My heart knows update Sunday 9 January 2022

My heart knows 9 January 2022: The Episode starts with Moksh crying. Anupriya comes inside the house and see dead bodies of Malhar, Aao Saheb, Rao Saheb, Vivek, Sarthak and Aparna. She gets shocked.6 hours before:Aao Saheb scolds Pallavi and Aparna and others for making Prasad with ghee and dry fruits. She asks them to make again. Vivek talks on phone. Aao Saheb asks him to get shivling. Anupriya gives tea and says she has added a bit of sugar. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani to get ready. Malhar takes baby from Kalyani and asks her to get ready.

Back to present:
Anupriya takes Moksh and cries touching Aao Saheb’s forehead, she shouts Aao Saheb. Neighbors come and ask how did this happen.5:30 hours before:Atharv comes to neighborhood as God Shiv’s avatar and asks her to do his Puja. Aao Saheb asks what is this tamasha. Atharv asks her to see what will happen when his third eye opens up and asks if she wants to see his anger. He does tandav. Keshav enters holding a box. Durgaprasad shouts at him. Atharv thinks to do something and diverts Kalyani’s attention. He thinks once Keshav takes Anupriya from here then Tamasha will happen. The men keep the stuff in the store room and leave.

Keshav thinks you helped me Atharv, but you doesn’t know that my entry will become death sentences for Deshmukh family. Aao Saheb asks Atharv to dance infront of guests and make everyone enjoy. Kalyani gives moksh to Anupriya and tells her that she will handle Atharv. Keshav searches something in the boxes and thinks today they will not be saved from me. She comes to the storeroom. Durga Prasad barks. Kalyani says there is nobody here. Keshav is sitting on the roof and thinks he will give her a painful death. Kalyani comes back to Atharv and says I have identified you and that’s why brought Prasad for you. Sampada asks what are you doing? Kalyani says this is poison and says it might be easy for you. She says Shankar God had poison to protect people and asks Atharv to drink it too.

Sampada asks her to give it to her. kalyani says do you want to eat it too. Atharv thinks it will be fun when your Aai elopes with stranger man.Kalyani comes to Malhar and asks him to take off the shirt and tears it while pulling it out. Malhar gets angry. Kalyani says she has selected clothes for him. Keshav is hiding in the cupboard with knife in his hand. Kalyani takes purple shirt and asks him to wear. Malhar asks about the medal on it. Kalyani says it is brooch. Sarpanch comes and talks to Aao Saheb, and asks her to do puja like every year. Aao Saheb assures him.

Atharv thinks Maayi is here, then where is keshav? Aao Saheb asks Anupriya to bring Shivling and says Vivek didn’t bring it till now. Anupriya says she will bring. Kalyani asks Moksh if he urinates in the new clothes then she will scold him. Keshav’s phone rings. Kalyani comes towards the cupboard and takes her mobile. She says she doesn’t want loan and takes Moksh out with her. Keshav comes out of the cupboard. Keshav gets Atharv’s message that Anupriya is going out of house. Malhar comes there and sees Keshav running. He shouts asking him to stop. He couldn’t catch him and asks Pawar to come inside house.

4:30 hours before: Anupriya asks the driver to take her, but Atharv sends him. Anupriya asks him to ask someone else to wash his car. Atharv asks keshav to help Anupriya get the Shivling. Anupriya doesn’t see his face. Sarthak comes and says he went to college. He tells her that he will come with him to buy Shivling. Malhar tells Kalyani that there was a man in the room. Kalyani says I didn’t know. Pawar comes there. Malhar asks Pawar to check and asks her not to tell anyone.Back to Present:Anupriya cries and asks God what has happened?

