Mismatched update Wednesday 3 November 2021


Mismatched 3 November 2021: The Episode starts with the songs playing in the function. Babli dances. Vicky sees her and smiles. Vineet comes there and drinks. He sees Babli and goes to her. She falls over him. He asks her to dance more. He gets angry. Bhalla and Rama bless him. Babli says Chacha ji had made good arrangements, did you meet Dolly and Shoki. Vineet says I need to talk something imp. He takes her.

Shaurya says I think I should give a chance to this relation, tear this acceptance letter from Cambridge, you can also give a chance to this relation instead Ph. D. Shagun asks are you joking. He asks who do you love, me or Phd. She says its not about love, you are rigid. He says if I want my life partner to love me the most, what’s wrong in it. He goes. Vineet angrily drags Babli to the terrace. Anokhi is studying there. Vineet beats her. Anokhi comes and looks on shocked.

Shagun says you want your life partner to think like you and do what you want, you never loved me, you broke my heart, you will understand me some day when you fall in love with someone, I wish that girl doesn’t think like you, she still wins your heart, she doesn’t have any quality like Saberwals bahus. Anokhi runs to Babli. She warns Vineet. Shagun says when you can’t live without her. Babli asks Anokhi not to get between. Vineet says I will not leave you today. Anokhi stops him. Shagun asks how will you make a choice then. Shaurya says I will call you for advice, okay. Shagun says I wish your true love isn’t one sided. Shaurya asks is this a blessing or curse. Shagun leaves.

Anokhi says you don’t know respecting your wife, Babli loved to dance since childhood. Vineet asks Babli to dance in the market to get money. She says I will call the police. Bhalla and Rama come. Anokhi says he was beating Babli. Vineet says I m done, I m going. Bhalla stops him. Vineet complains about Babli and Anokhi. Raja comes and asks what happened, don’t get angry, we will go and talk.Anokhi says you are bearing this domestic violence since your marriage, why didn’t you tell mummy. Rama says I knew it. Anokhi asks why didn’t you stop this.

Rama asks what can I do. Anokhi says a mum can never stop fighting for her daughter. She hugs Babli. Rama cries.Shaurya recalls Shagun’s words. He gets disturbed. Anokhi gets the pills for Babli. She says you are doing right to use the pills, what’s the use to get a new life when you have no good terms with your husband, we have to decide for our lives. Babli says no, men have the right to decide. Anokhi says you have given him the right, that Canada family will reject me, I will not leave my studies. Back at Dolly and Shoki’s marriage, everyone watches the wedding rounds. Laali asks Khanna to get Monty and Anokhi married.

Anokhi gets a message from Saberwal institute. Raja sees it and says its a good news, have the sweets, does dad know. Anokhi says yes, can you send me money, I have to pay fees. He says no, I can’t do anything. She insists. He says fine, you always do emotional blackmail. Rama and Biji feed sweets to Anokhi. Rama says your marriage id fixed, Canada family has agreed, they will take you along to Canada.

Anokhi seeing Monty. Rama asks her not to do any drama now. Anokhi thinks my entrance test is on the same day as Shagun rituals, how will it happen. She sees Monty on call. She says they didn’t say if I can study after marriage. Rama asks her not to do anything, studies don’t matter to them. Anokhi says but it matters to me. She goes to Monty. He says congrats, I rejected many girls and chose you. She asks can I study after marriage. Monty says we will see. Raja and Vineet introduce themselves to Monty. Anokhi goes. Biji comes and blesses Monty.


Khanna asks Bhalla to upgrade his air ticket to first class. He gives a list. Bhalla agrees. Anokhi comes. Monty’s mum blesses her. Anokhi asks can I study after marriage. The lady says we will decide it after marriage, okay. Bhalla says yes, Monty and his parents will decide it after marriage. He asks Anokhi to go in Dolly’s bidaai. Monty sees Anokhi and smiles. Din shagna da….plays….

Dolly drops kaleerein on Anokhi’s head. Everyone claps. She leaves with her husband. Rama cries and hugs Anokhi. Shaurya gets ready. Devi says my friend has mailed me some girls’ pics. Shaurya says arranged marriage business is big, its a headache. She says yes, you have seen love marriage, right, lets find a good arranged marriage. She shows a girl’s pic. He goes. She asks what happened, did Shagun say anything. He says she blessed me to fall for a girl who isn’t like me, I said I will choose a girl who gives me the priority. She says we want to see you happy. He says I m happy, Tej and you are an ideal couple. She says women need to make many sacrifices, I know who will be right for you, trust me. Shaurya comes to wake up Shaan. He sees Aastha’s pics.

Shaan wakes up. He says Aastha used to teach you walking. Shaurya says she broke the family, you are lost in the past, look at you, what’s all this. Shaan says I m alive just because of these memories. Shaurya asks him to have tea. He asks servant to come along. He takes the pics and letters. He asks servant to drop it at Shagun’s house. He thinks I won’t become my dad, memories makes a man weak. Rama and Babli talk of arrangements. Anokhi tries to talk. Biji shouts. Rama goes to her and checks her sugar. She says its normal. Rama asks her to give her necklace to Anokhi. Biji says I kept it for Raja’s wife.

Rama argues with her. Biji asks her to give her own necklace. Devi asks Shaurya about the aptitude test applications. He says we have accepted 3000 out of 5000 applications. His sisters come and join the conversations. He asks them to focus on studies. Shagun calls him. He asks did you get the packet. She says yes, I m sending it back, I chose these cards and letters for you, you can’t end the old memories, you trash it yourself. He says its your property, you trash it, I have no more for it.

She says you don’t need to insult me, we can be friends. He refuses. Devi asks what did you send her. He says old things, pics, letters. Devi says good, don’t keep any connection with her. He says her belongings don’t matter now. She says Tej can call and get her admission cancelled, but we have some class, we will announce your marriage and show their place. Shaurya says I don’t need to marry to prove someone wrong. Devi says when you see the perfect girl, even you can’t refuse. Bhalla says Khanna gave me a long list, how can I handle, my brother also cant help. Anokhi says no one is asking me. Babli says you are helpless to agree. She gets Vineet’s call and thinks to lie. Anokhi goes to talk to Bhalla. She says studies are my future. He scolds her. She says Monty’s mum may refuse after going there, I can’t take risk, I don’t want to go to Canada, I won’t be happy. Bhalla says this girl isn’t thankful to me. He gets angry on her.

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