My heart knows update Friday 29 October 2021


My heart knows 29 October 2021: Kalyani sees Anu eating spicy food and says it is not good for her health and apologizes for misunderstanding her. Anu says if Atul would have been with her, she would have got a child of Kalyani’s age. She tells Kalyani that she cannot take care of her from hereon as she has her whole family now. In another room, Aao Saheh calls girl’s hostel and speaks about sending Kalyani there. Rao Saheb calls orphan ladies’ hostel and speaks about sending helpless woman Anupriya there. Aao Saheb says Kalyani is orphan and disconnects call. She snatches Rao Saheb’s phone and asks if she took care of Anu till now to send her to orphanage, she will not let this happen.

Rao Saheb asks why is she calling Atul’s daughter orphan then, why will Kalyani stay in hostel when they are alive. Aao Saheb says she is trying hard to get Atul out of jail so that he can come and take care of Anu, till then Kalyani should stay in hostel.Kalyani tells Aao Saheb that she is going to Malhar’s house and will stay there till she goes to hostel. Rao Saheb warns her to stay away from Anu and not trouble her more. Atharva sees her going alone and offers her lift. She hesitantly agrees. He stops at chat shop and buys bhelpuri, offers her, she does not accept. He Aparna brainwashes Rao Saheb.

Rao Saheb says he will get Atul freed tomorrow and will take Anu to court tomorrow, enough of taking care of Anu till now, he will her out of house tomorrow finally. Anu walks in with milk for Rao Saheb. Rao Saheb and Aparna gets tensed. Anu says she brought milk for Rao Saheb. The relax realizing she did not listen anything. He says tomorrow they will go to court and he will cancel Kalyani’s guardianship papers and take her responsibility himself. Anu agrees.

Next morning, Aao Saheb goes out of house. Rao Saheb takes Anu and Kalyani with him to court. Sampada informs Malhar about this. He calls Aao Saheb and asks why Rao Saheb took Anu and Kalyani there. Aao Saheb calls Rao Saheb, but he does nnot pick call. She calls him repeatedly. He picks call and lies that he went to meet his friend and will return home soon. She gets tensed for Anu and informs Malhar to reach court, she will also reach there. She realizes that Rao Saheb must have planned to allege Anu in Madhuri’s murder and get Atul’s bail.

Rao saheb with his lawyer informs judge that Madhuri stooped to suicide due to mental harassment by Anu, she used to call Atul repeatedly and unable to bear Atul’s infedility, Madhuri suicide. He insists Kalyani to tell court that Madhuri took Anu’s name before dying. Aao Saheb and Malhar also reach court. Kalyani says Anupriya. Anu sits shocked. Rao Saheb says Anu is innnocent, her mother fell form balcony accidentally. Judge dismisses case. Aao Saheb confronts Rao Saheb and asks what was he doing. Rao Saheb says Anu is innocent and consoles her. Aao saheb says it is their family matter and warns Kalyani not to interfere. She tells Rao saheb that she thought how Atul got bad qualities and betrayed Anu, now she got an answer that he got Rao Saheb’s qualities. Anu confronts Rao Saheb and says she always obeyed everyone, Atul left her and she obeyed him, he forced Kalyani’s responsibility on her and she obeyed, if he had told to take Madhuri’s murder on her to free Atul, she would have obeyed even him, she does not have any life of her own at all.. Aao Saheb consoles her.

Ahilya telling Rao Saheb that she always thought they used to do right then why did Atul get the ansh of betrayal. She says I got this answer today. Rao Saheb gets angry and says Ahilya..I. Ahilya says there is nothing to be talked or heard. Kalyani says I want to meet Papa. ACP Malhar says I will make arrangements. Kalyani comes to meet Atul in Jail. Atu says Kalyani. Kalyani says why did you do wrong with Anupriya and says she deserves a good life and you both have done wrong with her. Atul tries to give an explanation, but Kalyani asks him not to touch her and asks why did he always hide from her that she has a family. She says she always thought that she is an angel of her parents, but she never knew that she is an illiterate girl who has ruined someone’s house. She says that’s why Ahilya wants to keep me away from home.

She says I deserve this hatred. Atul says no and says he is bearing the punishment here and folds his hand and apologizes to her. He asks her to stay there and do penance for his doings. He asks her to make place in the house which madhuri could never do. He says you are very much legitimate and asks her to win the family with her goodness. He asks her to promise him that she will stay in the house and rectify her parents’ mistakes. Kalyani goes without promising. Atul cries.

Kalyani cries and thinks what did Madhuri and you have done and thinks I will rectify their mistakes and make place for Anupriya and me in the house. Kalyani comes there. Villager woman asks Kalyani to leave and says they can’t let illegitimate girl stay in their neighborhood. Kalyani asks how dare you to misbehave with me and threatens to upload their video on social media. All women tell that they shall teach her a lesson and try to blacken her face, but Anupriya comes infront of them and gets her face blackened. She asks why they are doing this with kalyani and asks them to blacken her face instead.

Woman asks how can you protect her whose mum has done wrong with you. Anupriya says it is my personal matter and says when that happen, kalyani was not there. She asks them to go. Ahilya sees everything from the window and says she is coming. Kalyani pacifies Anupriya who is crying badly. Ahilya asks Pallavi to make all arrangements. Pallavi makes iron chain ready and uses hunter to check on bed. Kalyani sees that and asks what is happening here? Pallavi says you can’t come here and asks her to go. Kalyani asks what is happening? Pallavi asks her not to argue else she will be beaten with hunter. She locks the door.

Later in the night, kalyani thinks why Chachi is behaving weirdly and thinks to ask Anupriya. She sees blood stains on the floor and gets shocked. She sees Ahilya having blood scratches marks and asks what is happening in the house. Ahilya says Anupriya went to fulfill the mannat to a temple. Someone comes and asks what happened?Ahilya says she came. Woman is shocked. Kalyani asks whom? She asks how can Anupriya go without telling me. Woman asks her to come. Kalyani thinks what is in the outhouse and what is she hiding.

Kalyani comes to Godavari and asks what is happening in the outhouse. Godavari says she is coming. Kalyani tries to ask her, but she didn’t tell her. Kalyani sees Anupriya kept captive in the outhouse and gets shocked. She shouts calling her Anupriya and asks what is happening with you. Atharv comes and asks why are you breaking the door. Kalyani says I have seen her in extremely bad state. Atharv says why anyone will do this with Maayi. Kalyani says she has seen her with sindoor and her hairs are open. She says she heard Ahilya telling Sampada that she is coming. Atharv says what nonsense. Kalyani breaks the lock and gets inside. She couldn’t see Anupriya there. Kalyani says how can this happen. Atharv asks where is she? Kalyani says I have seen her with my eyes and she was there. A woman comes there.

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