These Streets update Tuesday 8 June 2021

These Streets 8 June 2021: Chanda applies medicine on Arpita’s body. She says don’t do this again. Arpita says I will. Don’t scare me. What will our kids do when we aren’t here. I will do that every time for her future.

Shantanu is crying. Puchki gives him ice cream and says I am back. Don’t cry. Kaka hugs them. Puchki says tie our hands together. So we don’t go awy from each other. He ties their hands together. She says no one can separate us.Chanda says Thakur kept you here. And you did this.

Beauty says to thakur why didn’t you eat. She slaps beauty and says this was important. I told you not to ashame me. Beauty says she was lying. Thakur saysyou are lying. I know when you lie. Beauty says I did that for this place. Thakur says I will handle all finances for this place now. And you will work like all other women here. Beauty is dazed.

Puchki says to Chanda why you both fight. Arpita slaps her and says this happened because of you. If you didn’t stop we would have been out. Chanda says she is the hope this place has.
Beauty says I am your daughter. Thakur says that’s why I am not burning you. You will work like all other girls and stop thinking about that inspector. Return all the money.

Scene 2
At night, Arpita is asleep. Chanda applies medicine in her feet. Arpita sees her. She says I am sorry. I spoke a lot. CHanda says I know your pain. I know you are a mother. Chanda gets a call. she cuts it. Arputa says pick it. Chanda says no its useless. Chanda picks the call and comes out. Arpita wonders what is she hiding.

Chanda goes out to talk. She comes in and arpita is there. Chanda says why are you up? Arpita says where did you go? Are you hiding something from me? Why did that person come to meet you? Chanda says he isn’t a client. He is a nice man. He wants to adopt shantanu. Arpita says that means puchki can be adopted too? They will be educated. Arpita hugs her. She says they will go out. They will have a good future. Beauty hears

Beauty calls in everyone. She says to Thakur take this belt. You might need it. You gave someone punishment but they don’t listen. Thakur says what is it? She says chanda has also started flying. She is planning to get her kids adopted. Thakur says I know. Beauty is dazed. Thakur says she told me herself. This isn’t a sin. You better mind your own business. Beauty says why didn’t you tell me. Arpita says shantanu will leave me? Arpita says I want to give my arpita to be adopted as well. Thakur says she can’t leave. sHe is a girl. She is our future. Arpita says I don’t want her to be part of this dirty place. Thakur says better stop thinking about all this. Arputa says think about the first time and outside touched you. You have a daughter as well.

Takur says I sell my daughter too. You and daughter belong to sona kachi. Your fault is that you have a daughter. Arpita says I beg you let her be adopted. I will work double. Thakur says enough. Chanda tries to console Arpita. Arpita says shut up. DOn’t fool me. You pretend me. You would have thought about Puchki too but you only thought about your son. Chanda says I am equally concerned about her too. Arputa says then ask that man to pay for her and adopt Puchki too. Or stop this drama. She leaves.

Scene 2
Everyone prepares for pooja. Murli asks everyone to prepare. Puchki says shantanu come out with me. They go out. She says I slept here God put me in there. He says see God also ate the biscuit you left here. Puchki says wow.

Shantanu says I can’t see he sad. Thats why I pretend like God and fulfill all her wishes.Shantanu comes to Arpita. She doesn’t talk to him. He says choti ma please listen. You can be mad at me if I did a mistake but please don’t be silent like this. Don’t be mad at Puchki too. She is already sad. Arpita says she is my daughter. I know what to do with her and what not. He says please. She is very upset because you are. You know she loves you so much. I can’t see her sad. Please be like you used to be. See this letter. Read she only wants your love. Be nice to her please. She says I am here to worry about puchki you don’t have to. You will leave this place forever. He says I will live her with puchki.

Why did you say I will leave? Where am I going? Chanda comes. Chanda takes Shantanu from there. He says ma where am I going? Why did choti ma say that? Wont puchki go with us? Chanda says there is pooja. I have to work. He says I wont leave ppuchki anywhere. Tell me where are we going? She is my friend.

Puchki looks for Arputa. She comes to room and its all decorated. Snow falls on her. Puchki is happy. Arpita dances and plays with her. They eat together.
Chanda gives shantanu new bag and books. She says you will go out and see the world. He says so will Puchki? She says not puchki. He says why? She says you will go to a new place. Shantanu says where? Choti ma said we are going. She says you are going. Puchki wont go. You are going forever. Santanu is dazed.

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