The Rules of Love update Wednesday 10 April 2024

The Rules of Love 10 April 2024: Maitree is hidden and keeping an eye on Harsh. Harsh informs the client that their event management company is well-known and not just any ordinary organisation.

He guarantees better outcomes to his client, who is thrilled. Maitree becomes irritated, and when the client has left, Maitree lashes out at Harsh for trapping her clients. Harsh claims that it’s his style of doing business and that everything is fair in love and fair in business. Maitree puts him to the test.

Sadhna and Dinesh question Maitree about the presentation when she returns home. According to Maitree, the presentation went well, and the rest is in God’s hands. She claims she has another presentation scheduled, but her mother presses her on the marriage. Dinesh interrupts her and orders Maitree to relax. He chastises Sadhna for putting pressure on Maitree when all she wanted was a month’s time. He requests that she give her time.

Instead, he requests their son, to whom he has delegated the task of locating the email ID. He complains about his ineffective behaviour and chooses to abandon the case against association members. Sachin is attempting to persuade his beloved to allow him some time to ask for her hand in marriage. She is terrified, but he reminds her of Vasundhara and Maitree’s hardships and begs her to understand.

Maitree arrives to meet with a customer, and Harsh enters and flirts with the receptionist. He bribes her for a coffee date in order to move up the waiting list to meet the client. Maitree chastises them for their actions, but Harsh ignores her. The receptionist agrees to do something that will irritate Maitree. Maitree sits as far away from Harsh as possible, while Harsh keeps swapping spots to get closer to her. Maitree becomes enraged when Harsh is summoned before arriving late.

Ste inquires about it with the receptionist, who informs him that the boss himself referred to him as irking Maitree. Maitree stays to the finish, while others depart in between due to the long wait. Her patience is tested when she sees Harsh and the customer discussing the venue for the event, indicating that he has closed the sale. He receives a phone call from his mother, who inquires about his well-being. When his father is mentioned, he immediately becomes agitated.

Maitree returns home exhausted. When her mother questions her, she explains it’s because the guy is bothering her again. Suddenly, it occurs to Maitree that the guy may have obtained her customer list when they collided. She rushes to the cafe to see him finishing the transaction with her customer. She introduces herself to the client and begs for a chance as well. Once the client has left, Maitree extends a kind hand to him, which he gratefully accepts. She discovers the paperwork on his table and drenches his garment in water. While he goes to clean everything up, she goes through the file and finds the list.

Maitree is rummaging through Harsh’s records when she comes upon her client list. Harsh approaches Maitree and inquires as to why she is poring at his papers. Maitree claims she was hunting for her customer list and discovered it. Maitree confronts Harsh about stealing her client’s list. Maitree believes Harsh stole her client list and labels him a crook who is not a businessman. Maitree chastises Harsh for stealing her client’s list. Maitree tells Harsh about her experiences over the last six years, and how anytime she attempts to stand on her own and get her life and career back on track, someone like him comes along and pulls her back.

Maitree requests that Harsh never meet her again in this world, and even if they do, she requests that he not come to her. Harsh receives coffee from the waitress. Harsh claims he doesn’t require it.Harsh receives a phone call from his mother. She inquires about Harsh’s health. Harsh claims to be OK. Harsh’s mother questions him about his low voice. Harsh claims he is playing games to establish their firm, but he is unsure whether he is doing the right thing. Harsh’s mum encourages him and tells him to enjoy his career.

Harsh’s mother says it’s not easy to lose everything in a single day, and he’s working hard to get back on his feet. Harsh thanks his mum and hangs up the phone.SLachin is concerned about how to prevent Princy’s marriage. Dinesh approaches Sachin and inquires as to if he has discovered who stole Maitree’s info. Sachin replies he hasn’t found them yet but will do so shortly. Dinesh comments on Sachin’s inability to determine who stole the data until now. Sachin claims to have other concerns aside from this. Dinesh questions Sachin about it. Sachin refuses to share it with them. Dinesh and Sachin have a disagreement. Maitree arrives and puts an end to their argument.

Vasundhara’s brother and his wife arrive at the Tiwari home to invite Nandini to the Princy wedding tomorrow. Nandini concurs. Sona also advises her to attend her sister’s wedding and have a good time.

Maitree requests that Dinesh devote some time to Sachin. Dinesh replies there is no need for it because he has assigned the cyber team to it and will go from there. Sachin is upset at Dinesh. Maitree inquires as to why Sachin appears tense. Sachin chooses to disclose the truth, but he receives a message from Princy asking whether he will be there tomorrow. Sachin departs without informing Maitree.


