These streets update Wednesday 6 October 2021

These streets 6 October 2021: Nevi says okay I will bring that girl here. Shan comes. Nevi says bring Asmita back in this house as Ridoy’s wife. Why didn’t you tell us she was Puchki. I wont have let her come to Ridoy’s life. But bring her back now. Chanda is outside. She is hearing. Nevi says in heart I will make Ridoy hate asmita.

These streets 5 October 2021

Ridoy calls Asmita. He says Asmita please listen to me. My mom is ready to bring you back. They are accepting you. This is true. Shan is coming to take you back. the hands that kicked you out of here. Asmita’s phone drops. she is in tears. Asmita says how can Shan do this. Chanda comes. She also heard half thing. She says Shan is coming back. Asmita says I wont go there as Ridoy’s wife.

Nevi says Ridoy was happy to listen that. Shan says asmita is my wife. I want to bring her here as my wife. She is my childhood love. I was married to her on that day. Ravindra says are you out of your mind. SHan says she is my love. Ravindra says you are Mazumdar. You can’t stoop that low. You can’t defame this family. See what i did for you. SHan says so you want me to return those favors with my love? Ravindra says however you want to take it. You can’t marry your brother’s wife even. Shame on you. Go and brin asmita here as Ridoy’s wife. Shan says please.

Nevi claps. She says wow you keep changing colors like this. You took Ridoy’s love from him? You ar taking his life from him? You should have let me and him die. Can you tell Ridoy you want to marry his wife? Shan says she isn’t his wife. Nevi says Asmita is Ridoy’s life. He will kill himself. Go and bring Asmita here as Ridoy’s wife. Shan leaves.

Shan comes to sona gachi. He says I can’t ruin so many lives. He comes to Chanda’s room. Shan says you wont live here anyone. Chanda says she wont go there as Ridoy’s wife. Shan says he is dying. Asmita says you use me as toy for your brother? Chanda slaps Shan and asys what have you become. How can you do this to asmita. I will kill that Nevi if she blackmails my son. Chanda runs. Shan runs after her. Asmita falls. Shan holds her.
Shan calls NEvi and says please take care of yourself and Ridoy.

Shan stops Chanda and says please sto. Chanda says I will kill her today. she wont let you live your life. I wont let her ruin Asmita’s life. Chanda says she wont sacrifice anyone. Shan says I wont let anythin wrong happen to her. Asmita says ma please calm down. Nevi comes there. Shan says mama what are you doing here. Chanda says I will kill her.

Scene 1
Chanda hits Nevi and says I will kill you. You ask my son to sacrifice his happiness. Chanda falls from cliff herself. Everyone screams. Asmita runs downstairs. Shan is n shock. Asmita picks Chanda and says bari ma are you okay. Chanda says Puchki.. Chanda says you proved you are my daughter. Don’t sacrifice your love for anyone. Promise me. Asmita says I promise. Chanda dies. Shan comes down. Chanda has passed away. Asmita says bari ma open your eyes please. Shan cries.

Nevi smirks. She says this is what you deserved for ruining my family. shan is crying. Asmita says to Shan you killed my baro ma. Don’t touch her. Shan says what are you saying. Asmita says you killed my ma. Don’t touch her. Shan says I didn’t do anything. Asmita says she kept crying for your love and what did you do? You killed her. for this step mother you shoved your mother? You are a murderer. Shan says what are you saying. You were there. Bari ma slipped while fighting. Nevi gave an injection secretly to her. Asmita says go away from my mother. I saw it all. Nevi says Shan please go from here. She drags Shan. Nevi says Shan you are innocent. Please go from here. Asmita says leave my mom alone. Go from here. Get lost. Nevi takes Shan with her. Asmita cries.

Asmita dresses Chanda as a bride. She cries with her dead body. Asmita says ma you left me. She recalls her moments with Chanda. Asmita sobs and cries. She does all the rituals. Asmita says God shouldn’t give anyone son like Shan. Asmita says always stay happy in that world bari ma. Shan recalls his moments with Chanda. He sobs.

Nevi coems to Aru. She says see this Chanda. SHe burns her photo and says she has died. She says my revenge is done. And your son Shan is blamed for it. You brought another woman between us. She laughs.

Asmita does Chanda’s funeral. Beauty comes and says chanda gone? Don’t worry. Asmita says move away. Beauty says she is useless now. Do what I ask now. Look down. Asmita says I wont. Beauty I will blacken your mother’s face. ASmtia says you can’t do anything. She takes dead body from there.

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