These Streets update Thursday 4 November 2021


These Streets 4 November 2021: Shan hits punching bag. Asmita comes there and smiles. He sees her everywhere. Shan tries to hold her but she disappears. Shan falls on bed. He says why do you come in front of me every time.Bua says no one can change fates. No one can stop asmita and shan from uniting them. Shan comes to asmita’s room. She covers herself with a towel. Shan goes out.

Asmita says you wanted to say something? He says no and leaves.Asmita comes to Shan and says you look for excuses to come to my house? Shan says are you crazy.Bua says if God made them for each other you can’t separate them. Like Aru loved Chanda more than you. NEvi says shut up. Bua says this house is of my Shan not you. Bua leaves. Nevi says I will not let them unite.

Shan says to asmita I hate you. Asmita says something else? He says do you have any shame? Asmita says what are you? She goes to her room and smiles.Doctor says to Nevi Ravindra is doing better now. Beauty says is Shan doing this favor on us? Nevi says no. Asmita comes downstairs and collides with Shan. Shan says I am sorry. He smiles. Asmita cleans her face from the tower an her face blackens. Shan did it. Asmita says why are you laughing? She sees in mirror.

Asmita comes up and washes her face. Nevi is in her room. She leaves water on the floor and asmita slips. she falls in the pool.Asmita’s head hits the table and she falls in the bathtub. Shan hears her scream. He says what happened. He runs upstairs. Asmita faints in the bathtub. Shan takes her out. He gives her mouth to mouth resurrection. Asmita opens eyes. Shan says are you okay? Puchki.. Asmita says thanks. Shan picks her and takes her to bed.

Everyone comes there. Moushmi says see what’s happening here. Nevi says you two do these behind the locked doors? Shan says I just saved her from drowning. Beauty says we don’t have such big bath tub in the house that she would drown in. Asmita says my head hit the table and I fell. Beauty says you do drama that I don’t want to marry amd do these things behind closed doors? Shan says enough. Stop talking your dirty mind. I dont’ care if you trust or not. Nevi says you don’t talk about dirt. People born in sona gachi are always dirty. It never leaves you.

Asmita says enough. Shan just saved me. I slipped. I could die. You don’t care. Nevi says don’t’ talk like you are so good. Asmita says you don’t care what happened. You have to say all these because I am from sona gachi? Nevi says don’t give me lectures. You both can never live happily after hurting a mother. God will never pardon you. Asmita says a woman is another woman’s enemy. I know you don’t’ like me in this house. No matter what I do you won’t accept me here and keep saying these things. I am here for that baby. For her future. Asmita says your mind won’t change so its usless to talk to you. She leaves.

Beauty says to Neel we have to give this family a baby. So our baby is the heir of this house. She comes close to him. He says I am not in the mood. Beauty says my life so without entertainment. He says we will bring our baby on right time. Beauty says you ruined my mood.Nevi says to Ridoy’s picture my heart felt so happy when I scold asmita. I wish she drowned and died. I know you never wanted to see her in trouble. But some things are important. But I have to remove that love from her life.

I won’t let her be anyone’s because you never wanted it. But I will make her life hell. And I know what I have to do for it.Moni cies. Rain and storm rage on. Asmita sees lights sparking. She shuts the windows and sits with Moni. Asmita tries to sleep. She sees someone walking past her window. Asmita is scared. asmita says what is all this? She comes to restroom. Asmita sees Ridoy’s picture on mirror with blood saying I am back. Asmita screams.

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