These Streets update Tuesday 7 December 2021


These Streets 7 December 2021: Nandani says what is she saying. Judge says do you have any proof? Asmita says she confessed in front of me. Nandani says she has lost her mind. Lawyer says do you have any proof? Asmita says yes.Asmita asks nandani to come in the witness box. Nandani says my papa was my hero. Asmita asks her you called Shan during the murder night. she says I don’t remember. ASmita says I have call records. Nandani says he had to be there. Lawyer says this doesn’t mean anything. Asmita shows them cctv footage of that night.

Judge sees it. Asmitta says you were with your dad all that time. Lawyer says no nandani left for the test. I have police officer.Police officer comes. Asmita says swear on your uniform and tell me did you take nandani to lav for test? She says yes we went to the lab but we came back. Judge says that means she wasn’t even there. You are wasting court’s time. We will give the verdict tomorrow.

Asmita comes to Shhan. Police takes him.
Asmita sees him and cries. Ridoy says everything would be fine. Asmita says we don’t have time. we need proofs at any cost.Ridoy says what are you saying.. You all this Shan can murder? You don’t trust your own son? Shan can never do that. Moushmi says asmita you left this house. You can’t come here, our doors are closed for you. Ridoy says wait. Don’t forget this is my house. This is house and business is owned by shan. he would decide who can live here and who can’t. Asmita says let it be. I will go from here. Asmita says I will get shan out of jail. You all hated me

It kills me to see Shan away from this house. I will get shan out of jail. Nevi says why are you doing this drama. Shan would never come out of jail. Shan is in this condition because of you. Asmita says I know but I also know, I will get him out of it.Ravindra looks at her.. she leaves.
Riody says she always stood by him not like you people. He can never do any such thing but his own family doesn’t trust him.Shan is in jail. He recalls his moments with asmita. Asmita comes. she says you miss me? He says yes. Asmita hugs him.

Shan hugs her. Asmita says I will get you out of here. there is a new happiness coming in our life. Now don’t cry. She hugs him.Shan says I miss you Puchki. I promise you I will smile for you.The court hearing starts. Lawyer says I want asmita in witness box. Asmita comes in the witness box. He asks Asmita what is your relation with ridoy? Asmita says he is my ex-husband. We are good friends now. Lawyer says wow, good friends? How do you have everything so pure? You married Ridoy, then had an extramarital relationship.

You have a baby with Ridoy too. Asmita says this case isn’t about me. He says you arrested Shan right? Asmita says yes I did. He says why? ASmita says I thought he killed Ridoy but he was exonerated. And Ridoy is alive.Lawyer calls Ridoy in witness box. He says did your brother Shan tried killing you? Did he shove you. Yes or no? Ridoy says yes. Lawyer says Shan had a fight with you right? What was it about? Ridoy says that’s between us and it is resolved now. It has nothing to do with this case. Lawyer says what happened between two brothers that one had to shove another. ridoy says his intention wasn’t to kill me.

Ridoy says it is long gone. Lawyer says it was because of Asmita right? Tell us right. Ridoy says yes. He says I loved asmita. I and Shan had a fight. but me falling from there was an accident. Lawyer says the brother is trying to save Shan now. THe thing is, Shan tried killing Ridoy because he came between asmita and him. And now Shivankar. Nothing is more important than his relationship and anyone who comes in between, he kills that person. He is psyscho and a danger to society. ASmita says all you are about is dialogues. You don’t have any proof.

Basu says I have proof. Two policemen bring in a box. Judge opens it and screams. It’s a snake. Aditya shoots it. He says this is a fake snake. Judge says what are you doing Basu. He says I was trying to prove my point with a drama I think asmita likes it this way. This snake was a threat to you. So you tried killing it. Shivankar was a threat to shan. so he killed Shivankar. The court is adjourned till lunch.

Nandani says to asmita, did you choose the rope? Asmita says I wont’ need it. Nandani says this overconfidence. Shan will be convicted. He would be hung. Only I can save him. Save him in love, sometimes you have to lose. Beg to me. Or you know if I can kill my dad, I can kill anyone. Choose what do you want. asmit says I am a police officer and i don’t bow to wrong. Nandani says if this is what you choose for him, then okay.

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