These Streets Update Friday 27 August 2021


These Streets 27 Aug 2021: He says promise me for this friendship you will come to the wedding. She says who gave you right to decide for me? She takes the dress. Asmita swipes Shan’s tears. She says you are my friend. You have right. Your sacrifice will live. Your Puchki will come dont’ worry. Shan is leaving. Asmita says stop.. She says wont you hug your love that you never confessed? One last time? Shan runs and hugs her. Asmita says I dreamed of spending my life with you. Go before I am broken completely. Shan leaves in tears.

Bua knocks on Ridoy’s door. She says we are so worried please open. Ridoy opens. Nevi says don’t you care about us at all. We had been knocking for so long. He says you should cry because you want to take my happiness way from me. I can never agree to it. If I dont’ get married to her today you will see me dead. Nevi says dn’t say that. Whatever you want will happen. You will get married today. Bua says no.. Nevi says no. His happiness is the most important. Get ready. Ridoy hugs her.

Bua says Asmita? Ridoy says she will come for sure. She promised.Asmita looks at Arpita’s picture and cries. She recalls her moments with Arpita. Asmtia says I miss you so much. I feel so alone. Pathan baba comes. He says don’t marry Ridoy.. He is in tears. Asmita says don’t cry please. I am worried for Chanda ma. Please dont’ cry. She says whatever I am today is because of you. I am going. He gives her blessings.

Chanda says please God don’t take this happiness from them. They are made for each other.Pathan baba comes with Khurana. He is in tears. Bua says to them it isn’t that late. We have to stop kids if they are on wrong path. We can’t let Asmita reach the wedding no matter what she has to do. Are you two with me?Asmita is getting ready. The scar is on her hairline. She says don’t hide it. ASmita is ready.

Bua Khurana and Pathan baba are outside. Asmita hugs Arpita’s photo. They are about to put sheet on er too kidnap Asmita sees them.Asmita says what were you doing? Bua says to stop this wedding. You can’t ruin this wedding. Baba says we will kidnap you and you wont be able to make it to the wedding. Bua says we will do this. They kidnap Asmita. Nevi comes, they hide. Nevi says you were talking to someone? She says on call. Nevi says you look nervous? Asmta says it’s wedding day.

She says Ridoy will love you a lot. He has been so unlucky all his life. Keep him happy please. You look very pretty. You have to do a pooja before the wedding. She takes asmita with her. Bua says we have to kidnap her before she reaches there.Paro says this can’t happen. Beauty get ready. Paro says don’t tell me what to do. You keep asking me to do stuff. Mousmi comes. She says we are waiting for you two in the pooja. Beauty says we are coming. Beauty says do as I say.

Paro and asmita both come to the pooja and sit down with their grooms. Bua asks Paro to go upstairs for some work. They try to kidnap her. Paro sneaks out and goes somewhere. Asmita goes after Paro.
Paro comes to Mohit. She says I love you. I can’t marry him but that beauty will kill us both if I don’t. Asmita records it. Beauty comes there. She slaps her. She says how dare you do this. You can’t come between this wedding. Control yourself.
Beauty saw asmita with face hidden.

Her men follow her. She beats the thugs down and runs. Bua Khurana and Baba are looking for her. She hides.Band baka comes. Ridoy dances with them. The three come back to the wedding. Bua says he is so happy. How will he react when he finds out he wont be marrying Asmita. Khurana says imagine how would they react when they find out asmita is kidnapped. Asmita comes there in Rajhisthani attire. She tries to go upstairs. Her phone falls. She picks the wrong phone.

Khurana and Baba kidnapped asmita’s friend instead. She says you kidnapped me. Asmita and I have a plan. Asmita’s phone was exchanged by another guy’s. She says how do I show the proof to Shan. Bua comes to Asmita. She says why are you doing this. Asmita says dont’ do all this for me. Baba says you wont do all this. Everyone says where is asmita? Jamai says guests are saying Asmita might say no last minute due to his shortcomings.

Shan says what are you saying? Asmita will come for sure. she will be brother’s bride. That’s my promise.

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