The Rules of Love update Tuesday 28 May 2024

The rules of love 28 may 2024: Maitree searches the temple for Swarnamani. She notices a Shiv Ling that is distinct from the others. She notices five locations in the Shiv Ling. She adorns the Shiv Ling with jewels. Jhumki is acutely aware of everything.

Maitree questions Shiv Ji about why she isn’t getting Swarnamani after having completed all five levels. She begs Shiv Ji to assist her in locating Swarnamani in order to save Harsh. The snake arrives and sleeps on manis. 5 gems combine to form a single Swarnamani. Maitree is overjoyed to see the Swarnamani. Jhumki sees everything in joy. Shiv Ling gives Maitree the Swarnamani. Shiv is thanked for his assistance.

Maitree is on her way out of the temple. Maitree is stopped by Jhumki. She vows she will not allow her to take her husband Harsh away from her. Maitree claims

you intend to use Harsh to govern the Naaglok, so stop stating Harsh is yours and put an end to your Pativrata Drama. Jhumki expresses gratitude that you are aware of the truth. Jhumki requests Swarnamani from Maitree and informs her that she would leave Harsh to her. Maitree promises to save Harsh with Swarnmani and refuses to give Swarnamani to Bad Naagin.

Jhumki’s mother arrives and requests that Maitree accept Jhumki’s offer. Harsh is brought there by hypnotised Nandini. Nandini is awakened from her hypnosis by Jhumki’s mother. Nandini informs Maitree that she has no idea how they arrived here. Maitree tells her to relax. Maitree tries to approach Harsh, but Jhumki stops her and says she won’t allow her meet him unless she gives them Swarnmani. Jhumki’s mother informs her that they must kill Maitree in order to obtain Swarnamani.

Maitree is surrounded by some protection. Akash Vani instructs Maitree to swallow the gem in order to become Naag Yoni and save Harsh. Make a solid judgement, according to Akash Vani, if Jhumki gets the Mani. Swarnamani is swallowed by Maitree. After consuming Swarnamani, Maitree transforms into an Ichadari Naagin. Jhumki and her mother are taken aback when Maitree transforms into an Ichadari Naagin. Maitree uses her tail to support Jhumki and her mother. Jhumki inquires of her mother as to what is going on and how Maitrew become shesh naagin.

Jhumki’s mother claims Maitree has evolved into a formidable Naagin, therefore we must flee. Jhumki and her mother are both hit by Maitree. Nandini informs Maitree that Harsh’s condition is deteriorating. Maitree transforms into her regular form and travels to Harsh. She requests that Nandini give her Swarnmani. Nandini becomes perplexed. Harsh passes away in Maitree’s hands. Maitree cuddles him, curing him and making him normal in her power. Jhumki and her mother flee there. Harsh relaxes and hugs Maitree.

Kusum is informed by Nandini that Maitree has restored happiness to their home. Children hug Maitree and express their loneliness to her. Maitree reveals to them that she shared their sentiments. Maitree and Harsh are asked to relax by Kusum. Maitree arrives downstairs later. Kusum challenges her decision to forego a break. Maitree said she would like to hang out with them. Maitree receives Prashad from Kusum. Eats the laddoo, Maitree. Maitree is asked by Nandish to give him the laddoo she tried. He doesn’t get it from Maitree. Maitree is knocked to the ground by Nandini, who then manages to get Maitree to drop the laddoo. Nandish informs Maitree that he is angry before leaving.

Maitree is taken aside by Nandini. Maitree is questioned about her decision to join Naagin. It’s to save Harsh, according to Maitree. She claims that since Harsh began to despise snakes, he will also despise me if he learns that I have turned into a naagin. Harsh, according to Nandini, won’t ever despise her. When everything is resolved, she claims she will be able to inform her family that she has become an icchdari naagin. Nandini is informed by Maitree that if she does not remove her snakeskin every night, more changes in her skin will become apparent. When Harsh arrives, he inquires about the skin changes they are referring about. The situation is managed by Nandini. Without giving Maitree a chance to speak, Harsh picks her up in his arms and leads her to their chamber.

Maitree is taken aback by the room’s design. She queries Harsh as to whether he committed the crime. Harsh nods in agreement and promises her that he would continue to make her feel special until he dies. He makes attempts to woo her. Maitree notices that it is 11 o’clock. She moves away from Harsh. Harsh inquires as to what transpired. He is injured by Maitree, who then exits the room. Maitree regrets harming Harsh.

Maitree walks into the supply room. Her snakeskin is removed, and she emerges. If everything is alright, Nandini inquires. Maitree concurs and follows Nandini.

The following morning, Maitree gives everyone their preferred breakfast. Harsh walks to his room instead of drinking the tea that Maitree has made. Kusum inquires with Maitree about their relationship. Maitree tells a falsehood about everything being okay. Maitree walks up to Harsh and apologizes. Sharp pardons her. When Kusum arrives, she begs Maitree to nurse Vedika.

Maitree questions how she can provide milk to her infant because if she does, the infant’s body will be contaminated with poison. Maitree presents a sickly persona. As she goes to obtain a bottle of milk, Maitree hands the infant over to Kusum. Kusum is informed by Maitree that the infant would be fed bottle milk. Kusum queries Maitree as to why she is unable to feed the infant her own milk. Kusum is informed by Maitree that she is not feeling well and that she will give the infant bottle milk. Hearing this, Kusum concurs. Maitree feeds her infant milk from a bottle.

With the occultist treatment, Jhumki awakens. The occultist warns Jhumki to exercise caution because the wounds haven’t fully healed. Jhumki claims that these wounds will mend, but she does not explain how the wound from losing her mother would mend. Jhumki is told by the occultist that she can exact revenge in order to make that wound better. Jhumki questions the occultist about how it’s possible given that Maitree has more strength than them now that she’s consumed Swarnamani. There is a method, the occultist tells Jhumki, but if they take it, she risked losing her life. Jhumki is willing to pay whatever it takes to exact revenge on Maitree. They must do a Havan, the occultist claims.

For their retaliation against Maitree, the occultist and Jhumki begin performing Havan. In the Havan, Jhumki and the occultist offer their blood as an offering.Maitree tries to explain to Harsh that she couldn’t give the baby milk because she is ill, but Harsh ignores her and departs.

No one can comprehend what she is going through, Nandini tells Maitree. Maitree is instructed by Nandini to focus on the children. Maitree confides in Nandini her concern that one day Harsh could learn the truth and kick her out of his and their children’s lives. Maitree is taken aside by Nandini, who asks her not to talk because if anyone overhears, the truth might be revealed.

Snake flute is being played by an occultist. Upon hearing the snake flute’s song, Maitree collapsed to the ground and was unable to stand. Calling Nandini is Maitree. When Nandini sees Harsh approaching them, she shuts the door. Harsh requests that Maitree unlock the door.

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