These Streets Update Friday 13 August 2021


These Streets 13 Aug 2021: Asmita tries to sleep. She recalls her moments with Shan. Door knocks. Asmita comes out. Its shan drunk.. He says puchki. Asmita says you are drunk. Go home. He says I want to talk to you about something important. He says come with me I want to talk. Asmita says listen.. It’s late. He takes her out. Shan says sit here please. Please let me speak. It starts raining. Shan hugs Asmita.

She says have you gone crazy? He says yes. I love you. He shouts I love you. Asmita is dazed. He caresses her face and hugs her. Shan says I love you. He holds Asmita’s face. Asmita recalls her duty. she steps back and says I have to go. shan holds her hand. He says do you love me? She says i have to go. He says you have to answer my question.ASmita takes shan to the car. He says I love you. You can’t change that. You are my friend.

I want to shout and tell the world that I love you. Asmita is silent. She drives shan home. Asmita says no one should see me. She takes Shan out. Asmita sneaks him inside the house. He says I love you. Asmita takes him to his room. Bua sees them together. Shan holds her hand adn pulls her. She is dazed. Shan says I love you Puchki. Asmita puts finger on his lips. she says please don’t say this. HE falls asleep. Asmita leaves. Asmita sneaks out.

Bua wonders what is happening. Nevi sees asmita leaving the house. She says asmita what was she doing here at this hour?Bua comes to shan. She says shan loves asmita? If they love each other I am with them. I will stand with shan.Nevi says to Asmita what are you doing here? Does Ridoy know you are here? only I and shan are here. Bua says she came here to surprise ridoy. Why do you doubt so much. Bua smiles at Asmita. She leaves. Asmita says Shan didn’t have to say this.

Next morning, Shan wakes up. He recalls what he did last night. He recalls saying I love you puchki. He says I went to puchki’s place.Asmita says how can he love me. I have to save my friend first.Asmita says I have to focus on my mission. shan was drunk yesterday. i should forget what happened. She dances. Shan says should i call Puchki? Should i ask her if I said I love you. What happened last night? Am I imagining this? Ridoy and Paro come. Ridoy says lets go and celebrate. Us four. Shan says there is a lot of work.

Ridoy says let’s go. Bua comes. Paro touches her feet. Her saree falls. Bua says handle this palu, this is respect of this house too. Ridoy says we are planning a picnic. Bua says we would go to. Ridoy says let’s go on picnic. bua says in heart what you said drunk last night, I will make you say that in senses too.Nevi comes to Asmita and invites her to picnic. She says how would i face shan after what he said.

Ridoy and paro do the preps. Everyone waits for Shan. Shan comes out. He says let’s go. Paro says I would sit with Shan. Bua says no I always sit with him. She makes Paro sit at the back. Shan says where is Asmita? Paro says she would come. Ridoy says we have to wait for her. Asmita comes running in front of his car. Shan looks away from her. He comes out of the car. The song Phir Mohabbat plays. Ridoy says please sit. Shan opens the door for her. She sits at the back.

Shan starts driving. He looks in Asmita’s eyes from the mirror. Bua says all good? Shan says yes. She says let’s go.Ridoy plays a song and says this song is for Asmita. he plays the bas tum tak. Asmita recalls Shan saying i love you Puchki. He stops the car. Ridoy says what happened. Bua says he stopped at the dhaba so we can have tea. Let’s get tea. They get out of the car. Shan and Asmita are in car. Shan says I want to talk. Asmita leaves. Shan says listen.. She goes inside dhabad.

Asmit washes her hand. Shan comes there locks the door. She says this is ladies washroom. He says I don’t care. She walks out but falls. Shan holds her. They both fall on each other. Asmita says this is wrong I have to go. He says please listen.. HE says I have to stop this before this it escalates.Paro says I wish this car breaks and.. Dadi says shut up. Can’t you say good things. The car stops. Shan tries to start it. Paro says come out.

See how romantic this place is. Bua says the car is broken and you both are saying it is romantic place? Shan says let me look for fuel around. Paro says I will go with shan. Bua says you are wearing heels. You can’t walk for a minute. Bua says asmita you go with Shan. Paro says I will. Bua says you stay here you can’t walk in those heels. She says shan go with asmita. Bua says in heart I hope they talk to each other and clear everything.Shan and Puchki are walking in jungle.

Shan says did something happen last night? SHe says what you mean? He says I met you right? I am sorry I said stupid things. You are Ridoy’s fiance. Asmita says I don’t want to talk about it. He says yeah me too. He leaves.Nevi Moushumi and Jamai come to the farm house. NEvi is worried. Moushmi says what happened? Nevi says nothing. Moushmi says worried about Shan being close to Asmita? Nevi says she is fiance of Ridoy. Msouhmi says Asmita is very clever.

I had to warn you. Nevi says shut up. She calls Ridoy but his phone is off.Asmita says we are going on wrong. He says keep following me? SHe says I am not following you. Shan hears howling. He turns back asmita isn’t there. Shan looks for Asmita everywhere. Asmita says what happened? You got scared. Shan says where did you go? He says you asked me to leave years ago. She says that was a mistake. My heart wanted something else. My heart always wanted you to come back.

He says so i did.. He caresses her face. Shan kisses her. He recalls Ridoy saying I love asmita. HE steps back. Asmita says what happened. He says what happened was wrong. He runs from there. Shan says how can I do this. Asmita shoves him and says I am not a pupppet. You do things then you step back. He says what happened shouldn’t have. SHe says why everything should be like what you want? Who gave you right to come back and forth. I am not a toy.

You treat me like a board. What do you want? What do you feel for me.Even if it’s wrong, forget everything and look into my eyes. tell me what your heart says. He says I love you. I really love you. I feel you even when you’re not close. Shan loves his Puchki. The friendship is now love. He says but you are Ridoy’s fiance. I can’t take you from him. She says I am not a thing that you can take from your brother. I have to give consent too. He says you consented to that engagement.

Shan says he really loves you. I can’t separate you from him. He has lost a lot already.Everyone comes to the farm house. Ridoy says where are they? Their phones are off too. Moushmi says to Nevi is all that true?Shan says I am sorry puchki. She says that fixes everything? Tell me how should I react? I spent this life on our friendship. I can die for it. i am the same puchki. Your heart and tongue contradict. I can’t live like this. You’re running from your happiness. He says I can’t do anything. I am helpless. She walks away.

SHe says I can’t stay with a guy who is a liar like you. He says please stop. A storm is ranging on. He stops her.

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