These streets update Thursday 23 September 2021


These streets 23 September 2021: Ridoy says tell me what is between you two. She says shut up. He says you have to tell me. He is my brother not yours. Asmita says why should I answer you. He says wow now I don’t have right to question you.

These streets 22 September 2021

Nev comes in and says you hurt my son because of him. Asmta says you are all accusing me of what? I was just trying to help this family. And it is being spoken against me. Ridoy says I am sorry.

If you say there is nothing then I would believe you. But would you give a chance to our marriage. Aasmita says are you forcing me into it? She leaves. Ridoy is angry. He breaks things in anger. Nevi says calm down. Trust me, I will bring you two closer. Nevi says I have to know what is going on in her mind.

Neel says to Nevi are you not happy to see me? I know how upset you

must be about Shan’s presence here. Nevi says after Aru passed my relation with shan changed. Beauty comes and says hello.. She does his arti. He says what drama is this. She says myy husband is here. He says you are my nothign.

She says you filled my hairline. Nevi says stop doing this drama. This is your daughter’s house. Beauty says this is my house too. Nevi says you were kicked out of here. Beauty says you will welcome me here. Nevi says we will see. She says come in. Her band baja comes in. Everyone is dazed. Shan comes in. Beauty does his arti
Beauty says wont you meet your son? I can get him out. I am a politician. Ravindra hugs Shan. Nevi says welcome back shan. I am very happy.

Shan comes to ridoy. He says what is all this? It is your birthday. Hug your brother. Ridoy hugs him. Shan says lets celerate. He says I don’t want to. SHan says what happened. He says I don’t want to. Shan says I wont let you down. Ridoy hugs him. Shan says your brother knows how to make you happy.

Jamai says to Nevi what we did wasn’t enough. Shan is easily out. Nevi says Beauty has power. I have thought whats next. She says I have idea that would worsen his case. Shan brings everyone in hall to celebrate and cut the cake. Ridoy is about to make shan eat the cake. Shan says asmita first. He makes asmita eat the cake. Ridoy gets happy. Shan says lets have some fun. All his friends come and they dance with Ridoy.

Asmita goes out. SHan says why did you call me here. She says it is something important. Ridoy sees them holding hands.

Ridoy sees Shan and Asmita together. He breaks a vase in anger. Shan says someone saw us I have to leave.Ridoy says how can she cheat on me and shan? How can he do this to my wife. He is angry and says I have to handle it on my own.

Asmita says I have to do something. Nevi stops Asmita and says where were you? She says just walking out. Nevi says I want my son to be happy. I can’t take his sad face anymore.

Someone in a hoodie comes to Shan’s room with a knife. It is Ridoy. He slits his wrist. Shan wakes up. He says I want to die. Shan says what are you doing. Ridoy says I should die. Shan takes the knife and slaps him. Shan says are you crazy? What happened? He says I dont’ deserve to live. He says I will die without asmita. She doesn’t love me. So I better die.

Scene 2
Beauty video calls paro. Her thugs are beating Mohit. Paro says please help me Asmita. Beauty will kill him.

Shan’s hearing starts. Roy says to Ridoy. Asmita says in heart if Ridoy speaks against Shan we will lose the case. Ridoy says papa always wanted things to go for Shan but Shan always wanted things for me. He gave me even his part. He can never harm papa. My brother can never harm his family. Ridoy leaves. Asmita says to Nevi Shan should be released now. Who do you think could harm Aru? Nevi is called in the witness box. Manika says an illegtimate child of your husband. Did you consider him your son? She says yes.

Manika says this photo is of the time when aru went missing. Nevi says yes I was meetin Shan. Manika says Shan wasn’t with aru when he went missing. There is no proof against Shan.

Judge says this case is halted till Aru is found living or dead. Till then we release Shan. Everyone is happy. Neel hugs shan. Ridoy hugs shan too. Shan says hanks for what you did. Asmita says in heart he isn’t even thanking me.

Someone calls Nevi and says you did all this trap for Shan right? Nevi says what are you saying. Aru is my husband.
Nevi looks in the mirror. She recalls what the person said. Se takes out a white saree. She says I am sorry Aru. Why did you make that shan my son. I really loved you. I never wanted to do all this. But now you and your son will pay for this betrayal.

Nevi calls Khurana dn says Nevi has gone somewhere. She is planning to kill Aru. If shan is released this is her only way out of this. He says we have to keep an eye on nevi and shan both.

Nevi comes to Aru with gun. Aditya is outside with his men. Nevi says your illegitimate son forced me to do all this. She shoots. Aditya hears the voice. They rush in. Aditya sees a chair witha rope and blood. He sees a ring too. He says this means a woman came to kill him.

Bua and Shan bring Shan to a room. Chanda is there. Shan hugs him. Chanda says I am so happy. I knew my son could never do anything. I know you are being trapped in all this. He says I wish the world believed me like you do.
Nevi says to Ay are you hurt? You know I should have killed you but I couldn’t. I love you.. Don’t think that. I wont have any mercy on you. But I wont play fool. I have a reason to keep you alive. Yu have to name everything to Ridoy. I wont let my effort go to waist.

Manika says shan is released. No one can take him back court now. Asmita says thank you and hugs her. Everyone is happy. She says there should be an asmita in every house. Nevi gets a call.

NEvi calls her partner and says I have decided this thinking something. I can’t kill Aru till he signs. He says we can get caught. She says I promise you Shan’s life would be ruined tomorrow.

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