A magical love story Update Wednesday 11 August 2021

A magical love story 11 August 2021: The Episode starts with Aman getting drawn inside the cave. He resists. A sword descends from the sky and ruins the cave. Aman is Jinnat King and nothing happens to him. Parveen gets shocked. Roshni and Aliya look on. Parveen says this can’t happen, my powers…. Aliya smiles. The sword goes back to the sky. Aman kisses the baby. Roshni asks are you fine. Aliya says my baby and hugs the baby. Aman goes. Parveen says I can’t become a normal human. She tries to do magic. She falls down and cries. She says I will never get my powers now.

Tabeezi says I need to talk about Parveen. Dadi says I know Parveen is ill. Tabeezi says how shall I tell you. Aman, Roshni, Aliya and baby come home. Dadi asks Roshni about wound. Roshni says its little scratch. Dadi asks did you find out who took the baby. Aman says I don’t know. Roshni says I think I know. He asks her not to make any mistake now. Salma says listen to her. Roshni says normal human can’t take baby to black jungle, its some supernatural force, that’s in this house. He says I don’t want to talk, its pointless, it happened because of you, if anything happened to our child then… He asks Aliya to come with him. They go. Roshni sits crying and recalls Aman and Aliya. Aliya comes and gives her a kerchief. She taunts Roshni.

Roshni says fighting for love and right is also self respect, I didn’t start fight, your truth has come out. Aliya says you can’t handle my truth, you don’t know who you are. Roshni says none can come between Aman and me, you leave from here, else I will make you out. Aliya asks are you threatening. Roshni says you have seen, Aman is a Jinn and I m an Ayana. She gets pink floral buds around her and blossoms the buds by her touch. Aliya looks on.Roshni says there is just one Ayana in the world, and her name is Roshni. Aliya says there is one more Ayana in the world, her name is Aliya. She gets a snake from her hair. She uses her powers and cuts down all the flowers down. Roshni gets shocked seeing her powers.

Tabeezi does some magic on Parveen’s bed. She says now this will burn and it will be proved that… Parveen says that I m a Sifrit. Tabeezi says you can’t hide it now, I know Sifrit are such from birth, you left Kabir’s heart in my house, you had a ring in your room, you risked everyone’s life, you are Sifrit. Parveen says I was Sifrit, look there. Tabeezi asks why isn’t there any fire. Parveen says I have no power or magic now, Aman and Roshni can touch each other, I can’t hurt anyone, you can’t prove that I m a Sifrit, there is no use to tell anyone. Tabeezi says you are still evil, I will tell your truth to everyone. Aliya says I m more powerful, I will snatch everything from you, your Aman. Roshni says you have seen the power, not love, none can break Aman and my connection. Aliya says my baby will break this relation, you don’t have a baby. They argue. Roshni says you are lying, you will never get related to Aman, he is connected to me, I challenge you, I will throw you and your creepy snake from Aman’s life, your game is over, and my game begins. She goes.

Aliya says I will break your pride, relation and you. She crushes the buds in anger.Parveen says I can’t harm anyone, I will never get my powers, the last way to sacrifice the child has ended. Tabeezi says your talks can’t stop me. Parveen says you are Sautan and will strike me, Aman will be hurt, his heart will break, fine go if you want, I won’t stop you. Tabeezi agrees. She bounds Parveen by thread. She says if you try to do magic again, it will hurt you a lot, I will have an eye on you. She goes. Roshni comes to Aman and thinks to tell about Aliya. She asks are you upset. He says I m trying, my love isn’t letting anger come. She says you promised that you will trust me. He says you made it tough. She says I m saying the truth. He asks why don’t you trust me, Aliya is my past. She says what shall I do if past is rigid, why past is coming in present. He says Aliya isn’t doing anything, none can come between us. She sees Aliya going in bridal dress. She gets shocked.

Aliya passing by in the bridal dress. Roshni asks Aman to look there. He asks what. She sees Aliya in normal dress. She says Aliya was in bridal outfit. He says she was in normal clothes, she is a human, not a Jinn. She sees Aliya smiling and changing avatars. Roshni says you are right, Aliya isn’t a jinn, but she isn’t what you think. He says you promise me, you won’t blame Aliya unless you have an evidence. She says fine, I will talk when I have a proof. He hugs her.Roshni says Tabeezi, there is another Ayana, she is evil, she said she is Haiwana. Tabeezi says Ayana is special, Ayana has a wish to use her powers, Ayana can be good and bad, Aliya chose evil and greed, so she has become Haiwana.

Roshni says it will be tough to fail her plan, Aman thinks she is innocent. Tabeezi says you will bring out the truth, don’t worry. Roshni says Aman is attached to the baby, Aliya is using him, I have to prove that Aman isn’t the baby’s father. Tabeezi says but Aman accepted that he has a relation with Aliya and its proved by DNA test also. Roshni says if Aliya is lying so much, how can this be true, I have to find out. Parveen looks on.Aliya asks baby to have food. Phupi says I m eating. They smile. Dadi and Aman say we shall have the baby’s naming ceremony. Aliya says I don’t want to force you. Dadi says baby has a right on us, we are glad that baby came back. Parveen says yes, I m very happy to see the baby. Aliya says we don’t know who kidnapped the baby and why. Parveen says it doesn’t matter now. Aman says no, we have to find out. Aliya says we will keep the baby naming ceremony today. Aman says fine. Aliya goes to Roshni and says baby will get Aman’s name, I will also become Aman’s wife soon. Roshni laughs on her.

She says there is still time, I will stop you. Aman sees them talking. Aliya goes. Aman asks what were you talking. Roshni says nothing, preparations for the evening. She goes.Everyone sees baby pics. They see Chotu’s pic and laugh. Roshni sees Aman’s pic and laughs. Parveen says he looks so cute. Sara and Saima tease Aman. Parveen says I felt we will get a daughter and bought many frocks. Dadi says he used to walk wearing frocks. Phupi and everyone tease Aman and call him Amna. They laugh. Roshni stops Aman and says you were so cute, same eyes, same smile, same height. She laughs. He goes.

Parveen gets Kabir’s childhood pic. She thinks I miss you a lot, Kabir, its good no one has seen it. Farah says I m excited, I got a secret assignment. Roshni asks what to do now. Farah says its dangerous, Tabeezi has asked me to get baby’s hair for her test. Roshni asks what’s the big deal. Farah says you get it. Roshni says fine. Aliya gives teether to baby and goes to get milk. Roshni comes. Sara asks Roshni to stay with baby. Roshni says sorry baby, I want your hair strand, can I take it, sorry, it will hurt a bit, please, I can’t give you any pain, even if my plan fails. She sees the fallen eyelash and takes it. She thanks the baby. The baby bites her finger. Aman comes. He asks why didn’t you move your hand.

Roshni says baby would have cried. He says you are confusing, you say a lot to baby’s mum. She says girls are complicated. He cares for her. He goes. Farah comes and asks is romance done, give me the hair. Roshni gives eyelash. Farah welcomes them to the magical lab, the feather will fly and go towards the baby’s dad. Roshni asks her to be quiet, if baby’s father is in foreign then… Farah says it will give some indication, it will confirm that Aman isn’t his dad, I wish it goes anywhere far. The feather flies. Roshni says we shall follow. They hide hearing Parveen’s voice. The feather goes to Aman. Roshni says fly ahead, please, it means I was wrong. Aman sees her and signs to ask what. She signs nothing.

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