My heart knows update Monday 22 November 2021


My heart knows 22 November 2021: The Episode starts with Malhar scolding Kalyani for putting hot milk in the bottle. Kalyani says I had checked the bottle, but why you will believe me as you think I do mistake always. She says I learn from my mistakes and drinks the hot milk from the bottle. Malhar takes the bottle from her hand, and makes her drink water to cool down her throat. Kalyani writhes in pain. Malhar asks what do you want to prove and says you are a coward not to accept that you tried to make Sampada and Atharv eloped and also was making baby drink hot milk.

He says your crime will not become less with this attempt. Everyone looks shocked. Anupriya asks Godaveri’s brother to have sugar and curd when he eat something hot. Kalyani realizes she is telling for her. Anupriya keeps dahi and sugar bowl there for Kalyani. Kalyani picks it and eats it to get relieve from pain. Anupriya watches this. She thinks don’t know what her destiny has in future and asks God to give her strength. She comes to baby and tells that her throat got burnt because of milk. She thinks she is very stressed and wishes her life would have been like him. She says she is very lazy and don’t want to work. She says I wish to eat, drink and then sleeps.

Malhar calls Kalyani. Kalyani says british jailer called. Malhar calls her and asks her to bring purse out. Kalyani brings her purse. Malhar asks will I go to my Police station with your purse. Kalyani says she is scared of him. Constables come and tells that divers didn’t get Sampada and Atharv bodies and tells that Kalyani’s finger prints was found in that house where Sampada was there. Malhar asks them to go. Kalyani says when I went to do deliver. Malhar says did I ask you? Neighbors come to give condolence to Malhar and then congratulate him for his remarriage.

They tell that they will come to have food made by Kalyani. Malhar invites them for lunch. Kalyani tells that she doesn’t know cooking.. Malhar asks her to cook fish in two hours. She clips her nose and wears gloves, says how can anyone eat it and feels pity on it. The fish seller lady asks her to buy all fish. Anupriya tells the fish seller that they don’t have fish during this time. Fish seller goes. Kalyani tells Anupriya that Malhar asked her to cook fish. Anupriya goes. Kalyani thinks to inform Malhar. Malhar comes to the house where Sampada and Atharv had stayed.

Constable gets Sampada’s mangalsutra and gives to Malhar. Malhar cries and injures his hand holding the mangalsutra. Kalyani calls him and tells that they can’t have fish during tulsi vivah days. Malhar asks her not to call him for useless things. Kalyani thinks he bursts like a bomb and prays to God asking him to help her.Kalyani is in the kitchen with the baby. She tells that she doesn’t know how to cook the vegetables. She is thinking as if she will fail and got confused seeing videos on net.

She thinks how Madhuri used to cook. Baby laughs. She thinks she shall make food twice of 3 persons each time. Anupriya hears her and calls Godaveri asking her to learn cooking. She asks her to take 4 cups rice for 6 people and add 6 cups water and then put the whistle. Kalyani does as told by Anupriya and asks baby how to make aloo ki sabzi. Anupriya tells Godaveri that she will teach her how to cook aloo ki sabzi.

Aparna comes and says Kalyani took baby in kitchen and says she didn’t massage baby yet. Anupriya says she will call the female massager.Kalyani gives baby to the lady and asks her to massage baby infront of her. Lady says she will massage baby in open and says she used to massage Pallavi’s children. She tells that Anupriya sent her. Lady takes baby and goes signing Aparna. Vivek tells the workers that he don’t have money to give them. Anupriya comes there. Vivek tells that he is there to worry.


Anupriya sees the lady taking the baby with her and is shocked.Kalyani wearing helmet to cook food and thinks now she came to know why in old films, bahus get burnt in kitchen and die. She puts oil in kadai and it falls. She is about to fall as she panics, but Malhar comes and holds her. Kalyani sees his hand bleeding and asks what happened? Malhar puts chilli powder on his injured hand and presses against his wound. He will remember always that women are not trustworthy. He asks her to make food, then make the baby ready.

Kalyani comes out and checks for the baby. She doesn’t see the baby there and thinks where did the massage lady take him. She sees Anupriya and tells her. Anupriya is shocked and enquires with the man outside their house. Aparna recalls giving money to the woman and asking her to come when she calls her. She tells that she will tell Malhar that she hasa saved the baby. Kalyani searches the baby along with Anupriya.

Neighbors come to Malhar’s side of house. Aao Saheb gets tensed and thinks they will know now that they are staying at Anupriya’s side of house. Malhar tells them that the house is mine now. Aparna comes to Malhar and tells him that baby is stolen. Aao Saheb asks what happened? Aparna says Anupriya called Massage lady and she has stolen baby. Malhar asks Kalyani how she can be so careless to handover baby to stranger massage lady. Kalyani asks him to punish her later, but right now she has to search the baby. She goes. Anupriya is also searching her. Kalyani enquires with the people on the road. Anupriya also tries to enquire about baby.

Kalyani worriedly searches baby. Aparna calls the lady and thinks why she is not picking the call. The lady thinks to call Aparna and thinks don’t know where her phone fell down. She calls Aparna, just hears Malhar announcing from his jeep about calling Police on seeing old woman with the baby. The lady Manda hides and thinks to leave baby somewhere. Aparna thinks why she is not talking. Kalyani and Anupriya are searching baby separately. The lady feels pain as the nail pierced in her foot. She removes nail from her slippers and starts walking.

Kalyani comes to Anupriya and hugs her crying. The lady comes to the well and looks on.Kalyani asks Anupriya to help her and says if anything happens to baby then I can’t forgive myself. Anupriya identifies baby’s kada and tells Kalyani. They see blood on the road and get worried. Anupriya says nobody can harm a small baby. Kalyani says our baby must be fine. They follow the blood stains and reach the well. The lady is sitting behind the well. Lady thinks if Mayi and Kalyani catch me then Malhar will arrest me. Kalyani shouts calling baby. Baby starts crying. Lady tries to make him quiet.

Kalyani says billu is here. Lady gets up and asks not to come forward else she will throw the baby in well. Kalyani asks what do you want. Anupriya offers to give her bangles. Woman asks her to throw bangles near her. Anupriya throws it. Lady is about to pick it, but hears police jeep sound, keeps baby on wall of the well and escapes.Anupriya and Kalyani are shocked. Kalyani runs faster and save the baby. She hugs baby and gives to Anupriya asking her to check him.

She collides with something and falls inside the well. Anupriya shouts Kalyani’s name and cries. Malhar reaches there. Anupriya tells him that Kalyani fell down in the well. Constable says it seems she is drowned. Malhar looks on.

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