Anupriya crying still.
4:30 hours before:
Sarthak tells Anupriya that he will come with her to buy Shivling. Atharv asks Sarthak why he wants to go with her. Anupriya says I will go with this bhai saheb. Durga Prasad barks. Sarthak gets successful. Keshav takes Anupriya in the tempo. Atharv comes to room and tells Sampada that Anupriya eloped with her lover. He tells that he will take revenge from Aao Saheb for making him sleep outside in the lawn, and for giving him stale food. He says I was not a beggar and that’s why these wounds are deep and poisonous and it will not get healed until I ruin their respect. Anupriya is in the tempo. Keshav who is sitting indisguise asks if she is thinking about him and says very soon Deshmukh Family will die.

He says just few mins, Deshmukh house will become secluded place. Kalyani calls Anupriya. Anupriya picks her call and asks her to save family people, and says their lives are in danger. She asks her not to worry about them. Kalyani gets shocked. Keshav takes mobile from Anupriya’s hand and switches off phone. She thinks to tell Malhar and finds poison bottle there. She gets shocked.Back to Present: Anupriya cries and says she couldn’t save her family.

4 hours before: Kalyani rushes to kitchen and asks Aparna if she made bhog. Aparna says it is Maayi’s work. Kalyani asks who made kheer? Aparna says I made it for Appa. Kalyani gets shocked and runs out. Appa tries to feed kheer to Moksh, but he turns his face. Sarthak says if Moksh doesn’t eat then we will eat. Kalyani runs and stops Rao Saheb from having kheer, and throws the spoon. Rao Saheb asks why is she scared and asks what happened? Aparna comes and says she has gone mad? She says when Malhar said that they can come in our house, then..Kalyani says she is not stopping him from having kheer because of Malhar, and says…she stopped it as he is having sugar. She says I will make sugarfree kheer.

Sarthak asks her to make sugarfree kheer for him and says I had one bowl already. Kalyani is shocked and asks if he is fine. Sarthak says I am fit and fine. Rao Saheb says she gets worried for everyone. Kalyani thinks there is no poison in kheer, then in which stuff there is a poison. She asks Sarthak about Malhar. Sarthak says he went for important work.Back to Present: Anupriya cries. Neighbors tell who can have enmity with them. They say Moksh have become orphaned in this age. Anupriya says I couldn’t protect my family and cries calling Aao Saheb..

3:30 hours before:
Anupriya tells keshav that she has changed and asks him to let her go. She asks him to atleast fear Malhar. Malhar talks to the constables to ask them to catch the kidnapper. Keshav says if I can’t give you respectable life then can’t die peacefully. Anupriya says she is very happy with her daughter. Keshav says she is not your daughter and says Atul’s blood can’t be yours. He says they don’t know how they will get killed and says nobody will be saved today. Anupriya asks what did you do? She sees Malhar’s jeep behind the truck and tries to call him, but Malhar’s jeep goes past the truck. Anupriya cries. Keshav says nobody can stop me from taking you with you and can’t stop me from killing Deshmukh family. She pushes him and jumps off from the truck.

3 hours before:
Kalyani calls Malhar and hopes he picks the call. She thinks how to find out where is the poison? She thinks puja fruits can have the poison. She goes out and hears Aao Saheb talking to Pandit ji. Aao Saheb asks where is Anupriya and says she must bring Shivling fast. Kalyani says she must be on the way. Aao Saheb goes. Kalyani smells and thinks it doesn’t have that smell, and thinks she can’t take chance and thinks to change it. Pallavi comes and asks her to keep the plate back. Kalyani drops the plate. Pallavi shouts and calls Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb asks Pallavi to send Parshia to market and get fresh fruits. She asks Kalyani not to worry. Aparna scolds Kalyani and asks her to give garland.

Kalyani picks it and gets her hand bleeding. Sampada says you have to rest all day as Datura is in the plate and says Moksh will sit for puja with me. Kalyani cries in the room and thinks how to find about the poison. Malhar comes there and asks what happened to her hand. He asks her to sit. Kalyani tries to tell him about poison, but he doesn’t listen to her.
Malhar asking Kalyani to sit and says no poison spread through Datura. Kalyani says thank god, and says she was scared. Malhar applies ointment on her hand and asks why she is looking at the mobile and says this is your generation problem.

