These Streets update Tuesday 21 September 2021

These Streets 21 Sept 2021: Asmita says is this child Mohit’s? And she is trapping Shan?Shan comes to temple with paro because nevi asked him. Jamai spreads rumor of bomb there. He says Paro will lose her child. Asmita is there. Paro is about to fall. Asmita saves her. Shan picks her too.Asmita hits the who spread the news. She says that person gave me money. Jamai runs and hides.The girl points at Jamai. He leaves. Asmita tries to run after him. But e runs.

Asmita couldn’t see how it was. Paro says thank you for saving my child. Asmita says let me take her home. Asmita says sit down please.Jamai comes home and tells Nevi that she saved Paro.Asmita and Shan bring Paro to hospital. Shan says why are you doing all this? She says for an innocent soul. SHan says you have a big heart. Asmita says we have to worry about Paro’s condition only right now.

Mohit comes to hospital. He calls paro and is worried.Asmita and Shan are there too. He sees them and hides. Asmita wonders if SHan is the father or Mohit. Asmita sees mohit. He goes to Paro’s room. Asmita says why is he here?Mohit says paro open yuor eyes. Arohi you okay? Is our babby okay? Asmita is under the bed instead of Paro. She comes out. Asmita says so it was your baby and you were both trapping Shan? Do you have any shame? How could you not do it for your own baby? He says asmita please listen.

Paro comes with the doctor. She says my baby is fine. where is shan? Asmita says why? He isn’t the father. Mohit is. Mohit comes in. Paro is shocked. Asmita says father is here. Let me go and tell Shan. They beg her not to tell anyone. Paro says please save my child. They will kill her if they find out. Beauty would kill me please. Asmita says beauty? She says get up. Mohit says please save us and our child. Paro says she wants to kill my child Asmita recalls beauty torturing her. Asmita says okay I wont tell anyone.

But you can’t blame shan in all this. You are fooling him. They beg asmita to save their child. Asmita says I wont tell anyone. She comes out and says Shan didn’t do anything.

Asmita says thank you Shan for trusting in our love and friendship. SHan comes in her room. Asmita hides herself. He says Paro is conscious. He says you will feel cold. He sees the bruise on her back and dresses it. Shan and Asmita come close. Shan says I have to go. She says till I am here no one can do anything to you. Don’t let any emotion takeover you. Tell everyone what you know. Promise me. He says I promise. Asmita says thank you. He leaves.

Bua gives everyone parsad after pooja. Bua asks about asmita? Ridoy says she is going to her father’s place. She will come to court from there. Everyone leaves for court.Driver says to Asmita I am taking shortcut. Asmita says what shorcut is this? Asmita gave him money. Nevi gave him money.Nevi says where is asmita. What if she doesn’t come on time. The car breaks. Asmita says what is this. He says the engine is down. I can’t take this car any farther. Nevi gets a call. Driver says I did what you aasked. Nevi says she shouldn’t reach here.

Asmita wonders what should she do. She says I have to be there in the court for my San. She starts running. Her back hits a tree. She runs on the roads.The hearing starts. Ridoy says where is asmita. Jamai says to Asmita she wont come. Nevi says this shan will be in jail all his life. Judge gives them time. He says there is no witness no proof for SHan. We will have to convict him if he fails to produce anything. Shan says I am innocent. Give me some time. Judge says you will be convicted. Asmita faints on the road.

Shan says I am innocent. Judge says you have no proof. So you will be convicted. Asmita comes in. She says you can’t convict him. Here is the proof that will tell you he is innocent. Shan is a really good human. He is a good son who can never harm his father.

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