These Streets Update Monday 16 August 2021

These Streets 16 Aug 2021: Shan touches her she has temperature. Asmita faints.Nevi’s frineds come too. Moushmi says I think you should go. Police comes. Inspector says there could be wild animals in jungle. Ridoy says don’t say that. I would come with you for search. Moushmi says were are they two together. Ridoy says they are in trouble. Shan comes home holding Asmita in his hands.

Moushmi says ridoy’s girl in Shan’s arms. Ridou says what happened to her? Is she okay? Shan says she is cold. There was a storm. Ridoy holds her hand. Mousmi says who knows why she fainted. Bua says can you shut up. You always say stupid things. Bring tea for her. Ridoy massages her hands. He covers Asmita. Asmita opens her eyes. Ridoy says asmita open your eyes. She opens eyes and looks at Shan. Ridoy says are you okay? Moushmi says cold or not able to show your face to anyone. Did I speak more? Asmita says what are you trying to say.

Bu says don’t listen to her. Have your tea you would feel better. Moushmi says you spent a whole night with Shan alone in a jungle. Bua says can you shut up. Moushmi says truth is bitter. Why did you faint? So no one can point fingers? Shan says not a single word against her anymore. Paro says we want to know what were you doing with her. Shan throws a vase towards her. He says I don’t need to give you clarifications. Paro leaves in anger. Shan leaves too. Nevi says to her friends.

SHe says you shouldn’t have callled us here. They leave.Moushmi says to Nevi world can’t stay quite on this. Asmita says you can only talk about this dirt. If a guy and girl are stuck doesn’t mean they did something. Moushmi says we have seen what you two are doing since days. Those photographs and him dancing with you. Ridoy says enough. No one would say a word against her now. Bua says yeah enough. Let’s go back. Asmita says vyeah I don’t wanna stay her., Ridou says I will drop you. She says I will go.

Paro comes home crying. She says Shan only thinks of Asmita. He doesn’t even talk to me. I should better marry Ridoy he is better. Beauty slaps her. She says use your brain. Shan has more power. Everything is on Shan’s name. Do what you are told to. I will handle this Asmita now.Asmita walks in tears. The son naina plays. She recalls her childhood. Asmita says why can’t I fix all this God? Please show me a way out of this. I am so confused.

Asmita keeps ringing the bell. she sees the man who took money from the house. Asmita says he shouldn’t recognize me. She puts sindur on her face and goes after him. The man sees her. He puts dust on her face and runs.

 Asmita hits him and says tell me where is Arohi. He says the two people have kidnapped him. She says who else? He shoves her and runs. Asmita says someone else is part of it too. I have to stop it.Nevi says to Shan why should I trust you? you keep going near Asmita. What’s in your heart. He says it isn’t like that. Nevi says or you are doing this out of jealousy? You take everything from Shan. You tookover everything.

What else do you want that you even want his wife? Shan says enough. There is no such thing. What should I do that you trust me. Sh syas you can’t change my view about you. I am going to tell Ridoy all this. He says please give me one chance. She says if you ever go near asmita I will kill myself and Ridoy.Asmita tells Khurana that someone is helping nevi in all this. Khurana says it could be sham. She says you gave me one hour and identify. Shan calls on his number he is dazed.

Shancalls everyone in hall. He says there’s a mystery which shouldn’t be anymore. Some people have questions so there should be full stop on it. I am announcing date of Ridou and my wedding. Everyone is dazed. He says I to Paro and ridoy to asmita will get married next week. Ridoy says I love you. Nevi smiles. Shan says I don’t want delay in it. Bua says so early? Ravindra says if kids want. Bua says they are kids. We have to think. Beauty says in one week they can do all things.

Bua says how can we arrange in one week? She says we have enough wealth to arrange everything. Bua says talk to pandit. Shan says I don’t believe in all that. We shouldn’t waste time. Let’s start celebration from today. Asmita is dazed.Asmita says to Shan why are you doing all this? He says tis is right. You will marry Ridoy and I to Paro. She says look in my eyes and say that. CAn you see me with ridoy marrying him? Look into my eyes. Don’t you care? He says yes I don’t care. You chose Ridoy why should I care? Se says okay then.

Pathan baba says to Asmita you are doing all this to save Shan? Such a bi sacrifice
Bua says to Shan you love Asmita right? Why are you doing this? Why are you sacrificing her? She is your Puchki you two love each other. He says Ridoy loves her. He can’t live without her. I can’t take her from him. Shan says you wont do anything. If you do I will go away from here. sHe leaves. Shan sits in tears. Puchki is in tears too. They recall their moments together. Asmita says I cant live without you Shan.

Asmita comes with police in her uniform. She says today I have a proof that can’t save Nevi. Asmita comes in. everyone is dazed. Moushmi says I told you she is a fraud. She is a cop. She holds asmita’s arm and says what are you here for. asmita shoves her and asys I am an on duty officer you can go to jail. Nevi leaves the shagun. Bua says what is all this Asmita? Asmita says the thing is.. Shan says you are a liar. Was this your friendship. Everyone says friend? Shan says Puchki. Ravindra says what are you taking revenge of? Shan says we shouldn’t talk to her. Get out.

Ridoy says but I love her. Shan says you can’t marry this girl. Shan says get out. Asmita says don’t touch me. I am here for a reason. this woman.. Your mom kidnapped your dad. I have the proof. Shan says shut up. You can’t accuse my mom. You impersonated to be someone else. Nevi says get out of here back to those dirty street. Asmita says I will go after doing my duty. Nevi says I wont go with you. Asmita says I have to encounter you then. Everyone is dazed. Nevi says I wont come with you. Asmita takes out her gun. She points it at Nevi.

Shan says stop Puchki. You can’t do this. She says for my duty I can do anything. You are not ready to accept the truth but I can do this. puchki shoots Nevi but Shan comes in front of her. He gets the bullet in his chest. Asmita smiles. Puchki runs and says Shan.. She says Shan open your eyes. Asmita screams and wakes up. It was her dream. Baba says what happened? She says I shot Nevi in my dream and shan came in front. I wont let this be true. Without proof I can’t do anything. I have to save Shan. Asmta says Shan is fixing the wedding. i dont’ have much time. I dont’ know what to do.

Nevi is getting things ready. Bua says we will have seven functions. Today we will have jagrata. Nevi says yeah lets start Ridoy’s wedding with pooja. Bua says this is Shan’s wedding to. Nevi says yeah yeah. Bua says in heart I hope in these seven days they will realize their love and unite with each other.Shan comes to Ridoy. He says I want us to wear same clothes in jagrata. Ridoy says that’s such a good idea. He says I am sending this recording to asmita. Ridoy says Asmita I love you.

I want you to say that you love me as well tonight. Shan says she will accept your love. Ridoy says I want you to help me find out if she loves me or not. Will you help me? He says yes.Pathan baba says why don’t you tell everyone? Se says it will ruin everything. Pathna baba says you love him. Go and tell him everything that’s in your heart.

Bua says to Shan who are you waiting for? e says asmita. Bua says ASmita? He says i mean for ridoy he is waiting. Asmita comes in. Shan looks at her.Shan takes Asmita to a side. She says leave me someone will see. Shan says why are you doin all this to Ridoy? Asmita says we are all suffering. Not everyone can pretend like you. He says why did you say yes to Ridoy? You can’t play with his emotions. Asmita says what about you? You love me but you are getting me married to Ridoy. He says shut up.

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