These Streets Update Wednesday 25 August 2021

These Streets 25 Aug 2021: ASmita opens the closet. She sees piece of her cloth. Ridoy is doing dance practice. Shan is in tears. Ridoy says to SAHn you can dance. You should. Shan says if you don’t dance I wont either. RIdoy says you will dance. Paro comes and says we don’t have to cancel the rehearsal. Shan says no we are good. Paro comes close to him. She starts dancing with him.Beauty ties Chanda and beats her. She says you are beauty’s toy. How dare you go against me.

Your son will pay the price. chanda says don’t harm my son. Beauty says you see now.Paro says shan listen.. They come to his room. she says let me come close to you. He says are you crazy? Lets go to dance. He takes her downstairs. Asmta is hidden. Shan leaves. Asmita comes out.ASmita sees the saree. She says Nevi is trying to accuse Shan of all this. I have save Shan from all this.

Paro comes close to Shan while dancing. Shan imagines Asmita and dances with her. They come close while dancing. Asmita comes downstairs to dance as well. Shan imagines dancing with her. He is dancing close to Paro. Asmtia sees them. She says how is this possible? How can shan come so close to her? I should focus on my mission. She realizes it’s paro and leaves her. Choreographer says what a chemistry. Paro says thank you. Shan says in heart what was I doing. Paro comes close.. Shan shoves her.

Everyone does dance practice. A police officer comes in and says stop this drama. Shan says in heart this is Asmita’s friend. She says we got information against Shan. So we are taking him for investigation. They take Shan. Jamai says it is wedding tomorrow. How will they get married.
Shan says what information did you get? She says do you recall this suit cover? He says yes this is mine. So what? She shows the sarree inside. Shan says I have no idea of this saree.

Shan says this saree.. Asmita says in heart please say Shan this saree belongs to Nevi. This accusation would be off your head. Shan looks at the saree.Nevi says if someone sees the saree i would be in trouble. Nevi asks servant. He says madam I don’t know any saree. Nevi says go from here you are useless. Shan says I don’t know. Inspector says you have to answer to us properly. He says I know who should be answerable.

Asmita is sneaking towards Nevi’s room with the saree. Nevi is asking about her saree from laundry. Nevi says to asmita what are you doing here? Ridoy comes and hugs her. He says I am really worried. Asmita please help me. Asmita hides the saree. Asmita says he will come back home dont’ worry. Saree calls Sharma and says find out who got my saree? Asmita says all good? She says asking about my saree for sangeet nothing else.

Asmita comes to Shan’s room. Shan comes there. He says I saw you in my room yesterday too and now again. What are you upto? To stop this wedding you are trapping me in this case. Why do you have this bag? She says you will never understand me. He says because of you all of this has happened. Why are you so selfish. Stop this drama. These weddings will happen anyway. She says enough. You can’t accuse me. Yes I am selfish but I can’t stoop so low. You are marrying the wrong person. See the reality. I am just bewaring you. He says who are you? You don’t have to worry about my life and stop playing your games.

You and Chanda asked me to leave then why you two keep coming back? He says I have left all that behind nd you have no right on me. Asmita recalls their childhood. He leaves. Asmita says when you see the reality you will know the intention I had and what your mom is.Paro is getting ready. Beauty says yo have to dress like everyone only sees you not that Asmita. Paro sees Mohit outside. She says I forgot to turn of heater. Beauty says let me check. Mohit says Paro I love you. Please don’t leave.

She says I love you as well. I will leave shan as soon as I get money. Mohit says if shan comes close to you I will kill him. Beauty comes. Mohit hides. Beauty says who were you talking to? She says rehearsing how to talk to shan.The function starts. Shan comes with Paro and Ridooy with Asmita. Nevi gets a call. She goes out. asmtia follows her.

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