These streets update Wednesday 9 February 2022

These streets 9 February 2022: Krishi says mama, please oil my hair. Devika says in the heart where am I stuck. She oils her hair. Shan comes. He says Krishi I am getting you milk. Krishi says mama, please massage my head. Devika says I am tired now. Krishi says sing me a lullaby, please.

Devika says she is so irritating. Krishi says please mama. Devika says shut up. I don’t like annoying kids like you. She twists her ear. SHan sees her and is shocked. Devika says you are my princess right? Please sleep. I am tired. Devika says please manage her. She leaves. Shan gives Krishi milk. Krishi says why is mama behaving this way? There’s some problem. Shan says I am also wondering what it is. He makes her sleep. Shan says Asmita would never behave like this with Krishi.

Devika says I did the drama.

But I hate kids, I can’t handle them. That girl is so annoying, what nonsense. Thank God Shan came or I would have slapped her. Shekhawat throttles her and says I will burn you alive if you ruin my plan. So as I ask. No one should doubt who you are. Have you forgotten you were caged? I will throw you there back. If you back out, you know me very well.

Scene 2
Asmita is tired in the basement. She tries to release herself and cries. Asmita says I have to tell Shan and Krishi about Devika and that she’s fooling everyone. She falls. She releases her hands. Asmita says no one can stop me from going to Shan and Krishi. I am coming Shan.

Shan says something is not right. What is happening? He recalls everything. Shan says why is she behaving this way? So changed? Asmita walks in the corridor. She says I have to go to Shan. Asmita sees someone walking. She hides. She stumbles and falls. Her foot is injured. Someone turns on the lights. It’s Shekhawat. Asmita hides behind the sofa. He comes downstairs. Asmita cleans the blood and hides. Shekhawat walks out. Asmita knocks on Shan’s door. Shan opens the door.

There’s no one. Shekhawat saw Asmita. He grabs her face and hides her behind the door. Shan looks around but there’s no one. Shekhawat drags Asmita. Shan sees the blood. Devika comes to Shan with bleeding foot and says I injured my foot. I need bad aid. He says come sit, please. Shan cleans her wound and dresses it. Shan says it didn’t affect you when I touched you? She says I have moved on. Thank you. she leaves. Shan says suddenly she acts like I don’t know her. What has Shekhawat done to her? I have to find out what’s happening.

Devika leaves. shan says she acts like she isn’t Puchki. What has he done? I can’t let anything wrong happen to her.
Shekhawat shoves Asmita in the basement. She says I never imagined you were this disgusting. Shan was right about you. I trusted and respected you. What do you want? Why are you separating me from Shan and my daughter? He grasps her and says you made me do it. I loved you I wanted for you. You didn’t let me come close to you. You pulled out this animal. He shoves her. Asmita cries. He ties Asmita.

Asmita says I can’t live without Krishi and Shan. He says I can’t live without you. Asmita says first you detained Devika and now me. I will never be yours. Please let me go. He grasps her face and says you are till you don’t give yourself to me entirely. Asmita says you’re disgusting. He says if you don’t come close to me shan and Krishi’s life would be in danger. Asmita says they are a part of me. You can’t separate me and Shan. We will defeat you together. You will never have me. I will always be Shan’s. Shekhawat leaves. Asmita says I am a cop. I can’t be detained like this. Shan has to come here. Please help me God.

Shan is in the hall. He sees blood on the floor. Shan sees a letter written with blood. It says the one you think is Asmita, isn’t. Shan says what does it it mean?

Scene 2
Devika says I can’t do this acting. I am tired. When will I have freedom like a bird? I can’t act like Asmita. How is that Asmita so selfless. I can’t be like her. Please get me out of here. Shan comes there. She says what happened now? Shan says I am leaving forever Asmita. Devika says wow, you’re really leaving? She spoke in her original tone. She realizes and says how can you leave? He says I have you. You have moved on, I came here for you and Krishi. There’s no hope left. I thought I will have you back but you have moved on. You’re happy with Shekhawat. I really loved you. I will take mama, Moni and Krishi from here so you can stay happy.

Devika says that’s a good decision. All the best. Shan leaves. Devika dances and says thank you God. Finally he’s leaving. Now I would get my freedom and fulfill my dreams. She says I should go to him and tell him his hurdle is leaving forever. She leaves.

Asmita is tied. Asmita says would Shan have read the note? Door opens. Asmita says Shan? It’s Devika. She comes in with food. Devika says God gave us identical faces. So I have to think about you. Eat, please. Your lover Shan is leaving with his whole family. He thinks I have moved on. He thinks I am Puchki and I am pregnant with Shekhawat’s child. So he gave up. You fell for him, right? You are giving no reaction? Are you upset? This Shekhawat is a dangerous man. It’s difficult to get out of his trap and you married him. And you Shan left you? He couldn’t even feel that you’re in trouble? I have seen it in movies. Asmita says it’s a reality. Shan knows when I am in trouble. He would never leave me. He would come for me.

Shan comes in and says I have. Asmita sees him in tears. Devika is shocked. Shan looks at both of them. Shan releases Asmita. He kisses and hugs her. Devika says listen, stop. Don’t do this. Shan shoves her and releases Asmita. Devika says you followed me stalker? He will kill me. Asmita hugs Shan. Asmita says if you help that demon you would suffer too? Devika says I am doing this because he asked. Shan stops her. She says please let me go. Shan says now you would act like Asmita here. They tie her. Devika says let me go. Shan says you will do what we plan now. This is our love’s strength. No one can end it.

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