These Streets update Thursday 11 November 2021

these streets 11 November 2021: Nandani says to asmita stay away from shan. Asmita says we are meant to be. You can’t come between us. His heart is with me. Asmita says see what is next. SHan is only Puchki’s. Nandani says you see what I do. I can do anything for my love Shan. Asmita says Puchki doesn’t give up. Asmita says test it but no one can come between us.Asmita says today is a very special day. Today is my bhondu’s birthday. Let’s make this day special for everyone. He will dance for us all.

Nandani says come on Shan let’s dance. Thaku ma says yes Shan dance with your Puchki. Bua says Asmita is real puchki. Nandani says she wont dance. Asmita says scared? Puchki says I am not scared of anyone.Asmita dances on aja nachly. Nandani comes on stage and they both dance. Nandani falls Shan holds her. She says let’s cut the cake. Shan cuts the cake. He makes Nandani eat before asmita. Asmita is in tears. Bua says you have to be strong. Asmita says didn’t you see? He can’t see me. Bua says he is yours and never let him go. Asmita says he doesn’t even know I am here. What should I do. Bua says truth always wins. Asmita says you are right. Tonight after party, I will tell him truth. I wont let anyone have a right on him. He is my love.

Neel says to Beauty what are you doing. She says I have a plan. Asmita is standing in stairs. Beauty turns the lights off. She shoves asmita but by mistake she shoves Thaku ma. Asmita sees Thaku am falling. She says thaku ma.. Nandani says I saw asmita shoving thaku ma. Beauty says I saw her too. Asmita says I was trying to save her. Shan says enough. asmita says I don’t know.. Shan says if she is speaking against you doesn’t mean you will try to kill her. Stay in your limits.

Asmita cries. Nandani says feeling bad? She offers her a napkin. Nandani says you were saying big things? I know you wanted to save her but I blamed you. I can take Shan from you. This is just the trailer. Leave this house. You and Shan wont ever have a future. First Ridou and then me.. You wont ever be shan’s. Asmita says truth always wins.Thaku ma slaps Beauty. She says you thought I wont know. I am your mom. You shoved me. ASmita saved me. Don’t dare harming me. This slpa was to show you your worth. If you dare again I will kill you. Neel says I asked you not to do this.

Bua ji asks everyone to come in hall. Bua says asmita has proof that she is Puchki. show them asmita. When you are Puchki and you have a proof show them. Asmita says I am Asmita and I am fooling you. I am sorry. I made this story.

Asmita says I lied I am assmita not puchki. Forgive me. sHan says why were you doing this drama. Bua says who forced you to say that? You are Puchki. Shan says when she is saying she is asmita why are you forcing it? He points at Asmita and says this is Puchki. And this asmita is only Ridoy’s wife. Moushmi says why do we care. Beauty says we care. She first hid about her job and now to get shan she lied that she is Puchki. She is a liar. Neel says you played with our emotions for money? Humanity is more than money.

Ravindra says we trusted you. I never expected this from you. Moushmi says go from here. I know who will stop me. You were fooling us. she shoves her out. Shan says stop. Shan says she is Ridoy’s wife. She has our DIL. We can’t treat her like that. Moushmi says she is a fraud. Bua says you have no right to kick her out of this house. She is moni’s mother. How will she live without her mom? Shan says yes Moushmi would need her mom. Nandani says she is a fraud. Shan says Moni needs her. Asmita you played with our emotions. You shouldn’t have done it. He leaves.

Asmita cries. She runs. Asmita runs in the rain crying. she recalls everything. Asmita walks on the wrong and song naina plays. She comes to the temple. Asmita says I am sorry Shan I had to lie. Thaku ma says well done. Asmita says why did you do this? Why? I need an answer. You gave me a new life. tHaku ma says because you forgot my favors. You never tried to find me. Asmita says we were told you are dead. Thaku says did you try to find out? You are a police officer. did you attend my funeral. Asmita says please.. SHe says I wont meltdown now. Everyone decevied me. You were all snakes. You know what will I do. I know Moni is from sona gachi.

She is child of Ridoy and pr*stitute. If you want it to stay secret, do as I ask. Or she will have to go back there. Now let Shan go to Nandani. Her parents have favors on me. I have to return those favors or this Moni will go back to sona gachi. Asmita says I am moni’s mother because we have motherhood. Asmita says you can’t remove me from Shan’s heart. Bua hears everything. Thaku ma leaves.

Bua slaps Asmita. Asmita says I am sorry. Bua cries and hugs her. Bua says you will never get shan if you always think of others. Asmita says we are tied by breaths. No one can part us. I am his Puchki. Bua says my daughter.. She picks sidur and puts in on Asmtia’s forehead. Bua says don’t let Shan go in wrong hands. You and Shan can’t part. Promise me you wont let anyone take him. Asmita says I promise. Bua hugs her.Nandani says to Thaku ma thank you. You are the best. Thaku ma says she is very strong. She gave up on her love for a little girl. She isn’t broken down.

Nndani says so what should we do? Thaku ma says we have to make it officials between you and Shan. I will talk to Rainvdra.Shan says when Asmita isn’t puchki why am I thinking about her. Asmita trips. Shan holds her. Flowers fall on them. Asmita removes the petal from his beard. Nandani comes. Nandani says in heart see how I ruin you asmita. I will make shan mine when he is drunk tonight. Thaku ma says Shan Puchki is here after years. Take her out tonight. Shan says okay. Let’s go. Thaku says good. Nandani says let’s make this date memorable. Asmita leaves. Shan says why do I care about Asmita.

Asmita and Nandani come to date. She says i feel so good. After years we are spending time together. Asmita comes there disguised as waiter. She says order for each other’s choice and get a discount. Nandani says we don’t need a discount. Asmita says don’t you remember his choice? Shan says jalebi for my puchki. Nandani says russian salad for SHan. Shan says I don’t like it. Nandani says I want you to eat healthy. Nandani says bring two bears. She says Shan I want you to relax. Shan says you started drinking? She says we are all grown ups now.

Nandani spills water. Nandani says sorry. I touched it by mistake. Shan goes to clean it. Asmita cleans it. Nandani calls thaku ma and says everything is going as per plan. asmita looks at Nandani mixing something in Shan’s bear. Asmita sees her. Nandani gives Shan the glass. Asmita comes and says this boti is for free. Nandani tries and says its so spicy. Asmita replaces the bears. Nandani drinks it and faints. Asmita says you can’t ever take my Shan from me.

Shan takes Nandani to car. Shan says I am coming back. He goes in. Nandani drunk starts driver to ask driving. Nandani says start driving. Shan comes in to pay bil. Driver calls Shan and says madam is asking to take her home. Shan says okay I will come myself. Shan is in the elevator. Asmita comes in the elevator. Shan says you here? She says I had some work.
Asmita and Shan look at each other. The elevator shuts down. Asmita is suffocating. Asmita says i feel suffocating. Shan says someone is here. Asmita says there is a fan. We can turn it on. Shan picks her and she turns on the fan. The song tujhko jo paya plays. Asmita falls on Shan.


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