These Streets update Wednesday 24 November 2021

These Streets 24 November 2021: Shan’s head hurts. He screams. He throttles Ridoy and says how dare you to touch my Puchki. She is mind. I will kill you if you touch her. Asmita stops Shan. Ridoy laughs. asmita says it was all a drama to remind you everything. there was no other way for us. You recall everything. Everyone is shocked. Asmita says I am your puchki. Nevi says in heart he would also recall I hit him. Shan hugs Asmita.

Nandani says stop it today is our reception. shan says you are a liar. You said you are puchki. Bua says her name is nandani. Shan says you fooled me because of my illness? But now I remember everything. I love my puchki. Shan says I love my puchki not you miss nandani. He holds Asmita’s hand. Ridoy smiles. Asmita’s dad says I can’t see tears in her eyes. She will get the guy she loves even if I have to ruin asmita’s life. I will do it for my Nandani.

Nandan brings asmita to room. He says I am sorry. I couldn’t be with you. but you don’t have to sacrifice anymore. No one can come between us now. ASmita says our love is meant to be forever. Our love changed Ridoy too. We made him realize his mistake. shan says it is all your sacrifices and prayers. This house is home because of you Asmita says there are so many battles left. We face so many demons, but God was with us. I only want you to promise me that you would unite us. No one would come between us. Promise me. Shan says I promise you. We were one and we will always be one. The song tera yaar plays. Shan hugs asmita. They recall their childhood.

Nevi recalls what she did. Shan comes to her room. Nevi says I was waiting for you. I knew you would come here. You must recall that I attacked you. But don’t worry I will call the police. I want you to get me arrested. I did all this for my Riody. Nothing is more important than him. You can call police on me. Shan says I won’t do that. This is the difference. You are still my mom. I recalled everything and what you did. But there was motherhood behind it. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t for me. Nevi says I hate you and I always did. I never considered you my son.

Don’t ever expect love from me. SHan says you can hate, how can I stop loving then? There is just one request. I won’t tell anyone please you don’t tell anyone either. I don’t want anyone to insult my mom. People would stop believing in motherhood. Shan leaves.Shan says to Asmita my heart feels so much lighter. Asmita says your hands are bound because she is your mom but she is a culprit. She has to be punished.

SHe can’t harm you. I will punish her. Shan says no for me you won’t do it. How can motherhood be wrong. Asmita says what are you made of? He says I lost one mom. Don’t wanna lose another. Asmita hugs him. Asmita says why are you so nice. You are so brave. I don’t know if I should be proud or angry. How can you love your killer. he says she is my mom and I am alive. She hates me but I can live with it. But we will always live together. No one would come between us.

Shan says no one would ever come between us. Shan comes to Nandan. She says you came? After doing romance with your mistress? He says mind your language. She says that’s what other woman is called. I am your wife. This marriage matters to me. It is my whole life. I can’t live without you. I will die without you. Shan says go away from me. You fooled me into this marriage. You used my illness. I won’t fall for your trap. Leave me alone.

Free me for my Puchki, give me a divorce. Nandani says that won’t ever happen. I won’t divorce you. I loved you for years. I am alive to get your love. You can do what you want, but I won’t free you.ASmita cooks. shan comes there. Asmita says what happened? Shan says let’s run away from here. I am tired of fighting. She says love is meant to be fought for. He says it isn’t easy. I need a divorce from that Nandani. she said no. Asmit says what. He says why is this so difficult for us to be together. What have we done? Asmita says we are each other.

ASmita says we are meant to be. Asmita hugs SHan. Shan says I am lucky to have you in life. You have my whole life. Asmita says you are my peace. Asmita says you are so great. You are so special to me. He says Puchki lives in this heart. Asmita says no matter the difficulties, we will always be together. Asmita says I need to get a divorce from Ridoy to. Shan says what would happen to moni?? asmita says it is tough but we have to find a way. Asmita leaves.

Asmita comes to her room and sees Riody plays with Moni. He folds her sheet. Asmita says let me do it. She does it. Ridoy says was it this easy? I need baby care classes. But we have asmita. Asmita says I will be back. He says I know you wanted to say something. Asmita says you know me well. He says you are my bhabhi. Tell me what is it? Asmita says I want divorce only then I can be with Shan. He says so? Asmita says but Moni.. What would happen to her? I can’t be selfish. I can’t separate a mother from her. I can’t let her suffer like I did. Ridoy says come with me.

Everyone comes in the hall. Moushmi says no one let’s us sleep. Ridoy says we thougt you were family. If you are not you can go and sleep. I have an important announcement. I have decided that I will divorce asmita tomorrow. I will free her tomorrow. Ridoy says life is too small to marry without love. Asmita loves Shan. They are made for each other. Nothing is right or wrong in love. They have handled everything so well. I free them forever. Ridoy says I have hurt them both a lot.I am sorry. Nevi says I won’t let this happen. Riody says I won’t hear you this time. I will divorce asmita.

Moushmi says wow. Now you will divorce this girl so she can marry Shan? Beauty says they have made fun of marriage. They don’t even care about Moni. Nevi says for this disgusting girl.. Ridoy says I am disgusting. She didn’t do anything. She did enough for Moni. NO one can do that. Please don’t speak in between. Nevi says I saved you from death. Now you will tell me about love? He says yes I will tell you if you don’t know. I wonder if you even love me or not. A mother always teaches the right path to her kids.

Now when I am finally doing right you are stopping me. Bua says Ravindra you should decide. Shan and asmita love each other. Thaku ma says Shan won’t get divorce from Nanadani. He is her husband. ravindra says asmita how can you do that. What face will we show to people?Nandani throws asmita’s bag. She says get out of this house. If Ridoy is divorcing you, you can’t stay here. Asmita says shut up


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