These Streets update Monday 10 January 2022

These street 10 January 2022: At Karwa Chauth, Shaan appears before Asmita as she performs chaand Pooja. He is ready to break her fast. Shekhawat gets annoyed and he confronts Shaan and they get into a fight.Soon they hear screams for help. Shekhawat finds Nandini inside a trunk and releases her. She accuses Shaan of acting all this at the behest of Krishi and that kid was being manipulated by Asmita to marry Shaan. Shaan confronts Asmita for hurting her daughter knowing she disliked Shekhawat and did not want him as her father… why was she marrying Shekhawat?

Asmita then confronts Shaan for acting on the behest of a little kid… was he not a grown up man? Could he not decide for himself? What was right or wrong? Would he give Krishi his name after this? Would he become her papa? She knew he would never!! How dare he try to break her fast? Asmita faints due to exertion m faints. Shaan supports her. He makes her drink water, much to Shekhawat, Nandini, Chahat’s displeasure but to the pleasure of Niv and Krishi.

Asmita then declares she would marry Shekhawat and orders Shaan to leave this house until the marriage was over. Heart broken Shaan walks out leaving equally heart broken Krishi.Shekhawat tells Asmita that his family desired Rajputana style of wedding so he gets Rajputana style bridal dress n Odhni for her and requests her to wear and partake in Bhooma dance before the wedding. She shyly agrees.Krishi tries to contact Shaan on phone for his help.

Asmita is crying. She recalls what Shan said. Shikhawat gives her a tissue. He says please don’t cry. You don’t have to be upset. I won’t let you regret your decision. If you have any hesitation regarding this marriage please tell me. I don’t want you to marry me under pressure. Meher says no I have taken this decision for Krishi and Nirvan. I will be Nirvan’s mom and Krishi will have a father like you. Shan was my past. Krishi can never find a better father than you. We will convince her, she is a child. Asmita leaves. Shikhawat says I promise you I will be the kind of dad you want me to be. There will only be happiness in your life.

Krishi is crying. She says papa.. Chahat says stop it. He is my papa and he proved it. You’re leaving this house. Don’t show your face here again. Krishi says we aren’t going anywhere. We will live here. Chahat shoves her and says go from her dirty girl. Moni comes and picks Krishi. She says are you okay? Chahat says don’t help her. Moni says are you crazy? You don’t behave like this. chahat you will cry too. Chahat says I make people cry. Get lost you both. Krishi says in heart I have to stop mama’s wedding. Please help me God.

Asmita is upset. Shikhawat comes in and says these are our family jewels. You will be Mrs. Asmita Shikhawat today. I will fill your life with happiness. Nirvan says I am the only kid in the house who will attend his paren’t wedding. I have invited all my friends. Asmita hugs him. Shikhawat says I have a small request, can you wear this and dance for us on ghungro. This is our family ritual. Would you do that? Nandani says she is a dancer after all don’t worry. She would do that. How would the wedding end without it. Asmita will do all that your family wants. I will get my sister ready. Shikhawat leaves.

Asmita says Nandani where are you going? Won’t you get me ready? I am ready for this marriage. I am serious. Get me ready. Nandani gets Asmita ready. She says in heart my daughter won’t suffer like me. I have to choose her over me and be strong.Asmita comes downstairs in bridal attire. Asmita dances on ghoomar. Everyone claps. Shikhawat stands up. Krishi is crying. She leaves in anger. Asmita runs after her.Krishi comes to a room and sobs. Asmita comes to her. Asmita says I am sorry. Krishi says I don’t need your sorry. I only need Shan papa.

You know that still making Shikhawat uncle my papa. He doesn’t know that he is my papa that’s why he is behaving this way. The day he finds out, he will come running to me. Please stop this marriage. Asmita says please stop it. Krishi says please mama. Asmita says what can a mother do when her daughter doesn’t understand her. You are not understanding today but you will realize that I took the right decision. Krishi says I will never consider Shikhawat uncle my papa. My papa is shan only. You can marry uncle. Asmita says enough. You are a kid so act like one. I have decided this for a reason. Now wash your face and get ready or.. Asmita raises her hand.

She leaves. Asmita says in heart I am sorry krishi. Krishi hugs Nevi and says I want Shan papa. Please do something.

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