The Rules of Love update Wednesday 17 April 2024

The rules of love 17 April 2024: Kamna attempting to burn herself with a burning log. Harsh, Maitree, and their family make an attempt to stop her. Sona called me a mistress, Kamna adds, and I can’t live after seeing my son’s insult, and now Maitree will take care of Harsh, so I’ll die. Madan requests that she refrain from doing so.

She attempts to burn herself. Harsh and Maitree exchange signatures. Harsh gets on his knees and begs Kamna, at which point Maitree snatches a fire log from Kamna’s grasp. Kamna is comforted by Maitree and Harsh. Maitree instructs Kamna not to dwell on Sona’s comments. Harsh claims Sona’s statements have affected my mother, therefore I’ll settle the matter with Sona.

Ashish notices his hand and recalls slapping Nandini. Om and Kusum travel to Ashish’s house. They explain to Ashish that slapping Nandini was improper. Kusum requests that Ashish apologise to Nandini and informs him that Nandini did not eat either. Ashish promises to speak with her. Harsh says Sona pointed out my mother’s character, so I’m heading to Tiwari Nivas to teach her a lesson. Harsh ignores Maitree and Kamna’s attempts to stop him.

Nandini takes her food while contemplating how Ashish can slap her for Maitree. When she senses someone approaching, she hides food. Ashish walks into the room carrying a lunch tray. Ashish apologises to Nandini for slapping her and vows that he will not do it again. She claims to have forgiven him. Ashish forces her to eat. She requests that he make a pledge to her. They come out when they hear knocking.

When Ashish notices Harsh, he begs him to leave. Harsh refuses to go and phones Sona. Sona walks out and notices Harsh. She claims, “I told you this snake would come.” She makes a remark about Harsh. Harsh claims that Dad abandoned you because he was about to commit suicide. Om contacts Maitree and informs her that Harsh is causing a commotion at their residence. Maitree is taken aback. Harsh and Sona are being pursued by Ashish and Om. Om is pushed by Harsh. Ashish loses his temper and asks Harsh how he can raise his hand in front of his father. He shoves Harsh. Harsh is held by Maitree. Maitree questions Ashish about his behaviour. Ashish again questions Harsh about how he mistreated his father. Maitree inquires as to why he did it. Harsh admits to pushing Ashish by accident and apologises. Ashish claims he does not require his apologies. They both argue and grab each other’s collar.

Sona arrives and uses Gangajal to cleanse the house. She requests that Harsh leave the house. Maitree invites Harsh to accompany her. Harsh declares that he will not depart without informing Sona of his decision. Sona inquires as to what he want to express. Harsh declares that he has decided to reside at Tiwari’s home with his wife and family.

Harsh betrays his pledge, which surprises Maitree. Sona claims she will not let them into her home. She requests that Maitree make her husband understand her warning, or else Maitree will have to wear a white saree again. Maitree is taken aback. Harsh takes Maitree’s hand in his.

Sona warns Maitree that if her husband ignores her, she would have to don a white saree once more. Maitree is shocked by this. Harsh takes Maitree by the hand and leads her away. Maitree stops Harsh in front of the automobile and queries wh at is going on. Can Maitree and her spouse stay at their place? Nandini queries Sona. Nandini, according to Ashish, you are the sole reason why they won’t be leaving for Varanasi after the wedding. Sona tells him that Maitree is to blame and begs him not to point the finger at Nandini. Om queries what would happen if they actually visited them. According to Ashish, it won’t happen because Harsh said it angrily.

Begging Maitree to sit down, Harsh starts the vehicle. He won’t listen, according to Maitree, who says she wants to talk to him. In his car, Maitree is seated. Harsh speeds up the car without paying attention to Maitree. When Maitree notices the children in front of their automobile, she turns the steering. Car is stopped harshly. Harsh is asked by Maitree not to make decisions when he is angry because that is not his proper mode. Harsh claims he’s evolved.

Consoling Kamna is Sadhna. If all rites are completed, Madan assures Sadhna that Sona won’t ever change and that they would go back to their home. Sadhna claims to be concerned for Maitree. Dinesh claims that Harsh will look after Maitree. Harsh informs Maitree that his choice is final and that he would be back at Triveni Sadan the following morning at 9 AM. Sona informs her relatives that she won’t provide Harsh access to the Triveni Sadan.

How can Harsh breach his word to Maitree, she queries of him. Harsh claims he can’t stand his mother’s taunts and will teach Sona a lesson. If Maitree doesn’t agree with his choice, he asks her to stay with her parents. He departs. Maitree sobs in helplessness.

If Maitree returns to Ashish’s home, Nandini fears she would kidnap her son and take control of the household. To prevent Maitree from entering the Triveni Sadan, she chooses to utilise Sona.

Harsh goes back home. Everyone wants to know where Maitree is. Kamna is instructed by Harsh to pack her baggage as they travel. Madan is informed by Harsh that they will be visiting Triveni Sadan instead of returning home, and that he will perform the Gruh Pravesh ritual there tomorrow morning at 9:05 AM. Everyone is startled. Maitree comes back home.

Maitree is questioned by Sadhna on Harsh’s choice. If I can’t travel to Triveni Sadan, Harsh said I had the choice of staying with my parents, according to Maitree. Stress causes Sadhna to lose consciousness. Dinesh dials the physician. Sona gives Nephew a call and invites him and his group to see her the next day.

A simple panic attack, according to the doctor after examining Sadhna. Sona performs worship at home. Why is she performing puja at night? Ashish queries. Sona requests that he take her anticipatory bail since she feels it is necessary. Harsh won’t come here, according to Ashish, so relax. Sona asks Ashish if he supports his family or outsiders and replies that he is considering but Harsh is not good. Sona is informed by Nandini that Ashish will help her. Ashesh turns to face Nandini. Sadhna’s feet are massaged harshly. Sadhna becomes conscious. Harsh tells Sadhna not to worry about his choice and promises to look after Maitree. The same thing is said by Maitree, who adds that she will stay with Harsh at Triveni Sadan to ensure her safety.

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