Mariam Khan Reporting Live update Wednesday 22 September 2021

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 22 Sept 2021: The Episode starts with Majaaz saying I can’t talk for long, maybe our phones are getting tapped. He sees Farhaan and disconnects. He leaves with Mariam. Police tracks Majaaz and informs high command. Nawaaz shouts Aayat, open the door, you aren’t doing right. She says you have changed and have to bear this, you will be caged till Jibraan’s operation happens. She hears Hamdam and Junaid worrying for Farhaan. She goes to check Farhaan’s room and gets blueprints. Junaid says our son can’t do this. She asks what’s all this.

Junaid says we don’t know, don’t tell anything to police. She agrees. Mariam asks why are we going fast. Majaaz says I will lift you. She says I m hungry. He cries and says I will get great food for you, come. She shows his pic on poster. He gets worried and rushes.Aayat calls Farhaan and asks about Mariam. He says she will be with you. She says I want Mariam’s kidney to save Jibraan’s life, then you do anything with her, I don’t care, if I don’t get Mariam, I will tell your truth to police. He says I didn’t see her. She says I want her at any cost. She threatens him. He agrees to her.

Majaaz asks Mariam to sit, he will just come. He hides his face and goes to stall. He thinks to save himself and Mariam. He hears men talking against him. He thinks I m helpless to do this. He steals a roti and goes to Mariam. He says hot paratha for my daughter. They feed each other. They have a talk.Farhaan comes there searching for them. Majaaz hides Mariam and asks her not to talk. Farhaan says where did they go. She asks why are we hiding. He thinks how to explain you they are bad people and want us to do bad. He says some bad people want to catch us, we have to get saved. She says yes, Farhaan is bad, what will we do if they find us.

He says no, they can’t find us, till you are with me, none can defeat me, we will win when we see our country flag. She says we will win. He says yes, we need a safe place to think next plan. A blind man comes and asks are you finding someone or place. He asks him to come with him. He takes them to a guest house. He introduces his wife Shabana and kids.Majaaz thanks them. Shabana sees them. Majaaz and Mariam play and laugh. Zain says our lawyer, we can get involved in this case and support.

Rifat says yes, we don’t want this haveli to fall in mess, sign the papers and leave tensions to me. Madiha agrees. Zain asks Meher to check papers once, she is a law student and knows law well. Meher says no, we will always trust you. He insists. Meher checks papers. Rifat interrupts. She greets Aijaz. She acts sweet. He says I m fine, I have an advice, you meet an eye doctor. Zain gives pen. Pen doesn’t work. Aijaz passes a pen and signs Madiha to sign. Madiha signs. Rifat smiles. She thinks just Mariam is a hurdle now. the man getting clothes for Majaaz and Mariam. Shabana looks on and goes.

Majaaz makes Mariam sleep. Mariam wakes up and asks will the other team catch us. He says no way, we shall go and have food. He asks Shabana about any hotel. She guides him. Mariam sees the kids and recalls Jibraan. She says I want to be with them. Majaaz asks Mariam to be here, he will get food. She gets a wool ball and ties the thread to his hand. She says now you can’t go away from me, if I pull this string, you can know I m missing you. He smiles and goes. He wishes the place is safe. He prays. He goes out of the lodge.

Nawaaz sees the landline. He prays that he meets Mariam. He checks her bag. Mariam tells the kids about Jibraan. Mariam calls home. Nawaaz goes to pick call and prays that its not Aayat’s call. He doesn’t answer. The phone falls and gets answered. He hears Mariam’s voice and stops. Farhaan tells Aayat that he didn’t get Mariam yet. Nawaaz asks Mariam where is she. She says I m fine, is Jibraan fine. He says he is better, tell me where are you. She tells him the address. Nawaaz says I will come there.

Farhaan hears them. He informs Aayat that he is going to take Mariam. Mariam sees Majaaz’s pic and asks Shabana to read what’s written in the newspaper. Shabana gets shocked. Majaaz comes back and checks the newspaper. He clears the misunderstanding. He says I m not any terrorist, its a false blame on me, I will tell you entire truth if you don’t believe me. Farhaan is on the way. Rifat and Choti play a game at home. Rifat says I m very happy today, my dream is getting true. Choti says yes, its a happy day, when will we go to that haveli. Rifat says we shall wait for some time. Rifat’s friend calls her to taunt about Mahira and Rihaan’s relation. Rifat gets upset and says Mahira ruined Zain’s life, now I will not let her shadow fall on my son, I will separate them.

Majaaz says I m saying the truth, you can call police if you want. Mariam asks what happened, why are you sad, I have called Nawaaz, he is coming to take us. Majaaz gets worried. Nawaaz comes there. The man goes to check. Farhaan and goons enter the lodge and asks about Majaaz. He enters the lodge and looks for Majaaz. Majaaz and Mariam quickly leave from the window. Farhaan checks the lodge. He asks Shabana about them. She says I haven’t see them. Farhaan threatens them. She says we didn’t see them. Farhaan and goons leave. Farhaan sees a staircase. He gets thinking. Majaaz and Mariam run on road. They hide. Mariam asks did I do wrong by calling Nawaaz. He says no, this game is such, it has many dangers and less lifelines. She says I don’t want to play this game. He says we will win this game. Farhaan sees them and runs to catch them.

Nawaaz comes there in car and asks Majaaz to sit fast. Mariam smiles seeing Nawaaz. Farhaan says Nawaaz is with them, they succeeded to leave, I have to find them soon, else they will fail entire plan. Majaaz thanks Nawaaz. Mariam asks are you with us in this game. She asks how is Jibraan. Nawaaz says he is fine, this is your fav things. He apologizes to Majaaz. He says I will make you reach India safely. Aayat calls Farhaan and asks him to get Mariam at any cost. He asks where can Nawaaz go, tell me. She gets Nawaaz’s diary and says I know where he can go. Nawaaz takes Majaaz to his friend and asks him to send Mariam and Majaaz to India.

The man says there is just one man place in the ship. Majaaz says I can’t leave Mariam alone, I have come here for her. Nawaaz asks him to leave. Majaaz says you know what Aayat has done with Mariam, I can’t do the same mistake again.

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