These Streets update Wednesday 3 November 2021

These streets 3 November 2021: Asmita says how can you stoop so low. Shan says what do you think of yourself? Asmita says I know my relation at least. Bua says only you can save his life. Asmita says you have to do it. Shan says you have to make a deal. Asmita says what kind of deal?? He says I will give money to treat him as much as they require. But asmita has to marry me. If she says yes, we will start treatment from today. Nevi says what are you saying. Asmita says you have made fun of marriages. First you divorced me and now all this. Why should I say yes? For a man who only wants to ruin my life? Shan says because you need money.

You made me like this. Marry me or get out of here. Shan leaves.Shan drinks in bar. He sees Asmita in the dancer. Shan recalls asmita arresting him. He shoves the girl. Baba says what are you saying.Bua says to asmita think something good is happening. This marriage might change the misunderstanding between you. Nevi says she is a selfish girl. Because of their love story Ravidra is in this condition. Beauty says she played with two boys all along. Bua says shut up. Nevi says no one is thinking about Ridoy. I wont let this marriage happen because Ridoy didn’t approve of it.

Nevi plays with Moni. She says I wont let them be one. I will do all I can to separate them. If their hate changes in love where will I go. Even if Ravindra has to die, they can’t be one. This will make my Ridoy happy.An old woman comes to Shan. It’s asmita disguised as the old woman. She says please help me. Shan says I will help you. Shan says in heart I have seen her somewhere. Shan says I will help you. She says my husband is in hospital. Please save him. Shan says I will help you. Baba comes and says I have deposited money in hospital for Ravindra. Treatment wont stop. Asmita is dazed.

Shan says there should be no delay in treatment and no one should know I am paying. Asmita leaves. Shan says where did this woman go? She looked worried. Asmita comes out and cries. Shan plays with kids of the orphanage. Asmita lokos at them and smiles. Asmita says why Shan.. Why are you doing all this. This is real you. You are sending money from treatment in secrecy? The real shan needs to come in front of world again.

Asmita comes to temple and prays. Asmita says so many days.. We ended our relation here. You wrote all this for us. I lost my friend forever. Asmita says Shan doesn’t want to be himself. She rings bell and says you have to fix all this.Nevi says I will ruin Shan and asmita. I will ruin their friendship. Moushmi says the treatment has started. Bua says I knew Shan would help. He loves his dada. Asmita comes home. Asmita says an known man paid. Nevi says who would.

. ASmita syas all that matters is that someone helped. Asmita says Asmta do the arti. Shan does arti with them. Asmita gives Shan arti. He takes it. Asmita’s blouse gets stuck in his watch. He takes it out and leaves. Asmita runs upstairs.Nevi comes to Bua and says you think you will be successful? They wont be one after killing my son. They can’t be one. Can’t you see what is right and what is wrong?

Bua says they cared about others and that’s why they are paying. Ridoy paid for his wrongdoings. You will always be a stop mom. Nevi says I will never let them be one. This is my house. Stop interfering in our house matters. You are a guest here. Don’t try to unite them. Bua says you can’t separate them becasue they are meant to be.

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