These streets update Thursday 8 July 2021


These streets 8 July 2021: Shaan finds himself tied up inside a coffin.. its dark inside… he shouts for Puchki. We can see he is buried deep underground.

At Bari, Puchki is looking after ill Thakuma, she hears Shaan’s voice thru 6th sense. She calls him up, worrying for his safety, but he can’t be contacted. She tries Nil, but he too doe not reply. Puchki prays for Thakuma and Shaan.. she hears Shaan calling her again.

Inside the coffin, he sees Puchki calling him from Bari number, but he can’t take the call as he is tied up.

At Majumdar house, Nilambar is marrying. It appears no one knows it is beauty under the veil. They are about to get married when Arindam arrives and shouts at them to stop the wedding. He gets the actual bride, Priti, with him who was supposed to marry Nil.

All wonder who was the woman with Arindam.. they are shocked to see Priti. Beauty and Nivedita wonder how to escape from being exposed. Arindam says he picked up Nilambar’s phone that was ringing and he learnt from Puchki that Beauty had run away from Bari. RM asks beauty to take off her veil. All are shocked to see Beauty there..

RM orders servants to throw this unwanted female out from Sonagachi.. Beauty revolts, she shouts at them not to touch her. She declares she was having affair with Nil that’s why she had made a video recording to prove it to his family members. She shows the video.. Priti’s father is so disgusted to see the video of Nil in compromised position with Beauty. He refuses to give his daughter to Nil or any one of that family.

He takes his daughter away.. RM asks his servants to throw Beauty out and asks her to show that video to whom so ever she wished.. Beauty then shouts at RM that she had Shaan in her custody and he would return alive only after Beauty took saat phere with Nilambar.

At Bari, Puchki asks Durga Maa to help her rescue Shaan, to help her reach Shaan to help him.

At Majumdar house, Beauty threatens to kill Shaan until Nilambar married her. RM and Arindam threaten Beauty but she threatens them to kill Shaan. RM asks police for help.

Puchki comes to Majumdar mansion and challenges Beauty that as long as she was there, nothing could happen to Shaan. She meets Rana and seeks his help to locate Shaantanu.

Nivedita mutters that Shaan should never be found or her plans will fail.. she wished Beauty marry Nilambar that would be ultimate revenge against her family for dumping her with sautan’s illegitimate son.

Puchki and Rana get clues from the goons and reach that spot where he was buried alive. They start digging.

At Maniumdar house, Arindam pleads every one to get Nil married to Beauty or his son would be killed. Ravindra is in dilemma.. He finally agrees. Beauty has started seven rounds with Nilambar.

Ravindra, Moushumi are very upset to see Nil marry Beauty.

Puchki and Rana rescue Shaan and get him back to Majumdar house. Puchki shouts to stop Beauty-Nil marriage.Beauty is shocked to see Shaan standing next to Puchki.

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