These Streets update Thursday 28 October 2021


These Streets 28 October 2021: The thug stabs Shan. Asmita says Shan why did you do this. Police arrive. Shan is taken to hospital. Everyone is there. Shan gets up and leaves. Asmita says if you hate me so much why did you save me? He says I saved that baby not you.Doctor comes and says blood samples matched. This is Ridoy’s baby. Nevi says she is my daughter. She is my ridoy’s child. She says asmita we don’t need you anymore in this house. I will bring her up. Asmita says what. Bua says we can’t separate a mother from a child.

Ravindra says I have an announcement. this daughter will be given entire wealth of Mazumdar. Until she turns 21 she has asmita as guardian. Asmita will have power of attorney.Shan comes to asmita. He says wow this was your game to have a baby with ridoy and get entire wealth? Asmita says no please try to understand. He says I understood now. You are disgusting.

Beauty says how can you give everything to Asmita and that child. Ravindra says neel ruined everything. Beauty says what if Asmita brings Shan back and kicks you all out of this house? How can you trust her with your wealth.Asmita says I didn’t want all this. I just wanted a good life for that baby. shan is following her. Asmita grasps him. she says stop it. He says I can go where I want. You got all the wealth. This was your game. He comes close to her. Asmita says don’t touch me. He says I have changed not stooped so low. He says I have a plan in my mind too. He slips. Asmia holds him. Shan leaves.

Moushmi takes all the jewelry she has hidden in the room. Jamai comes. He says what are you doing. Moushmi says they can kick us out anytime. He says if you were wise you would have gotten this business not Asmita. Moushm says what about you? Living in my house since so long. Moushmi says Shan was at least better he was running the business fine.Ravindra says on call no you can’t do this to our company. He faints. bua and asmita hold him. Doctor checks Ravindra he says it happened due to stress.

Doctor says he has stress. You all have to take care of him. Beauty says I thought he would just pass away. I ask him not to take so much stress. Nevi says write meds I will take care of him. Ravindra says Asmita thank you. He says you saved my life and this house. I never considered you a part of this house. I am sorry. Asmita says you need ready. Beauty hears this. SHe says I will get her kicked out of this house.Beauty says on call and says what.. Bua says I got call from insurance. Our house will be auctioned.

The auction starts. Host says this biggest house in the city will be auctioned. even since shan left, their wealth went downhill. Beauty says to asmta you are responsible for it. Nevi says to the baby I wont let anything happen to you. Shan bids is 200 crore. Everyone is dazed. Host says Shan has purchased this house. He gives all papers to Shan. Shan says no one has to go anywhere. You all can live here. As goodwill I can let you live here. He says to Ravindra you brought me here. Moushmi says papa say yes. we have no option. Nevi says I never knew you would do favor on us. Shan says I have my reasons. Shan says this is just the beginning asmita.

She walks. shan says don’t run. She says I am not a coward. Shan says everything you got by deceiving is taken back from you. Asmita says someone like you can only say this. I am with this family because I am a human. He says God is on my side though. Asmita says you will fall very soon. Shan says don’t give me lectures.Shan enters the house. Bua says why are you hurting your own family. This isn’t my shan. My shan can’t do this. You can’t look at your own self. Shan says this is who I am. The shan you knew is dead. Love killed him. Bua says you dont understand love anyway. Shan says that baby is of Ridoy and asmita. How can I trust her??

Asmita’s dupatta get stuck in Shan’s watch. He is hidden behind plant. Shan pulls it. He sees asmita’s earring in his hand.
Shan says to his PA bring my stuff here. She says such old fashioned room. He says bring it. Nevi comes. She falls. Shan holds her. Nevi says you are a murderer. My hands and yours are full of Ridoy’s blood.

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