These Streets update Thursday 30 September 2021

These Streets 30 Sept 2021: Nevi comes and says why are you people blackmailing Shan. She gets a call that ridoy is in lock up.Shan and nevi come to ridoy. He says I deserve this. I failed in protecting my wife. Nevi says please listen.. He says I don’t want to talk. You are the people who insulted her.

Shan video calls Asmita. Ridoy speaks to her. He asys thank God I saw you. Nevi takes his phone and says stop it. Stay out of our lives Asmita.Shan comes home. He hugs neel and says my puchki is away from me. Neel says your bond is too strong to be broken. You have to bring her back. shan says you are right I will bring her back.

Shan packs his bag. Shan says enough puchki. I am coming to take you back. Shan looks at Asmita’s photos and her dress. Paro says you are going shan? He says I have to go for some work. She says what about asmita? Shan says don’t worry. No one will harm you in this house. Everyone will take care of you and your child.

Asmita comes to office in her uniform. She sees a new officer. Se says I don’t know why am I being stood here? What is happening? Why do I feel weird. The officer calls her in. He has arranged an event. He asks asmita to come on stage. He says asmita will come on stage. He says whole dept. knows asmita. She has gainted big name. But we are sad that all of that was a lie. Asmita is dazed. He says her name is Puchki. He says we have to suspend Asmita.

Officer says Asmita you are suspended. After investigation we can tell if she can serve again or not. Asmita recalls collecting her award. She returns everything back. Asmita is in tears.Deep sees his conscious. He says how are you so selfish? Other half says but my family my brother and mom. Other half says what about my puchki. You are coward. One half says you are a Mazumdar. He says I want to be with my love. He says but whose wife would she be? Why would she marry Ridoy if she loved you. Shan says I love my Puchki. His other half says why would she separate you two.

She belongs to Ridoy now. Shan says I have only one chance to bring Puchki back. He says I am coming Puchki.Nevi meets a girl and her family for Ridoy. She says you work in an MNC right? Ravindra comes. He takes Nevi on a side. He says what are you doing? You have already started finding a new girl? NEvi says this is his only way out of Asmita’s love. Ravindra says did you ask him first? Nevi says he would straightaway say no. ridoy is my son. I would do anything to save him from that dirt. Nevi comes back to the girl and her family. Girl’s mom says where is Ridoy? It would be great if they can speak to each other. Nevi says Ridoy is out of city.

Ridoy comes home drunk an says so many lies mama? You have already started deciding for my life. He says another drama now? Nevi says calm down listen to me. girl’s mom says what is all this. Ridoy says to girl drink with me, I am a generous host. He sits on couch and laughs. He says would you wanna know about my first marriage? Why it broke? Who broke it. I am handicapped as well. See how I walk. He walks and says no cheating. Nevi says Ridoy stop all this. Are you in senses. He says yes I am in senses.

You know how much I love Asmita. He breaks things in anger. Ravindra and Neel try to stop him. Nevi says Ridoy please don’t do all this.The girl and her family leave. Ridoy says if anyone forces me to marry again, I will kill my self. Asmita is my only love. Did you listen? I will kill myself and everyone if I am forced.Beauty calls her men and says I want to know where that Puchki is in an hour. She has to pay for all the pain she gave me.

Paro says I know where she is. Shan told me. He is going to Puchki. But you have to leave Mohit first. Beauty says okay I will leave him. Paro says she in Mumbai.

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