This is fate update Wednesday 8 December 2021


This is fate 8 December 2021: Preeta is in the room when someone pushes her from behind and tries to run away with the mobile, Preeta however is able to catch her and they both start struggling, she also drops her mobile in the fight, Preeta very cleverly pushes the mobile under the bed but she is overpowered by the women who runs out of the room, Sameer and Shristhi also hear the scream and wonder if Preeta might have gotten in some trouble.

Preeta rushes out of the room, Ruchika exclaims that it was no one other then Preeta, Akshay’s mother exclaims what would she bee doing in their house, they all rush to catch her, Megha is amazed to see that Akshay’s mobile is really not in the drawer and has been stolen.

Prithvi opens the door calling to Kritika however she is not in the room, he wonders where has she gone because if she remains angry with him then he might be thrown out of the house and he has made a lot of efforts with her to enter the house so cannot leave it, he exclaims that his choice with girls is a little different because the first one is Preeta who is really honest and cannot even slap him if she is angry, then comes Sherlin who can even slap him if she gets a little and the third one is Kritika, he doesnot know if she is angry then must make sure she is not mad with him because if she is not happy then he would be thrown out of the house, he has to do whatever he can to make sure Kritika likes him then he must marry her under any circumstance.

Kritika enters the room with Pammi, he starts apologizing to her but Kritika says he must not create any drama in front of her, Prithvi however explains that he would not leave until she forgives him, he even kneels in front of Pammi apologizing, Kritika however is forced to laugh then mentions that she is not angry with him and he must not apologize, Pammi mentions he is really clever and has even knelt Infront of Kritika to prove his point, Pammi mentions that her eyes are really strong and she can see everything.

Shristhi is following the women however she bites her and runs away with the mobile, Preeta comes to help her, Akshay’s mother comes asking Megha to see who both of them are, Megha opens the veil to find out that it is Preeta and Shristhi, Megha questions what are they both doing in the house, Ruchika also pleads with them both to not irritate Megha as she is pregnant, Shristhi asks why is she so worried even when she came with them to become a witness against Megha, Ruchika exclaims she indeed came to be a witness against Megha but at the court realized that she was wrong so came back, Shristhi and Preeta try to explain they have not come to ruin anything but desire to find the true killer and so came to get his mobile, Preeta questions Megha to in form the true name of the murderer because she has his mobile so would know the name of the murderer, Megha tries to act saying that they all are blaming her, she cries and leans with Akshay’s mother saying that she is being blamed, Preeta tries to explain but they both are thrown out of the house.

Pammi in the room explains she knows a secret of Prithvi, Kritika is also worried when Pammi explains that the secret is that prithvi makes everyone fall into his trap because of his good looks and this is why he is able to make them all do his work, Prithvi is scared and then Kritika gets relieved, Suresh calls Pammi who leaves,

Prithvi hugs Kritika but is really angry and he thinks that he has to do all he can to take care of Pammi because she is getting on his nerves, Kritika asks why is he so serious because he must always remain in the jolly mood as everyone likes him, Prithvi exclaims Kritika looks good in her jolly mood, he gets a call from Megha and thinks of first dealing with her after which she would take care of Pammi, Kritika questions who it is, Prithvi accidently takes the name of Megha, he covers it saying that he is a worker in his office and is calling because of the tremendous workload, he seeks permission to leave assuring that he would come back, Kritika doesnot stop him saying that she ahs never stopped him before so why would she start now.

Sameer is relieved to change the clothes and get back in his proper dress explaining that it felt really awkward, Shristhi teases him by saying that if he started feeling awkward then it might have created a lot of problem, Preeta comes questioning why is she always teasing Sameer, Shristhi explains it was just a joke, Shristhi exclaims they created such a big scene but lost the mobile because Preeta is really weak, Preeta placing the mobile exclaims that they have not lost the proof, Shristhi questions how did she do it, Preeta reveals she had another mobile when she went in and she placed it on the bed, when the other women came into the room, they both got in the struggle and she in the hurry took the other mobile.

Shristhi gets tensed saying this means she took Preeta’s mobile, Preeta responds that it was not her mobile but a dummy mobile which she thought of placing at the place where Akshay’s mobile was kept so no one would get suspicious, Shristhi exclaims that she has gotten really clever, Preeta also asks that she is clever even if she is not that strong, Shristhi apologizes and starts teasing Preeta who thinks they would now get close to the murderer because of the mobile which they have been able to get as the proof.

Prithvi walks out on the terrace, he thinks that Megha is really mad or a minimizer because she is cancelling the call, he wonders if she is thinking that after giving him a call, she feels he might get scared, but it is not the case because he is the one who scares the people.

