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These streets 14 January 2022: Shan and Asmita run to Krishi. Asmita says open your eyes. Nandani says Krishi what happened? Shan picks her and rushes to the room. He calls the doctor. Shan says Asmita handle yourself. Asmita is crying. Asmita says why isn’t she opening eyes. Please tell me what happened? He says we can’t tell anything. Shan says how dare you.. Do something you’re the doctor. Doctor says the bruise is very deep. Can’t say anything till she opens eyes. asmita says Krishi please open eyes. We are here for you. You wanted us to be together.

Shan says please open eyes. Papa mama are here with you. Asmita says please open your eyes. Asmita is crying. Shan says Krishi, please open your eyes. Krishi opens eyes. Asmita and Shan heave a sigh of release. Krishi says where am I? everyone is shocked. She says good papa? Shan says you call me papa only now right? she says good papa, right? The doctor says please come with me outside. Krishi you relax.The doctor says she has lost some part of her memory. Everyone is shocked.

He says Krishi would remember somethings, she might even remember things that are not true. Don’t let her stress over anything. Don’t try to force her to remember things, it can risk her life.Asmita says God give me all the pain you want but keep my daughter away from all this pain. Shekhawat comes there. Shan is worried as well. Shekhawat says Asmita, I told you Krishi shouldn’t stay here. This isn’t late. Let’s go from here. We have nothing to do with these people. I will give them the entire house, but we won’t live here. Krishi isn’t safe here, we better take her away from here. He comes towards Krishi.

shan stops his hand and says how dare you talk about taking my daughter. My daughter will stay here, she won’t go anywhere. Who are you talk about her safety? I will protect her and do everything she wants. She won’t have any stress here. And you Asmita, you will stay here as her mother. You will do and say everything Krishi says. She shouldn’t have any stress. She needs her parents. And we have to do it for her. I will see who takes you from here.Nandani says what will you do for? She wants to see you and Asmita together.

how will you do that? Shan says I will do anything that Krishi asks, even if I have to stay with Asmita. I will do anything for my daughter. If I have pretended like Asmita is my wife I will. Nanadani says you think I would let you? Shan says who are you to stop me? This is about my daughter’s life.Asmita is with Krishi. Shan comes inside with food. Shan says Asmita, eat please. You haven’t eaten anything. Asmita makes him eat and says neither have you. They make each other eat. Krishi says mama, good papa. Asmita says get up. Shan gives her water.

Shan says are you okay? Krishi says I am hurt, what happened to you two? You two aren’t mad at each other now? Asmita says yes, we are together now. We will all celebrate Diwali together. Shan says yes. Asmita and Shan hug Krishi. Nevi looks in and smiles. She says now I will rule this house.Nandani says I want to kill Asmita. Shekhawat says mind your language. Nandani says we have to remove Krishi from our way. Krishi is the root cause of all problems. He says what are you saying? Krishi doesn’t like me and wants Shan and Asmita to be together. What will we do? Nandani says I know what to do.

Krishi says I will one spoon from mama’s hand and one from papa’s. They both make her eat. Krishi says now I will eat when you two kiss me. They kiss her together.
Nandan says we have to kill Krishi. She doesn’t know tomorrow would be her last Diwali. Her story is over now.Krishi makes Rangoli. Shan and Asmita come to her. Shan says you should rest in your room. Asmita says you’re not well. Krishi says I was bored. I am fine now. See I made this rangoli. My parents, my sister Chahat and our happy family. Shan says this is beautiful. Shan says what do you want as a gift? She says I have you two.

Nandani says Krishi you are well now? Krishi says yes because mama and papa are together now. Chahat says what is she saying, papa. Asmita takes Krishi to her room. Shan says you won’t do anything that hurts Krishi. She isn’t well. Chahat says I don’t care. Shan says you have to care. She is your sister. You will listen to papa right? She nods. Shan hugs Chaht. Nandani says Asmita, I will never let you and daughter have Shan.

Asmita is in bed with Krishi. Krishi says good papa, please come here and make me sleep. We will all sleep together. She holds their hands together. Shan and Asmita look at each other. Shekhawat looks at them in anger. He says I have to move this girl from my way.Nandani says to Shekhawat we have to call Krishi here. We will play the masterstroke. We will invite all the poor kids tomorrow. When there is noise in the house, Krishi will e sacrifice. Shekhawat says done.

Asmita makes Krishi’s hair. Shan comes. Krishi hugs him He says happy Diwali. He gives her firecrackers. Krishi hugs him. Krishi says is the other gift for mama? mama, please open it. Asmita opens it. It’s saree. Asmita smiles. She says thank you. Happy Diwali. Shan says happy Diwali. Krishi says is that how you say thanks? you should hug him and say thanks as I did. Asmita hugs Shan. Shan leaves.
Asmita wears the saree Shan brought for her. Asmita says you still remember my favorite color.

Nevi says to Nandani I know your Diwali won’t be happy but happy Diwali. Nandani says I know how to make it good. Nevi says look at how Shan and Asmita are close now. Krishi is a miracle. Nandani shoves a vase towards her. She says better to live in reality. Be happy today, you never know when one of you has to cry.Asmita sees Krishi slipping. She hugs Krishi. Asmita says please be careful. You just got so injured. Krishi says that it was all a drama. Asmita says what? Is this all a lie? Why did you do this to me? Did you fool mama? Krishi says to help you.

To get you, papa, back. He can do anything for me. Asmita says lying is wrong. Krishi says not when it’s done for something right. Asmita says you did so wrong. Nevi says no she didn’t. I knew about this entire plan. You’re here for Shan right? Why are you not letting Krishi help you then? She did what she had to. Shan is ready to do anything for Krishi? His daughter. Please don’t tell anyone about our plan. Krishi says I am sorry mama, I did this to bring you and papa close. Asmita hugs her.

Krishi comes to the terrace. She says why did mummy call me here?? She looks for Asmita. Krishi says where are mama papa? Nandani and Shekhawat are there. Nandani says no one would hear her cry because of the noise. Lights go off. Krishi screams papa ma.. Nandani shoves Krishi on the fire. She saves herself and gets up. Someone throws a snake on her. Krishi runs. Nandani says I won’t let her go this time. Krishi runs downstairs. Nandani says she fails all my plans. Shekhawat says maybe she actually has God’s hand on her. Nandani’s own saree gets burned. Shekhawat says if you plan ill for her, it comes back to you.

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