These Streets update Thursday 7 October 2021

These Streets 7 Oct 2021: Asmita does all the funeral rituals. Shan comes. He says I am her son. Asmita says I am her only kid. He is nothing to her. Shan screms and cries. He recalls his moments with Chanda.

Asmita sits down and cries as well. ASmita says go from here. He says I didn’t do anything. i only came there for you. I don’t know how it happend. Asmita says please go from here. You have no shame. You are selfish and a liar. He leaves.

Asmita hits bells. She meets Ridoy and says I am here for you. You have to help me. He says I can’t believe you are here. I would do anything for you. Asmita says this is a new beginning. Ridoy says I am so happy to hear this.

Shan says before you decide anything, I want to say something. Ravindra says your mother passed away. I know you are upset. Please think before you speak. Shan says asmita is mine. i want to make her mine and accept her officially. I wont let anyone harm her anyone. Ravindra says are you crazy. Shan says this is true. He says Puchki is my love. I wont leave her alone in this pain. I am with her. Ravindra says you are not in your senses. He says I am now. He says I can leave this Mazumdar name for her. Nevi says how shameful is it. Shan says you know who plays games in this house.

Scene 1
Asmita says to Ridoy I got married to Shan not you. He says I don’t accept it. Asmita says you have to. Do you still want to love me? It is important for you to know this truth.

Ravindra says are you all crazy? For that girl everyone is this house is going crazy. He says if you leave our family name ou will be zero. Shan says I did everything you all always asked but this house has no room for love and empathy. I lost my identity when I entered this house. I was made something I wasn’t. Ravindra says didn’t you know that when you were takin everythin from this house? Nevi says you are so selfish. Ravinra says I really love you don’t do all this. Shan says then accept my love. Please give me my love. Give me my life. Nevi says shut up.

You want everything in this house. Sir asked you to give up on her only and you are insulting her for that third class girl. Shan says then why do you want to make her your DIL. Ravindra says I wont let that girl live in peace. Shan says I am with her. You can’t harm her. I am with her. Do what you want. Shan leaves.

Ridoy says with new life we can get over all these things. I don’t have problem with all this. I really love you. I can do anything for you. You can forget Shan and move ahead with me. that’s true. I really love. I want to spend my whole life with you. ASmita says think again. He says we know each other. Lets get married. Don’t think anymore. I will fix everything. I know you don’t love me but I will love you till you fall in love with me. Asmita says I have a few conditions. No one would kick me out of that house.

Ridoy comes home and tells everyone I am marrying asmita. Her condition is that we will take barat in sona gachi. Nevi says are you crazy. we can’t go to those dirty streets. Ridoy says don’t overreact. Shan comes. He says why did you this Asmita. How can I live without you.

Asmtia says Shan I will be in front of you every moment but with your brother. This would be my revenge for my mother’s death.

Ravindra says shan asmita said she wants to marry Ridoy. We are getting him married to Asmita. Shan says you can’t do this. Shan says to Ridoy she doesn’t love you. She is just angry. She loves me. Ridoy says where was your love when you kicked her out? Why did you keep lying to me when you knew everything? You married her by fooling me. Shan says she was never your wife. They both shove each other.

Shan says she was never your wife. ridoy says she is my wife. Whatever you had is over. SHe has move and she wants to start a new life with me. She did so much for you but you never gave her back. You couldn’t stand for her. You are going to be Paroo’s child’s father. Stay away from Asmita. She is coming back and anyone against her would be my enemy. SHan says she is mine. Ridoy shoves him. Shan shoves him back. Ravindra comes and says what is happening here.

Ridoy says people who have problem with me and asmita are dead for me. SHan says I have to speak to her and make her understand. She can’t do this.Shan is on his way. Paro comes in front of her car. Paro says Shan what will I do. What will happen to my child. We have to do paper work. Shan says we are not married legally. He shows her the papers. They don’t have signatures together. Shan says you can live your life with mohit. Someone hits shan on head. It’s beauty. He faints.

He says Shan and Puchki will never be one. Beauty says now you will tell everyone you did this so you can stay his wife. And he shouldn’t be conscious.ASmita opens the door. It’s Nevi. NEvi says I heard you are here so I came. Are you crazy? Why do you wanna be Ridoy’s wife and you think Ridoy’s barat will go there Asmita says yes it will. What is wrong? Nevi says I can reject this marriage. ASmita says riody doesn’t care about you.

You don’t have options. Nevi says what will you be in that house? Shan’s lover or ridoy’s wife?Shan is roped. He calls Neel and tries telling him but thugs comea and take his phone.Nevi says whatever you had with Shan is over. Asmita says he is nothing to me after Chanda’s death. Nevi says I am accepting you for Ridoy. She gives her shagun. She says I will accept you as Ridoy’s wife. If you hurt him this time I will ruin your life.

ASmita gets ready as a bride. A girl gets her ready and says I am so happy. Who knew a baraat would come here. Chanda would have been so happy. Bua comes and says what are you doing. Shan loves you. Asmita says he killed my mother. You can’t stop me from marrying Shan. Bua says please listen.. Asmita leaves. Bua says Shan has to stop all this.

Ridoy gets ready. Nevi does his arti. Ridoy says I know none of you are happy but for me you have to go. I have arranged band myself. The barat laeves Ridoy dances himself. They enter sona gachi. Asmita comes to mandap. SHe recalls her moment in that street. Asmita hugs Chandas picture and cries. Bua says I wont let you do this asmita. I will die if you do this. Asmita says I will do this. Lets go ridoy. She goes with Ridoy.

Asmita’s doli comes the Mazumdar house. she imagines Shan in mandap. It is ridoy. Asmita sits next to him. She imagines Shan. Shan says I know asmita you wont ever do this to your Shan. She is imagining him everywhere.Asmita recalls her moments with Shan. She stands with Ridoy for rounds. They make each other wear garland.

Shan opens his eyes and says Puchki. A girl calls Shan and asys where are you. Please stop Asmita’s wedding. Shan says please try to stop it. She says how can I. Pandit ji asks Ridoy to make Asmita wear mangalsutra.

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