These Streets update Wednesday 22 September 2021

These Streets 22 September 2021: Asmita comes in. She says you can’t convict him. Here is the proof that will tell you he is innocent. Shan is a really good human. He is a good son who can never harm his father. Lawyer says we have the proof with us now. The hearing starts.Other lawyer says Shan used his name but he runs a racket. He is doing things under cover and he wanted to take over his father’s wealth.

Manika says the honorable lawyer is deciding. He doesn’t need us. He says sorry. She says Mr. Roy will get counter for every proof he will bring. The hearing starts again. She says why would Shan kidnap his own father? Whatever he is because of his father. Shan recalls moments with his father. Roy says he wanted to takeover the entire wealth. He wanted to take everything from his father’s legal son. He lived in sona kachi hence, he was lured by all this wealth. Ridouy says what are you saying. Manika says this is only your speculation. How do you know how was Shan’s childhood. If he was insecure, he would be rude with Ridoy. He loves Ridoy.

Ridoy says yes. Manika says he should have killed Ridoy in such case no Aru. even by killing Aru Ridoy has right on wealth. So why would he do it? Someone who had benefit from killing Aru is trapping Shan in all this.Shan comes in witness box. Roy says there is dirty blood in his veins. He has been into criminality since long. He shoved Nevi when he got to know she was pregnant. He wanted to kill his unborn brother. Ridoy is angry. Nevi says calm down. He says he killed his father so he can show his father gave him everythign. Shan says enoough of this rubbish. The hearing is postponed for a day. Police takes Shan. Ridoy hugs him.

Everyone is worried for shan. Jamai says we have to do something that makes sure Shan is convicted. Roy is such a good lawyer. Nevi says Shan will never come back from jail.

Nevi says happy birthday to Ridoy. She says I am very happy today. Ridoy says I wanted asmita to wish me first but she doesn’t even remember. This was the day I met her first. Nevi says I will remind her. Ridoy says no please. I don’t want anyone to remind her. Nevi says as you wish, it’s your day.

Nevi says you are so busy with Shan that you forgot Riody’s birthday. You don’t value my son at all.

The hearing starts. Roy asks Shan questions. He says the driver who picked your dad after meeting you was killed. Do you know how? Manika says he is accusing my client. Neel comes in. He says Shan didn’t killed anyone. He comes to witness box. He says Shan was in London when all this happened. He was with me. Asmita nad manika smile. The hearing is paused.

Neel meets Ravindra. Everyone is happy to see him back. He hugs Shan Shan says thank God you are back. Ridoy introduces him to Asmita and Paro. Asmita recalls her childhood with him. Neel says to Shan I wont let anything happent to you. Shan looks at Asmita. Police takes him.

Paro says to Asmita thanks for all that you did. Thanks for not telling Shan. Asmita says you will have to do a few things for me too. I will tell you later.

Scene 2
Ridoy is agitated. He says how can you forget my birthday. Shan calls ridoy and says happy birthday. He says I got a cake for you in your room. Ridoy throws the cake. ASmita comes in. She says Ridoy.. He says my eyes were waiting for you for so long. She says I forgot Ridoy says go and do your social work. Asmita says I am so sorry. He breaks things in anger. He says you dont’ care about me. You re so busy with Shan’s case. She says I am trying to svae your brother and you want to celebrate birthday? He says I am your husband. Ridoy says I don’t mean anything to you. Asmita says listen.. He shoves her.

Ridoy says I am sorry. He says nut answer me. WHy are you doing all this. Tell me wat is between you and shan.Nevi is listening in. He says what is your relation with shan? Asmita says enough.

Ridoy says tell me what is between you two. She says shut up. He says you have to tell me. He is my brother not yours. Asmita says why should I answer you. He says wow now I don’t have right to question you. Nev comes in and says you hurt my son because of him. Asmta says you are all accusing me of what? I was just trying to help this family. And it is being spoken against me. Ridoy says I am sorry.

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