The Evil Eye Starlife update Wednesday 17 April 2024

The evil eye 17 April 2024: Scene 1Ansh and Piya dances in holi function. Mayank arrives there in his car. Ansh dances on balam pichkari with Piya. A car enters function. Avi asks to take Tara away, an officer takes Tara from there.

Avi looks in car expecting Mayank but its someone else, he asks where is Tara? All are tensed. Avi says he took her.Mayank brings Tara in a jungle. He takes off color from his face, she is shocked that its not an officer but Mayank. She says leave my hand.Avi gets a call that officer found some girl.

Mayank grabs Tara’s hand but Nishant comes there with Saanvi and Naman, he asks him to leave Tara. He leaves her hand. Nishant asks Tara to leave. Tara runs away. Mayank says you dont know me. Nishant says I know about your powers, we are witch hunters and can kill you with our

weapons. Mayank says you can try. Saanvi, Naman and Nishant hits him at once but he throws their weapons away. Nishant is stunned. Suddenly they freeze on spot. Mayank says you think too much about yourself, I can use my powers on you. He removes their memories and says now you cant come in my path.

Scene 2Ansh says to Piya that dont worry, Avi will find Tara. Piya says Adi played so much in function. She sees Adi gone from cot. Ansh says where did he go? they see Adi’s foot marks.Avi comes near jungle and finds Nishant’s car there.Piya tells family that Adi is missing. Chitali says what is happening in this house? Ansh says he has become naughty. They find him sitting on fan. Chitali says he is too modern for us.

Tara is running in jungle but Mayank comes to her. She says I dont want to marry you. She sees bear trap there. She says dont force me. She moves back and Mayank’s foot gets caught in bear trap. Tara runs from there. He says Tara.. she says its not easy to catch me, she leaves. He thinks I can easily break this trap but I dont want you to know about my powers.

Adi falls from fan but Piya catches him.Avi meets Nishant. Avi asks what happened? Nishant says I dont remember anything, we became of ice. Naman says we dont remember anything. Nishant see his weapons lying there.

Tara is running away from Mayank but suddenly a woman comes infront of her with veil on. she turns to see Mayank coming there and dragging a tree with him. Tara is stunned to see all that. Woman has eagle necklace one. She uses her powers to free Mayank and puts tree on fire. Tara says what is this? She makes Tara dress as a bride. Mayank takes sindoor and puts it on her forehead. Tara is in tears realizing what happaned. He makes her wear mangalsutra. He lifts her in his arms, laal ishq plays. He starts taking pheras around burning tree with her. Tara looks at him in disbelief.

Naman says to Saanvi that something happened but I cant remember anything. Nishant looks at weapons and says we had to use these but someone use their powers on us, we had three weapons to kill that person.

Avi and family tells Mayank’s mother that Mayank kidnapped Tara. Jiji Jaya asks her to tell where is Tara? she says I dont know. All turn to see Mayank coming there with Tara dressed bride and groom. His mother asks Mayank what is this? Avi says its a crime to force a girl, he tries to take him to jail but Tara stops him and says its not his fault, I married him as per my will. Vedsheree says dont be scared, tell us truth. Flashback shows Tara saying that I wont accept this marriage. Mayank tells that your father didnt die in accident, dont you want to know what happened to him? flashback ends. Tara says this was my decision. Avi says tell us truth, he threatened you? Tara says I told you I like him. Jaya asks her what happened to you? Tara says its not Mayank’s fault, I wanted to marry him. Jaya slaps her and says he rejected your sister. Avi asks why she ranaway? Tara says you people wouldnt agree. Jaya says you are shameless, you dont care about our respect, you want him? then stay here, my relation with yyou ends from today, Tara says please. She asks Koel but Jaya drags Koel from there. Tara looks at them in tears, they leave. Vedsheree hugs Tara and leaves. Mayank glares at her.

Scene 2Nishant is looking around to find some clue. Naman finds an eagle necklace in a cloth but its shining so he puts it away.

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