These Streets update Tuesday 5 October 2021

These Streets 5 October 2021: Asmita slaps Ridoy. He faints. Asmita takes Ridoy to a room. Ridoy holds her hand and says please listen. I am waiting for her since long. My heart says she is near. Beauty hits Chanda nd says tell me where is Asmita.

These streets 4 October 2021

Asmita is coming there. She hides. Beauty leaves. Asmita comes to Chanda. Chanda says please go from here. I am scared for your safety. ASmita says dont’ worry nothing wrong will happen anymore. Chanda hugs her in taers.

Ravindra says to Nevi see these papers. It’s written that ridoy is in sona gachi drunk. Nevi says please don’t be angry. I will speak to him. Ravindra says I will never forgive him for this defamation of the family. Nevi says this isn’t Ridoy’s mistake. This all happened because of shan and his friend. Ravindra says don’t blame it on Shan. Nevi says he hid that Asmita is Puchki. This wont have happened to Ridoy. They will all rot in hell.

Two thugs see Asmita and rope her on a chair. Asmita says leave me. she screams. she was seeing this dream. He says no this can’t happen. I have to be there for her. Shan calls asmita. Chanda says pick the phone and speak to him. Shan says enough. We wont suffer anyone.

Ridoy brings a girl to the house. Ravindra says are you in senses. He says yes i am in my seneses. Nevi says what nonsense is this RIdoy. He says meet Chandarmukhi. He says this is my heartless mom. He says that’s my hitler dada. NEvi says get out. Ridoy says she is my friend. I am going back with her. Nevi says don’t step out.

He says you are such a drama queen mama. I will get love in sona gachi. Like your husband did. Nevi slaps him. He leaves. Ravindra says I wont let him defame our family name like this and my son would be only Shan. Nevi says I will bring shan here. Nevi says Shan bring asmita in this house. Shan says asmita wont come here as Ridoy’s wife.

Nevi says okay I will bring that girl here. Shan comes. Nevi says bring Asmita back in this house as Ridoy’s wife. Why didn’t you tell us she was Puchki. I wont have let her come to Ridoy’s life. But bring her back now. Chanda is outside. She is hearing. Nevi says in heart I will make Ridoy hate asmita.

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