Kalyani thinks she can’t tell him else Aai’s life will end. Anupriya is in Keshav’s captivity. Keshav asks why did you jump off from tempo and says I will apply ointment. Anupriya says we have no relation. Keshav takes rod and about to hit her, but hits the bags kept her. He tells her that she has nothing to do with Atul’s family, and says I am the only one with you. He says I am also stubborn and had said that I will kill Deshmukh family. He says nobody will be saved and applies ointment on her foot. Anupriya asks her not to harm Deshmukh family.

Back to present:
Anupriya cries and tells God that she always wished for her family well being and asks why did you do this.2 hours before:Aao Saheb asks Kalyani what happened to her hand. Sampada asks her if she didn’t tell Aao Saheb about her injury and says Moksh is heavy now. She says she will sit with Moksh. Malhar says never and tells that Kalyani will sit taking Moksh, and tells that he has taken out the thorns from her hands and says that’s why they are so compatible. He says we will sit together as her husband is with her and holds Kalyani’s hand. Aao Saheb asks Sampada and Atharv to stay afar from them.

Kalyani comes to the store room and thinks if the poisonous stuff is here. Sampada comes there and hits rod on Kalyani’s head. She says if I can’t sit then she can’t sit even. Kalyani falls down near the havan kund logs. Aao Saheb tells that where is Anupriya and tells that a man left Shivling at home. Sarthak says I will see where is she? Atharv tells Sampada that nothing will happen with small games and says we will play big games. He says what Deshmukh family will feel when they come to know that Anupriya fled with her lover. Anupriya manages to untie her hands and finds Keshav coming there. She pushes him and asks him to let her go.

Keshav tries to catch her, but Anupriya locks the door and escapes. Kalyani gains consciousness and finds the wood logs smelling the same poison. She thinks havan kund wood have poison in it and whoever inhales the smoke is in danger.Anupriya reaches public booth and calls Kalyani, but her phone is not answered. She then calls Malhar and tells that the family members’ lives are in danger and someone is trying to kill them. She says Kalyani and I are…just then she sees Keshav and hides. Malhar is shocked.

Back to Present:
Neighbors call ambulance and tell that Atharv and Sampada are not here. Don’t know where is Kalyani. Atharv and Sampada come inside and gets shocked seeing the dead bodies. Atharv tells Sampada that all are dead and says I just let the man come inside. He moves back and collides with someone. Sampada finds the camera there and asks who kept it. Malhar says I have kept it. Sampada and Atharv are shocked. Whoever feigning death stands up shocking Atharv and Sampada. Neighbors also get shocked.

They all act as dead bodies ghost and laugh all together. Atharv and Sampada fall down shockingly. Malhar says we all are alive. Anupriya asks Malhar, if you all are alive. Malhar says I don’t have any other way rather than doing this act. A fb is shown, Malhar talks to the family members and tells them that they have only one way to make Atharv speak the truth. Rao Saheb asks what we have to do? Malhar says we have to act to be dead after eating poisonous food. He says we have to make Atharv speak the truth. Aao Saheb says we are with you. Sarthak asks where is Kalyani? Malhar says she must be with Maayi and tells that only Moksh will be alive. Fb ends.

Anupriya tells malhar that she felt as if someone took her heart and tells that God heard her prayers. She says there is nobody in this world except you all. Malhar beats Atharv. Neighbors ask Pawar why they were acting to be dead. Pawar says it must be Malhar’s plan. Malhar says I am your father and have recorded your statement, and asks him to tell the truth. He says you will go to jail surely and says if you hide anything then your punishment will be big. Sampada is at Atharv’s side. Malhar asks who was that criminal whom you hid and tells that he can do his encounter also. Anupriya asks where is Kalyani? Malhar says she was with you naa. Anupriya says no and is shocked.


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