The Good son update Wednesday 6 October 2021

The Good son 6 Oct 2021: Episode starts with Purva wearing the dress bought by Vedant and shows to Dadi. She says she feels that everything will be fine. Dadi asks her to sit with everyone and hear the karwachauth’s story. Manjula tells about Karwa’s story. Dadi says if a wife prays for her husband’s long life then Yamraj has to listen. Purva prays for Vedant’s long life. Vedant and Pankhudi come back to hospital. He says he had kept tickets in the file. Pankhudi says we have missed an important conference and asks him to check the CCTV footage. Vedant checks and finds Purva stealing the tickets.

He says this girl has done the limit. Pankhudi thinks Purva showed smartness and ruined her fast. They leave the hospital. Parvati and Alakshmi are in the hospital. Alakshmi tells that she feels that Vedant will throw her out. Parvati says whatever happens is destined.Everyone wait for see the moon. All the ladies break their fast with their husbands’ hand. Purva gets happy seeing Vedant coming home. Dadi signs Purva best of luck. Vedant comes near Purva angrily. He asks what do you want? He says I let you stay in my house and you started interfering in my life.

Dadi calls him. Vedant says she has stolen my flight tickets and I missed my conference. Narendra asks how do you know? Vedant says I checked CCTV footage. He says I missed an important conference because of you. Purva says it was not important and signs that Pankhudi told her. He scolds her for not knowing his PA’s work. Sanju comes there and hugs Pankhudi. He asks if she is fine. Pankhudi asks what happened? Sanju tells that the flight in which they were about to go, crashed and many people are injured. Dadi asks Vedant if he heard and tells that God made Purva steal the tickets. Manjula asks Pankhudi to get ready and open her fast with Sanju’s hand.

Pankhudi comes back after getting ready and looks at Sanju through the mesh sadly. Sanju makes her break the fast. Dadi asks Vedant to break Purva’s fast. Vedant says she has saved my life, but I will not accept her as my Purva. Pankhudi smiles. He is about to go, but Manjula calls her. Purva says truth will not change if retold. She says she is his wife and will not back off. She says if he is stubborn then I am stubborn too. She says until he breaks my fast, I will sit here hungry and thirsty, even if I lose my life.Mahadev asks Devi Parvati to drink water and break her fast. Parvati says my bhakt is hungry.

Mahadev says if she will not break her fast until Purva breaks. He says what if the moon disappears. Pravati says it is in your forehead and will not dare to go until I break my fast. Manjula asks Dadi, what to do as Purva is sitting outside. Ramesh says why she wants to become Vedant’s dead wife. Pankhudi says I will take food for that girl. Dadi tells a story to Vedant making him realize that nothing is important for a doctor than to save others’ life and asks him to make that girl break her fast for humanity sake.

Pankhudi comes to Purva and tells that Vedant got angry seeing the footage and asks her to eat. Purva asks her to eat sweets of Sanju’s name and says I will break my fast when Vedant breaks my fast. Dadi tells Vedant that it is a doctor’s duty to save someone and tells that she couldn’t eat sargi also and asks him to make her drink water for humanity sake. Vedant says ok and hugs Dadi. Pankhudi gets upset. Alakshmi tells Parvati that Mahadev has used his powers. Parvati says he don’t use his powers. Alakshmi asks her to see her powers and releases evil powers from her eyes. It comes to Pankhudi. Pankhudi thinks to do something and opens her cupboard.

She takes out a medicine and says once Dr. Vedant makes you drink water, you will lose your voice.Pankhudi telling Dadi and Vedant that the girl is not agreeing to break her fast and asks Vedant to make her drink water. Vedant takes jug from her. Dadi appreciates Vedant for doing right. Pankhudi says Nani mausi is right. Vedant walks towards Purva holding the water jug. Purva says I know that you will come and break my fast. Vedant asks her not to have any misunderstanding and says I will break your fast for humanity sake and not as your husband. Purva looks at him. Alakshmi tells Parvati that she has filled jealous and hatred in Pankhudi and asks how you will save your bhakt from her.

Vedant is about to make her drink water, when Manjula comes and tells that moon is hiding now, wait for sometime. Ramesh says what is this new drama, make her drink water and end this matter. Mahadev comes there and asks if Vedant Tripathi is here. Vedant identifies him and comes to him. Mahadev says I had asked the shop keeper to keep the stuff and I will take it later. Vedant asks if the stuff was not good. Mahadev says the stuff was in your name and it was delivered to hospital. Vedant says no delivery was done in the hospital. Purva says it was delivered to me and I thought you brought it for you. Dadi says it was destined.

Manjula asks Mahadev if he is feeling bad that his wife couldn’t get ready. Mahadev says no as the stuff reached a married lady. Pankhudi asks Vedant to make the girl drink water and end the matter. Vedant is about to make her drink water, when Mahadev coughs heavily. Vedant gives him water jug. Mahadev drinks all the water. Parvati tells Alakshmi that Mahadev has drank poison for his bhakt. Pankhudi thinks he will lose his voice.Manjula sees the moon appearing again and asks Vedant to make Purva drink water and break her fast. Mahadev says I drank this water fully.

Vedant asks Manjula to give him water kalash and makes Purva drink water with his hand. Purva drinks water and faints. Dadi shouts Purva. Vedant shouts girl. Manjula asks him to take her inside. Pankhudi thinks this man will lost his voice now due to coughing. Mahadev tells Dadi that he will leave you. Dadi thanks him and says Purva could wear clothes brought by Vedant because of you. he says it was destiny. Pankhudi hears them shockingly as he didn’t lose his voice. Vedant takes Purva to room and checks her nerve. Purva gets up. He says if you stay hungry for more time then your health could deteriorate more.

She says she didn’t do anything wrong and took a step towards their relation. He says we have a relation of Doctor and patient now. Manjula asks him to make her eat food first and break her fast. Vedant makes her eat food. Manjula smiles and goes.Purva thanks her. Vedant asks her to sleep and covers blanket on her. Her hairs get entangled in his sleeve button. Purva gets up and tries to free her hairs from his sleeve button. Pankhudi gets jealous. Parvati tells Mahadev that he saved her bhakt at right time. He says when you send me there, you didn’t know that Purva’s life is danger, I went there and saved her.

He says Ravan wouldn’t be destroyed, if Shurpanakha had not attacked Sita. He says I felt that if Mata kaikeyi wouldn’t have sent Ram for vanvas then Sita wouldn’t have been attacked. Parvati says destiny is destined and one instance is connected with other. Parvati says whatever I did is right or wrong. Mahadev says only time will tell. Vedant comes to Purva and checks her pulse. He gives her medicine. Purva thanks him. Vedant asks what do you think that you will instigate me against Pankhudi and I will believe you. She says you referred us as us. He says until I am alive then I will love only Purva.

Purva says I am Purva. Vedant asks her to stop acting and don’t do this drama. She says you are living without me, even though I am alive. He says my Purva is gone, now I have to stay without her, with her memories. Purva says don’t know if I am lucky or you are unlucky. She says you love me so much, but don’t get my love in return.Later Pankhudi asks Purva if she is fine. Purva says yes and tells that Vedant told her that he will love Purva till his death. Pankhudi says we are at same place if he loves Purva and tells that she didn’t start playing yet, and is doing warm up now. She says Dr. Vedant will never believe you and your scream or shout will not affect him.

She says I will plan my conspiracy and shares her plan with her asking her to save herself. Purva is shocked and says you will not do anything, says this is wrong Pankhu. Pankhudi asks her to call her Pankhudi or Mrs. Dr. Pankhudi Vedant Tripathi.

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