These Streets update Wednesday 8 December 2021


These streets 8 December 2021: Judge says asmita you have one last chance to prove Shan innocent. Asmita says basu didn’t have any proof or witness. Basu calls in someone. Shivankar’s driver comes in. Basu asks what did you see in hospital? He says Shan and Shivankar were fighting. Shan attacked him, I got scared and left. Basu says now you see asmita. Shan was seen by him. He was caught red handed. shan says he is lying. He hits the driver. Police stops Shan. ASmita says shan please calm down.

Basu says see he is a goon. He was born in sona gachi. He is s upposed to behave this way. Judge says San you have to behave here. Your anger looks like you can kill someone. Basu says you see. He can kill anyone.Shan says this woman is lying. She can do anything to take me from asmita. Nandani says see how he behaves. He is blaming me after killing my brother. You killed my dad for your extra marital affair. Basu says it’s all clear. Asmita says there was disparity in wintess’ statement. sHan should be given more time. He is innocent. He deserves benefit of doubt. Basu says we all saw proofs and heard witnesses. Shan threatened to kill Shivankar already. Basu says please announce the verdict.


Judge says as per proofs and witness, Shan is convicted. His sentence would be announced tomorrow. Shan is taken from there. Asmita sits down crying. Asmita sees SHan leaving.Asmita is worried. rIdoy comes there. He says I have a way we can save Shan. I found this camera from Nandani’s room.ASmita and Ridoy play it.The hearing starts next day. Ridoy come too. Shan wonders where is asmita. Jduge says today Shan will be given his sentence.

Asmita says stop. Everyone looks back. ASmita says I have a proof that can show Shan didn’t do this murder. this footage will show you who is the real culprit.Judge is about to announce her verdict. Asmita comes in and says stop. Asmita says I have a proof that will show Shan didn’t murder. You will know who the real culprit is.Judge plays the video. Everyone is shocked to see it. in the video, asmita is killing Shivankar. Bua stands up in shock.

Asmita says I killed Shivankar. Here is your proof and your culprit. He sold my mom for some money, she was pregnant with me. I hated him, so I took my revenge, I murdered him. Please exonerate Shan and arrest me. Asmita stands in the witness box. Basu says she should be punished. shan says she is lying. she can never do that. Shivankar was her father. I was alone in that room. ASmita why are you doing that. Please tell them truth. ASmita says I murdered him. shan says my puchki can’t kill anyone. stop lying.

Asmita reaclls she came to Nandani in hospital. Nandani said I knew you would come. I made this video. Nandani said you just show this video and I will save Shan. Asmita says you want to blackmail me? I will give them this video myself. Shan would hate you even more. He would never love you.Shan says I murdered. Asmita says don’t say that in love. Shan says please don’t take the blame on yourself. Judge says I decide who murdered. She says asmita has t be arrested. I will announce verdict after a break.

Asmita is in jail. Shan comes there. He says why are you doing that. aSmita says I murdered. He says you can never do that. ridoy says we all know you can’t do it. Asmita says I did it.. Shan says no please. stop it. Police takes shan from there.
The court hearing begins again. Judge says it is very clear that asmita killed shivankar as revenge. This court, exonerates Shan. Shan says I was with her, we two should be sentenced together. I helped her. Asita says no.. I was alone. He didn’t help me. Judge says there is no proof against you. This court announces death sentence against asmita.

Shan sits down and screams. Shan says she is my life. Please don’t do this. Please understand. SHan says Puchki you can’t do this to save me. I will die without you. They take asmita. Asmtia runs and hugs SHan. Police tries to take asmita.

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