These Streets update Wednesday 13 October 2021

These streets 13 Oct 2021: Ridoy puts gun on Shan. Asmita says Ridoy please stop. He shoots. SHan was dreaming all this. He looks at Asmita and says I wont do anything that ruins your smile. Rdioy looks at him looking at Asmita. He picks colors and applies it on Asmita’s face. A ball comes towards asmita. Shs bows down. Ridoy’s color falls on the flour. Bua says see Shan. God doesn’t want them together.

Ridoy plucks petals of a flower. He says she lovees me.. She loves me not. He breaks things in anger and says you have to love me. he says everytime I try filling your hairline something happens. What is wrong.Nevi says I know what you are going through. He says no one can know. Nevi says I am your mom. I know your tears. I don’t want to see you upset. She says you confess your love to her and she steps bac every time. Ridoy says Shan can never have mt love this time.

ASmita comes and Ridoy.. He says why did you bow down? She says I am sorry. I was just saving myself from that ball. Asmita says he is used to hearing your sorry. Ridoy leaves. ASmita says to Nevi why are you poisonig his thoughts? Nevi says I know what is right for my son.Paro hugs Mohit. She says I hope you’re okay. Mohit says that beauty has kept me here for so long. Paro says I don’t know what to do.

Shan says a surprised is planenned for all of you. A great dancer and our DIL will dacne. ASmita dances in the hall. She is drunk. She does weird things. Ridoy looks at her in anger. She throws flowers on shan. She coems close to Shan and dances with him. Shan is dazed. Ridoy stops her and is about to slap her. Shan stops his hand.

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