These Streets update Monday 6 December 2021


These Streets 6 December 2021: Asmita says I trust you. I stand by you. Police arrests Shan. Asmita says I would get you out of it.Shivankar funeral is being done. ASmita touches his feet and cries. Asmita says you couldn’t ever be my dad but that doesn’t change the fact that I am your daughter. My mother loved you, hence I would do my responsibilities as her daughter. I would find your real killer and punish them. Asmita takes the mishal. Nandani comes and says give it to me.

Asmita says I know your pain, but that won’t change the fact that I am his daughter. Please let me do it. Thaku ma says let her Nandani. Asmita fires the body. Nanddani cries. Asmita says in heart I know nandani killed you. Shan won’t pay for her sin. Nandnai says I would do it for you papa. Your death wont’ go in vain. I would part Shan and asmita.

Asmita says nandani I know we couldn’t be sisters. But I know you killed papa. Nandani is shocked. Nandani says go arrest me. I did it, arrest me. Yes I killed him. What can you do? asmita slaps her and says how could you stoop so low. He loved you so much all his life. Nandnai say what else would I do? He promised me he would do anything to get me papa. You are responsible for all this. Nandani says I lost him because of you. I wanted to kill you. But who knew Shan would live for you. I had to part you so I had to kill papa. Asmita says is this love? Nandani says yes I love him. Asmita says are you crazy?

You got him in a murder case. She says everything is fair in love and war. Nandani says if he can’t be mine, he cant be yours. Asmita says he won’t be anyone’s. Nandnai says only I can save him. I have the proof that he didn’t do it. So you have t beg for his life and freedom from me. I would forgive him. You would also have to go away from Shan’s life forever. Do you like my plan? Asmita is about to slap her. Nandai shoves her hand. Asmita says I won’t let you be near shan. I would prove him innocent. Just wait and watch. You would be behind the bars. Nandani says you would beg for his life.

Ridoy tries to hire a lawyer. He says to Ravindra no one is taking the case. They say it’s quite clear. Ravindra says who killed Shivankar. Shan can’t do that. I have to save him. Ravindra says please save Shan.Nandani comes to a lawyer. she says you have to prove shan guilty. You can’t lose this case. He says this is such an easy case. But he is your husbadn. Why do you want to get him convicted? She says do what I am paying you for. No one would take this case. I have paid every lawyer. You have to win this case.
Nandani says I will win my battle.

Asmita is in court. Nandani says looking for a lawyer? Who would take his c ase? It’s a lost cause. I have a gift for you. She shows a rope to asmita and saays choose one. Shan would be hung frmo it. Shan would be convicted. He made a mistake by rejecting me. You have only one option. Beg for his life and leave him. I will let him go. You can save him. Asmita says God please show me a way out.


Court hearing starts. Lawyer says this case is crystal clear. I will prove in minutes that Shan killed his FIL. Judge says who is the other lawyer? He says there are no defendants. Asmita comes as a lawyer and says I will fight Shan’s case. Asmita says I am Asmita Kumari, here is my practice license.Lawyer says Shan was involved with another girl outside his marriage. Shivankar tried to tell him not to do that. Hence, he killed Shivankar. He calls Aditya. Lawyer asks him, did Shan threaten Shivankar? Adituya says yes, he threatened shivankar. He says now I would call Ravindra in the witness box.

Ravindra coems in witness box. Lawyer asks has shan hit his wife? He says yes this is true. Shan has hit her. Lawyer says he has an extramarital affair and he lives with that woman? Ravindra says yes that’s true. Lawyer says here are the rental papers of the flat. How would a father tolerate his SIL living with another woman and hitting his wife? He tried speaking to Shan and shan attacked him.

ASmita says I want to ask Shan a few questions. Asmita asks what happened therE? He says when I entered that room it was dark. Shivankar was stabbed already. Lawer says was there someone else? Shan says no. Lawyer says so he stabbed himself? He says the woman he is involved with is asmita. Shan says I love her. don’t say a word about her. I will kill you. He says another death threat. Judge says shan you need to control yourself. The court goes for break.

Asmita comes and hugs sHan. She says I will fix everything. Your Puchki is always here for you. He says I trust you completely. ASmita says I want to tell you something. A policeman comes and asks asmita to leave the room. sHan wonders what did she want to tell.Hearing starts again. Asmita says there is no witness. There is no proof agaisnt shan. Lawyer says he has the knife in his hand. Don’t waste court’s time. When the case is so clear we don’t need a witness. Suddenly someone throws in smoke bomb. Everyone coughs. Asmita is stabbed. she screams.

The lawyer takes out her knife. Asmita gets up. She says sorry it was all a drama. Ridoy threw that bomb. Asmita says like he didn’t stab me but there is knife in is hand. Same happened with Shan. He tried to ease Shivankar’s pain. shan is being trapped. Judge says do you know who is the murderer then? She says yes the murderer is in court, it is Nandani. Everyone is dazed.

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