These Streets Update Thursday 12 August 2021


These Streets 12 Aug 2021: Nevi says please bring him back. Take all his pain away from him. I want him back in this house. Please let me know even if I have to fast. A woman comes in and says why didn’t you do it before Nevi? Nevi says bua ji. Everyone meets her. She says I am here everything would be good now. Shan and ridoy meet her.Ridoy says that’s asmita my choice. She says Asmita is pretty. And that is Paro.. Shan’s dauhter in law. Mausi sees her is shocked. She doesn’t caress her. Ravindra says come sit.

She says you didn’t tell me. Shan says it all happened in a hurry. She says we will have fun in the weddings. Ridoy says she dances awesome. Ridoy says she sees hands too. Ridoy says see her hand and let me know what you see of our love? Mausi has a worried look on her face. Ridoy says is it all good? She matches their hands. She says this couple can’t happen. Ridoy and asmita aren’t made for each other. This would bring trouble. Nevi says what are you saying. Bua says break the engagement. that’d be better.

Dadi Maa says that dont try for this relationship, break it. Ridoy says please check again, our hand lines will match. Dadi Maa says these lines show us hints, take time to know each other, sometimes you are both right but you might not think same. Ridoy says we trust each other, please check again, he cries. Dadi Maa says take some more time to know each other.

Ridoy’s mother says we dont believe in all this, if hands lines take away all problems then all will be in peace, me and my husband had matching lines but what did it gave us? pain and fights for life, we got a boy who belongs to dirty and slum areas. Dada asks Nivedeta to not call Shan like that, he is our son. She says okay but then Ridoy and Asmita’s relation will stand and we will not stop it. Shan says I will take Dadi for relaxing.

Shan says to Dadi that I used to miss you. Dadi asks him to show engagement ring, he gets tensed and says it was not fitting. Dadi says you are trying to fool me? I know you, Shan says nothing like that. Dadi says dont teach me, you are not happy, what is it that is bothering you? Shan says trust me. Dadi says okay, lets play a game. Shan says no. Dadi says you have to tell whatever comes to your mind when I say a word, dont hide things from me.


Nivedeta asks Asmita if she is happy with this relation? Asmita thinks that I have to do this to bring out truth and says yes, she leaves. Ridoy thanks her and says I know you are hurt from Dadi’s words, I just want to say that I loved you, you can take test anytime. Asmita thinks it feels like I am using him. Nivedeta thinks I will get all happiness for my Ridoy.

Dadi asks question from Shan.. She asks what about love.. he says Puchki.. I mean food, he leaves. Dadi says I left for my love, I can do anything for love. Shan hides it and says how can I take her name? Puchki..Shan is in bar and recalls Asmita’s engagement, he drinks and starts playing tai hai. HE imagines Asmita coming there and smiles. He dances with her in his imaginations.

Asmita cries and says to her father that why this is happening, father says everything will be fine. Asmita thinks I just pray that Shantanu is fine and not in pain.
Waiter tries to stop Shan from drinking, he says I am fine. He imagines Puchki coming there, she asks what is in his heart? He says you really want to know..

Door bell rings, Asmita opens door to find drunken Shan there. He pulls her out and says I want to talk to you, she says I will take you home. He makes her sit down and says I want to talk to you. Rain starts, Shan dances around and screams I love you Puchki, she is stunned.

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