Megha answers the call, she asks if he thinks that by stealing the mobile of Akshay, he feels she will leave him then it is not the case, Prithvi questions what has happened, if she is really mad, Megha mentions that it is her fault as she told him in their last meeting that his evidence is in Akshay’s mobile, Prithvi gets really worried, he asks her to be clear, Megha mentions that a lot of people are after the mobile because Preeta,

Shristhi and Sameer also came to find the mobile, Prithvi asks her to be sure if she saw them, Megha mentions that there was also someone else who stole the mobile but if he doesn’t give her two million, she would make sure that Preeta knows of his involvement in Akshay’s murder as she is really searching for the murderer, Prithvi tries to clam her but she ends the call saying he must give her the money otherwise she would not let live in the house.

Prithvi ending the call wonders what the case might be because Megha explain that there was a third person who stole the mobile so what if that third person is the real murderer.

The door of the Luthra house opens and the woman in the red suit walks into the house, she walks upstairs and into the washroom where she is washing the makeup.

Preeta along with Shristhi and Sameer are trying to unlock the mobile however they are not successful, Preeta gets a call from Rakhi, she apologizes for being late and asks if Rakhi is not angry with her, Rakhi explains she is not angry but she must come back because Pammi fell from the stairs and injured her knee, she must therefor come back, Preeta asks Sameer to hurry up as they must leave, Shristhi also requests to come with them because she also needs to see what is in the mobile and cannot live without seeing the proof, Preeta agrees after which they all leave.

Prithvi is really frustrated and hitting the wall on the hallway, he wonders that it will be off no good because Preeta is doing all she can to find the proof and if she finds out that Prithvi was the one to give Akshay the money so he can blackmail Kritika then it will cause a lot of trouble, he would not be able to live in the Luthra house but will be thrown in jail, he however thinks that he cannot give up and must use his brains to find out what does Preeta know about the murder.

Pammi is crying as she is feeling a lot of pain, Rakhi asks her to not worry because she has called Preeta who would come and perform the treatment, she would then be fine, Sherlin comes asking what has happened, Rakhi explains that Pammi has gotten injured after falling, she advises Sherlin to stay with her and not leave her alone.

Sherlin seeing Pammi mentions that she knows Pammi has hurt herself but it is bearable so she will leave, Pammi asks where has she been the entire day and where had she gone with Prithvi, Sherlin turning back asks her to not be so curious because she is really clever so would never accept her orders and she must not try to give her any orders, Sherlin mentions that she has made a mistake by scolding Preeta and blaming her for the arrest of Karan because everyone in the family really loves Preeta so she doesnot have the respect in the house, Sherlin threatens to in form the family about her feelings for Preeta and the family, she might then be in a lot of trouble, Sherlin then leaves the room and Pammi wonders what kind of a women is Sherlin as she threatened her.

Suresh walks into the room asking if she hurt herself, Pammi explains that she really hurt herself, he gets a call and leaves as there is no signal, Pammi thinks Sherlin told the truth to say that she is jealous of Rakhi because of her wealth and children but she cannot stem so low and doesnot like both of her daughter in laws because they are not worthy of the care and attention.

Preeta walks into the house, Rakhi asks how she was able to come so early when she told her it would take fifteen minutes, Sameer explains it was because of him because he drove the car really fast, Shristhi however says that he was just driving the car in fourth gear, but they came early because the roads were empty, Preeta asks them both to stop, she questions Rakhi about Pammi who explains she has even prepared the hot water bag, Preeta leaves explaining it would not be of any use, she asks if there is a first aid box.

Sameer questions Shristhi why she always tries to degrade him in front of the family, Shristhi replies she praised him by saying he was driving in the fourth gear, she corrects her statement saying it was the third gear as she has a sharp eye, Sameer places his hand on his back, Shristhi immediately taunts him asking why is he standing like a women, Sameer feels irritated, she then pushes him causing him to fall, he stands up once again, Shristhi loudly speaks about the proof, he has to place his hand over her mouth, she apologizes, Rakhi sees them both and leaves after advising Sameer to go and be with Pammi.

Preeta reaches the room, she immediately sits beside Pammi massaging the feet assuring that everything would be fine, Pammi asks her how she feels about Sherlin, Preeta tries to answer in a political manner however Pammi is not connived, Preeta then questions how she feels about Sherlin, Pammi immediately explains she does not like Sherlin and even Preeta. Preeta replies that she can understand why Pammi would say such a thing, but she is not at all concerned about anyone, she promises her that she would do all that is in her power to make sure Karan is released from prison.

Preeta bandages the feet of Pammi advising her to rest for some time after which there would be no pain left, Preeta leaves when Pammi thinks what has happened to her because she hated her just a few moments ago but now after Preeta talked nicely with her she has melted, she thinks of not galling in the trap because she has made the promise to Mahesh and Rakhi, she has now understood why everyone is always talking about Preeta, Pammi sees Suresh so she decides to in form him about the truth regarding Preeta and Sherlin, Suresh however leaves as he is still not able to get the network.