Nandini resolves to assume complete responsibility for Princy’s marriage. Vasundhara’s brother and wife are overjoyed to hear it. Vasundhara’s brother and his wife invite Ashish to Princy’s wedding reception. Ashish claims he won’t be able to come tomorrow and departs from there. Nandini pursues Ashish. Vasundhara’s brother and wife discuss the conflict between Ashish and Nandini.

The inspector informs Dinesh that they have discovered who supplied images to the NGO women and hands him the paperwork. Dinesh tells the inspector that his suspicions are correct and decides to catch the person. Dinesh then walks away.

Vasundhara’s family and Nandini are shown preparing for the arrival of the guy’s family. Nandini and Raj Kumar discuss it.Sachin promises Princy not to worry and says he came here to ask Vasundhara and her family for Princy’s hand in marriage. Sachin says he’ll enter through the main door. Sachin then walks away. Dinesh arrives to Vasundhara’s house with the cops.

Maitree and Harsh arrive at the same time to meet the same client and wait for him. Vasundhara inquires of Dinesh as to why they have come here. Dinesh claims he came here to find the person who made her daughter famous. Dinesh requests that the officers arrest the individual.

Dinesh instructing the lady constable to arrest Vasundhara on the grounds that she attempted to make Maitree famous. Vasundhara inquires of Dinesh whether they have an arrest warrant. Dinesh demonstrates the arrest warrant.

Raj Kumar objects to the cops’ claim that they cannot arrest Vasundhara. Nandini also requests that Dinesh not arrest Vasundhara. Dinesh continues to ignore Nandini and forces Vasundhara to enter the police station. Sachin and Princy are concerned that their relationship may be jeopardised as a result of what is going on. Vasundhara is taken to the police station by the authorities. Sachin tells Princy to relax.

Sachin phone calls Maitree. Maitree answers the phone. Sachin instructs Maitree to stop whatever she’s doing and informs her that Dinesh has arrested Vasundhara

and that only she can calm down Dinesh. Maitree inquires about Sachin’s whereabouts. Sachin requests that Maitree arrive at the police station as soon as possible. Maitree concurs. Maitree asks the receptionist if she may reschedule the meeting. It is not possible, according to the receptionist. Maitree hands over her portfolio to the receptionist and asks her to give it to her boss so he can get an idea. Maitree then departs.

Because of this, Chakramani and Neelu decide not to invite the Groom’s family to the wedding. Nadini denies the necessity for it, stating that she will obtain bail for Vasundhara and instructing them to handle the Groom’s family. Chakramani and Neelu both agree. Nadini is revealed to have taken Vasundhara’s suggestion and had someone else do her task. Nandini believes Vasundhara is capable of handling such a little problem.

Maitree arrives at the police station and runs into Sachin. Maitree inquires of Sachin when this occurred. Sachin claims that this occurred soon before. Princy asks Maitree to speak with Dinesh and persuade him to release Vasundhara; else, they will be in danger. Maitree inquires of Sachin as to what they are discussing. Sachin is hesitant to speak the truth. Maitree chooses to go speak with Dinesh.

Vasundhara comes across Maitree and accuses her of fabricating a case against her for something she did not commit. Maitree says she will never do that and that she should question her daughter about why Nadini falsely accused her of anything Nadini did. With Maitree’s words, Vasundhara remains silent.

Maitree subsequently tells Dinesh that she has a sense that Vasundhara did not do it, and that someone close to Vasundhara may have done it, and she wants Dinesh to think about it.Maitree runs into Nandini outside the police station. Maitree inquires of Nandini as to why she is making Vasundhara suffer for her offences. Nandini acts as if she knows nothing. Maitree declares that Vasundhara would not be made to pay for Nandini’s sins. Nandini then departs.

Harsh is called by the receptionist. Harsh enters, recalling Maitree’s hasty departure. Harsh’s portfolio impresses the customer, and he agrees to hire Harsh for their event. Harsh proposes a requirement for their event.

Maitree gets a call from the receptionist saying her boss wants to meet her. Maitree feels excited and meets the client. Maitree thanks the client for choosing her. The client puts forth a condition to Maitree to do this event and says she needs to collobarate with another event planner. Maitree agrees to it. The client says it’s Harsh Pandit. It is shown that Harsh asked the client to do it. Maitree says she needs some time to think about it. The client asks Maitree what happened. Maitree recalls what happened till now with Harsh Pandit. Maitree says to the client that their working style is completely different and they can never work together. The client makes a comment on what she said.

Harsh is hoping Maitree will accept this offer. Harsh is concerned that Maitree may turn down the offer. Maitree visits Harsh. Harsh later mocks Maitree and declares that he will do this alone. Maitree claims she refused to participate in this event.

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