Mismatched update Friday 14 January 2022

Mismatched 14 January 2022: The Episode starts with Shaurya smiling seeing Anokhi. Ek ladki ko….plays…. She says my plan shouldn’t fail. Babli says Anokhi has come, she looks lovely. Kanchan also compliments Anokhi. Anokhi greets everyone. Shaurya comes. Shaan says we will start the rasam. Shaurya says I can’t wait more. Babli asks won’t you wait for the girl’s family. He says girl’s family will do the rasam in their house, we will do it here. He gets sad and says I wish Tej and Devi come here. Shaan says its their wish.

Aastha says we will wait for them, maybe they come. Shagun asks what are you thinking. Devi says I should go there. Shagun asks will you accept Anokhi as bahu. Devi says I m worried for Shaurya, he is so hurt, I don’t care if you become his wife or that cheap Anokhi, I should be his mum, I had many dreams, you lost this game, Shagun. Alok comes to wish Shaurya. Shaurya hugs him. He sits for the rasam. Anokhi cries. Babli takes her. Aastha asks Kanchan to get Bhalla and Rama to do Shaurya’s tilak, till then she will do Anokhi’s rasam. Shaurya says Anokhi shouldn’t see them. Babli asks Anokhi to cover her head.

Aastha comes and gives her bangles. She says I gave it to Babli also. Babli says make her wear a chunri, flowers are falling on her head. Ahir says you all look good, I will click a pic. Aastha says we will take it with aarti, I will apply tika also ahir takes the pics. Rama looks on from far. Rama and Bhalla do Shaurya’s rasam. Aastha says I will share my happiness with you, who else. She asks Anokhi to have food. They all go. Shaurya hugs everyone. Anokhi goes to see Shaurya. She sees Aastha doing his aarti. Bhalla and Rama hide and look on. They say Shaurya is nice, he will keep Anokhi happy. Shaurya thanks Ahir for noticing Anokhi on the right time.

Ahir says its my habit. Shaurya sees Anokhi crying. He says thanks everyone, we shall sing, dance and celebrate. Aastha says who is much happy will dance first. Shaurya says yes, Shaan will dance. Shaan pushes Shaurya for dance. Shaurya asks Anokhi to be a part of their celebration. He says you wanted this, right, aren’t you happy, come on. He takes her for dance. Everyone dances. Nagada….plays…Anokhi goes out and cries. She thinks of him.

She says I never felt so alone in my life, he doesn’t worry for me, maybe I deserve this. Rama and Bhalla go from there. Anokhi sees them and stops. Shaurya asks did I hurt her a lot, shall I tell her that this is happening for her. Aastha says I know she is getting hurt, but her fear will end, then she will accept you and your love. Shaurya says I m feeling bad for her, go to her. Aastha says wait for some more time. Anokhi asks what are you doing here. Aastha comes and says I have called them, my friends circle is so short, your family is close to me, Rama has become my good friend, I thought she will see my son’s shagun and Babli’s arrangements, she will get relieved seeing Babli’s work.

She says even Anokhi worked well. She takes them. Anokhi says I have to become strong, until Shaurya gets married.Shaurya asking Rama and Bhalla to wait for some time, Anokhi will get happy once the drama gets over. Rama says I can’t see this. Bhalla asks shall we go back. Shaurya asks them to stay with him, Jamais are also sons, Bahus are daughters, you should not make Jamai a Devta, then Jamai will dance on your dance, ask Babli, its tough to show his real place to Jamai later. Babli cries. Ahir asks are you fine. Babli says yes, I m very happy, Anokhi got a great husband, mum would be happy, at least one of her Jamai is good. Ahir asks her to tell them the truth. She says they are happy.

He says okay, you smile, don’t be sad, you look good when you smile. She smiles.Shaurya says be with us, you should be happy, you have to see that Anokhi gets my name in her mehendi. They all smile. Shaurya says our marriage will be so good. Alok shows the video to Devi and Tej. Shaurya comes there with sweets. He goes. Alok asks will you come in the mehendi. Everyone prepares for the mehendi function. Babli says Ahir went for his work, lets see when he comes. Shaan comes and asks did you do all the arrangements. Aastha says yes. He compliments her. He gives her a rose. She thanks him and compliments.

He gets happy. He says we will find some way. He applies mehendi on her hand. Shaan says everything is perfect, I just have one request, don’t behave like typical girls’ family, if anything goes wrong, we all will handle it. Bhalla says sure. Alok comes and asks what’s this, its Saberwal’s marriage, not any poor guy’s marriage, the decorations are such old, we spent much money, if you take any cheap wedding planner, such thing happens. Shaan answers Alok.He says Babli has worked hard for these decorations, relax and enjoy yourself. Shaurya asks them to welcome the groom. He dances and smiles.

He asks Kitty and Bebo are they really happy or not. They say we are happy. He says forget everything and enjoy, celebrate and have fun. They take selfies. Anokhi comes. He thanks Babli. Babli asks how does Anokhi look. Shaurya says uff…. He asks who should write bride’s name on groom’s hand, your assistant, she is here, tell her. He asks Anokhi is there any problem. Anokhi says no. He says great, then you will apply the mehendi, welcome. Anokhi writes Shagun on his hand. He says Shagun… He wipes the mehendi. He says you have to take nek from me. He gives her money and applies mehendi to her hand.

Shaurya and Anokhi, everyone dance in the function. Gud naal….plays… Ahir comes. Babli takes him for dance. Shaurya signs Babli. Babli asks Anokhi to get mehendi. Anokhi asks how, my exams are starting after a week, I have to study and do work. Rama asks her to come. Shaurya shows his name to the mehendi artist. Shaurya’s name gets written on Anokhi’s hand. Anokhi gets shocked seeing the name written.

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