpita says to nurse please treat her. Nurse says fill the form first. Arpita says she will die. Chanda says lets fill it first. There is a long queue. Arpita says please i can’t wait this long.Shantanu says pucki please open your eyes. I wont ever leave you.

People let arpita go first. Nurse says you have to wait. Nurse checks the form and says why is not father’s name there. This is incomplete. Chanda says wont you treat her without a father’s name? Nurse says is she illegitimate? Chandda says we are from sona kachi. She doesn’t have a father.

Arpita says I beg you please treat her. Doctor says fill the form first. Doctor says we can’t trust peopel like you. She says what you mean by people like us? Don’t you feel disgusted when you come to us. Doctor says fill the form and pay first.

Scene 2
Thakur says to beautyy go and check puchki. Beauty says I wont go there. SHe is so devil. Thakur says okay don’t go. I will.
Chanda calls on thakur’s number. She says thakur ma we need money for puchki’s treatment. Beauty says we aren’t your bank. Chanda says give her phone. Beauty says she doesn’t have time. Better check her face. She has to work here. Beauty hangs up.Beauty says to thakur chanda called and said everything is fine. She said she will handle evrything. We don’t have to go.

Shantanu says please treat her. She is bleeding. Doctor says take them aside. They haven’t paid yet. They move her aside. Shantanu shouts please treat her. Leave me. The man who is adopting shantaun come. Shantanu says dont’ give me anything. I beg you please help my friend Puchki. HE says God has sent me for you. Chanda says he will help us. Shantanu hugs him. HE says thank you.

Chanda says to Shantanu she will get better. He says I will be with ehr all the time. Chanda says you have to be with him. He says I wont go anywhere. I wont leave him alone. Chanda says he saved Puchki’s life. You have to go. Santanu says how will I live without you. SHantanu says I am scared. Chanda says the place you are in is scary Promise me you wont look back. This is your new life. Forget everyone. I will take care of puchki. Promise me you wont look back.

Scene 1
Chanda says I will keep Puchki and take care of her. Promise me that you wont look back.
Arpita comes to shanatnu’s new father and says thank you for saving my daughter. He says she is shantanu’s friend. Arpita says she will be fine. Please do one more favor on me. I beg you please adopt puchki as well. He is dazed. Arpita says my husband left us there. No one will harm shantanu in bari. I beg you please take Puchki. Please take her away from all this I beg you. He says okay. Chanda hears. He says I know your pain. I know she is nice but I have given my word to chanda. I promised her I will take Shantanu. I have decided. Shantanu will live in my house. I can’t help you. He leaves.


Arpita says forgive me. Chanda hugs her and says I know your pain. Arpita says I am sorry. Chanda says don’t worry. We will find a way to get her out of sona Kachi.

Shantanu’s new dad says your new family is waiting for you. Pucki is better now. Shantanu says can I meet her once? He goes in. Nurse says she needs rest. The man says let him meet.
Shantaanu says ouchki please open eyes. I will miss you. He kisses her forehead. Shantanu says I promised you I wont leave you alone but I have too. Please be better now. I am so sorry. Chanda and Arpita come in. Shantanu takes her photo with him. He tears the photo and leaves his with puchki and takes hers. He kisses Puchki’s face and hugs Arpita. They all cry. Arpita wishes him luck. He hugs Chanda.

Chanda leaves shantanu outside. He recalls his moments with puchki. Shantanu hugs Chanda. He leaves with the man. Puchki opens eyes and sees Arpita. She says where is shantanu? I wanna meet him. Arpita says he.. She says where is he? She cries. Arpita says please rest here. Arpita says Shantanu has left forever. Puchki is dazed. Arpita says he left this for you, She shows her the photo. Puchki cries.

Puchki gets up and says I have to stop shantanu. Arpita and nurse try to stop but she runs out. Shantanu sits in the car. Puchki runs out but the car has left. Arpita sits down and cries. Puchki cries at the door.
Shantanu’s father says brave boys don’t cry. Shantanu wont cry from now.

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