My heart knows update Wednesday 8 December 2021


My heart knows 8 December 2021:  Episode starts with Anupriya telling Malhar that she doesn’t know about the theft. Malhar says you couldn’t steal and that’s why asked Kalyani to steal. He says you asked Kalyani to steal at Doctor’s cabin. He says this black spot will be on my name. Aao Saheb scolds Anupriya and says our condition is not that bad and even Kalyani can’t steal. Kalyani tells Malhar that she is ready to get punished, but don’t blame Anupriya as she is innocent. Anupriya says I will see how Malhar troubles you more. Malhar tells Aao Saheb that if Anupriya comes to his side then they will have more trouble. Pallavi and Aao Saheb stop Anupriya and hold her hand.

Malhar asks Kalyani to tell the truth else he will punish her more bad. Anupriya asks her to tell the truth and asks what is her helplessness. Just then a woman comes there and tells that hospital sent her to feed a baby. Malhar thanks her and asks her to come. Woman sees Kalyani standing with stone bricks on her feet. Malhar asks woman not to worry. Aparna asks why did baby need mother’s milk. Malhar says so that his condition gets well. He asks Kalyani again. Kalyani says she had stolen for her own needs. Woman takes baby to feed him.

Anupriya brushes off Pallavi and Aao Saheb’s hand and tells that she can’t see her daughter in such situation. She removes the bricks from her feet. Malhar comes and asks Anupriya why did she come?Anupriya says she is punishing herself and asks Kalyani to tell why did she do this. Kalyani doesn’t tell her. Anupriya keeps more stones on her feet. Woman comes out and tells Malhar that she has fed the baby. Baby plays with her chain and pulls it down. Malhar picks it and sees Kalyani’s pic in it. He asks from where did this chain come to you.

Woman apologizes to Malhar and says Kalyani didn’t steal, but it was me who had stolen money from Doctor’s cabin. Kalyani catches the woman while she steals the money and tells that she will get her arrested. Woman tells that she has delivered baby in the hospital two days back and don’t have money to pay the bill. Kalyani gives her chain and takes the money in her hand. She asks her to feed her baby. Woman agrees. Kalyani hears someone coming and makes the woman hide. She comes infront of Doctor and nurse. Fb ends.

Woman apologizes to Malhar and tells that she has just 4 day old baby and asks him not to punish her. Kalyani says you have fed our baby, I will see how anyone punishes you. Malhar asks woman to go. Both Anupriya and Kalyani’s feet get injured badly. Anupriya cares for kalyani’s wound and scolds Malhar, calling him animal. She scolds Kalyani for taking up other’s crime on her. she tells Malhar that even though Kalyani didn’t give birth to Billu, but she loves him so much and today she has proved that, and says you don’t love Billu like her. She says you have to end hatred for her.

Malhar thinks Sampada’s betrayal made him inhuman and thinks don’t know if he could see people’s goodness again or not. Constable Rao ji comes there. Malhar apologizes to him for bursting his anger on him and asks him to bear him for few more days, and says he will try to become like before. Rao ji says we all respect you and leave. Malhar comes to the pot room and fills sand in Kalyani’s goodness pot. He thinks whatever you have done for Moksh, this goodness is for that.Aao Saheb tells Anupriya and Kalyani that Malhar is egoistic not to apologize to kalyani. She tells Kalyani that if she had told the woman organization about malhar’s torture then he would be behind bars.

Kalyani says who says that I want to get him punished, and tells that the house is of Malhar and her so they will decide. She asks her to stop poisoning her mind against malhar, and says you will get tired of poisoning my mind, but I will not get tired of supporting Malhar. Malhar comes and hears her.Malhar showing mangalsutra to Kalyani in her college. He recalls Aparna calling him home for the medicine and he seeing the mangalsutra in the drawer. Aparna tells him that kalyani took it off as she is ashamed of the marriage or you. fb ends. Malhar makes her wear mangalsutra and says it is looking good. Kalyani’s friends are surprised. Anupriya comes to the class room when someone calls her name. Malhar thinks Anupriya is lying at home to come to college.

The students in the college call Kalyani behen ji and Anupriya aunty ji. Anupriya shouts at them and asks if they call their mum as behen ji as well. She scolds them for calling Kalyani behen ji without knowing their situation. Kalyani and Anupriya come out of classroom and they tell each other if malhar tells everything to Aao Saheb then the latter’s freedom will be gone. They reach home. Aao Saheb scolds Anupriya for going out leaving their factory work, Kalyani and Anupriya take a sigh. Malhar looks on. Kalyani thinks how did this miracle happen? She thinks Malhar might be searching some creative idea to tell everyone and thinks to talk to him once.

She comes to him and says thank you. She tells him that her Aayi has taken admission with much difficulty, she want to stand on her feet and study. Malhar looks angrily. Kalyani asks him not to tell anything and says she is ready to do anything. Malhar asks her to lift dumb bells 100 times. Kalyani lift dumb bells and falls on Malhar. Malhar holds the dumb bell and looks at her. He asks her not to promise anyone in life again and says I will not tell anything to anyone, I don’t care what Maayi do in her life. He says I hate you both, but haven’t become an animal yet. He says I would have been happy before.

House owner girl comes to atharv and Sampada, whom they had tried to loot. Atharv flirts with her infront of Sampada. Sampada gets upset. After the girl goes, Atharv tells Sampada that he just loves her. She comes again. Atharv flirts with her. Sampada confronts him. Atharv pushes her on bed and asks her not to use her mind.Malhar talks to someone and asks to keep them in the lock up, and thinks if Sampada and Atharv are alive like these criminals then that day will be the worst day of their life…Sampada finds the news in the newspaper that Malhar Rane’s wife Kalyani Rane saved the people from the bomb blast in the Shopping Mall.

She gets shocked and says Malhar has married Kalyani. She calls landline number of Aao Saheb. Aparna picks the call. Sampada says Aai…Aparna gets happy and says are alive and asks her to return back. Anupriya hears her. Aparna asks her to return and says I don’t know anything, just return back.

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