Shristhi asks Sameer to give her the juice, he moves the glass closer and she drinks it, Sameer asks why is she testing his hospitality because he feels she is trying to take advantage of him, Shristhi hands him

the mobile asking him to crack the mobile if he can, Preeta comes questioning if Sameer is the bodyguard of Shristhi as she is making him do all her work, Shristhi explains that her hands are busy which is why Sameer is helping her, Preeta once again questions what is the matter as they were able to crack the pattern, Shristhi reveals he has also placed a password on the gallery and she has even checked his gallery but the names are saved in code words, she wonders who would save the names like this, Preeta explains blackmailers save the contacts because they need to keep it all a secret and so use the code words, Shristhi is really amazed so says that she has understood from where did she get the brains, Preeta explains they cannot waste anymore time and need to call a professional, Sameer explains that there is a technician of Rishab but his number is in the study room, he takes the mobile to give the details of the mobile.

Prithvi is walking wondering how he must get the mobile from Preeta because she has the most important proof relating to the case, he must do all he can to get the mobile otherwise it would create a lot of problem, he is about to knock on her door but then realizes that there is no need because Karan is not even in the house, he heads inside calling Preeta but she is not in the room, he starts searching the room for the proof and is searching the wardrobe, Rakhi sees him and asks what is he doing, Prithvi explains that he was taking the belongings of Karan because he was going to meet him, Rakhi asks him to not worry about Karan because Preeta has taken all the necessary things to Karan, Prithvi then heads back to his room.

Pammi is sitting on the chair, Suresh comes and pours her a glass of water advising her to take the medicine, Pammi explains Preeta has taken care of everyone, Suresh also mentions that she is right because Preeta really takes care of everyone and there is always a child who cares for everyone must like Preeta, any family that gets a child like her is blessed, and this is why Preeta has come into the Luthra family, Pammi explains that he is really innocent because she was saying something else and he started talking about the lives, Pammi reveals that she meant Preeta has controlled everyone but acting of taking care of them, Suresh gets frustrated and asks her to stop as there is nothing of the sort, he mentions that when the children are young their parents take care of them and some children learn it, just like Preeta, he leaves requesting her to stop, Pammi however exclaims Preeta has also forced him to accept she is the best with her attitude however she knows that both of the daughter in laws of the family are not what the claim to be.

In the morning Rakhi is preparing the breakfast table, Pammi comes to the table, Rakhi seeing her questions why did she come alone as she is hurt so should have called her, Pammi however says there is nothing to worry about then asks if she needs any help, Rakhi refuses advising her to sit and have the breakfast, Suresh along with Mahesh also come, Rakhi asks them to sit but he reveals they are going outside, Rakhi gets worried, Suresh reveals there is nothing to worry about as they are going to meet Karan, Rakhi also seeks permission to accompany them, Mahesh declines explaining that when the children get older they have to be treated as friends, she cannot come as he is going to meet Karan like a friend, Rakhi agrees, Suresh reveals the tiffin in which Mahesh has packed the dishes which Karan loves, he leaves his stick which Suresh tries to hand him, Mahesh says he is fine now so doesnot need the stick anymore.

Rakhi turns to once again set the table, Mahira along with Sherlin arrive, Prithvi also walks with Kritika greeting everyone, Pammi questions Rakhi where is Preeta, she answers Preeta is just coming out, Preeta at once comes out wishing everyone, Rakhi advises her to sit however she asks the directions to the library, Preeta turns when she bumps into Sameer causing the mobile to drop, Pammi is about to pick it up, Sameer yells saying that it is the mobile of Akshay, prithvi stands up as he is really tensed, Kritika accidentally dials a contact, Preeta pulls her away explaining she needs to talk with her.

Karan is in his cell; he smells something then catches the ball thrown at him by Mahesh who even tries to distract him, Karan exclaims he is cheating because he saw that Mahesh picked the ball from the floor, Karan calls the constable asking to arrest Mahesh because he is cheating and even lying, Mahesh declines that he cheated, Karan then threatens to complain to Rakhi about his cheating because he even cheated when they were playing, Mahesh accepts that he cheated as he bribed Sharma jee by giving him the tickets of his last match, Karan once again threatens to complain to Rakhi, Mahesh asks how would he do it as he has sent Suresh back so he could spend some time alone with his son, Mahesh hands him the ladoo which they both love and would steal from Rakhi’s kitchen, karan asks if he is going to make him fat in the jail, Mahesh asks who is going to let him stay because he is his father and has hired an entire team of lawyers to fight his case, he would make sure Karan is freed in just two days, Mahesh exclaims he really loves Karan, they both touch their heads together while crying.

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  1. Allow the couples played as love birds play their love life without bringing in between the bad people who always go in between like Karan and Preeta, Abhishek and Pragya Asmitha and Shaan and many more


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