The Rules of Love update Monday 27 May 2024

The rules of love 27 may 2024: After clearing the Agni Padav, Maitree creates one more Shiv Ling. Maitre believes she is sick of taking tests. She begs Shiv Ji to help her find Swarnamani. She passes out and drops the Manis she obtained while defeating the two padavs. The golden snake looks across at the unconscious Maitree.

Jhumki threatens Nandini with revealing the whereabouts of the Maitree. Jhumki learns that Sapheras is in the hospital. Jhumki weighs in on Nandini’s plan. She tells Nandini that after killing the Maitree, she will take Harsh with her. She gets away from there. Sapheras walks inside Harsh’s room. Nandini summons a doctor.

As Maitree regains awareness, the golden snake drops water on her face and flees. Maitree becomes conscious. She hunts for Swarnamani with the manis she obtained. Jhumki’s mother is concerned about why Jhumki did not accompany Harsh. Jhumki arrives and informs her mother of what has occurred. Jhumki’s mother notices in a potion that Maitree is getting close to Swarnmani. Jhumki says they’re welcome to go. Jhumki’s mother advises that since we don’t know how to get to Swarnamani, we should let Maitree have it and then steal it from her. Jhumki concurs.

The doctor informs Nandini that Harsh is in danger of going into a coma. Nandini makes the decision to inform Maitree of Harsh’s illness. Maitree notices three similar paths in front of her. She is perplexed as to which path she should take to approach the next man. Jhumki’s mother visits the hospital and observes Harsh. She goes after seeing Nandini place a mongoose box near Harsh.

Maitree begs Shiv Ji to guide her in the right path. She shuts her eyes and chooses the proper path. Har Har Mahadev, she salutes you. She is given the third Mani (Akash Tatva). Maitree believes she will obtain Swarnamani after obtaining Vayu and Water Tatv manis. Maitree creates yet another Shiv Ling. Jhumki arrives and spies on Maitree. She notices Maitree standing at the valley’s rim.

Maitree is pushed into the valley by Jhumki. Maitree recites Namah Shivay. She regrets dying without saving her husband. Jhumki yells that Maitree is dead and that she will use Harsh to find Swarnamani. Maitree is knocked to the ground. She is startled to be alive. She expresses gratitude to Shiv Ji. She notices the next challenge from Vayu in front of her.

Maitree notices Toronto in front of her. She enters Toronto, completes her next Padav, and receives her fourth Jewel stone. She completes the fourth Shiv Ling. She believes she has reached the Swarnmani’s final level. Nandini discovers that two of the sapheras she hired have died. Harsh is placed in the mortuary for his safety.

She notices Harsh’s bleeding is out of control. She decides to consult with a doctor. Nandini goes to see the Doctor, but she hesitates since she doesn’t know who Jhumki hypnotised. She goes back to the mortuary and replaces Harsh’s bandage on her own. She promises Harsh that nothing bad will happen to him.

Maitree wonders who pushed her down into the valley. Jhumki, she feels, was behind her. She intends to rush to Harsh by completing the Water Tatv. Maitree notices the water ahead of her. Maitree believes she must overcome her fear of water in order to save Harsh.She begs Mahadev to assist her. She recalls her interactions with Harsh and his family. She attempts unsuccessfully to remove the Jewel stone from the water. Maitree decides to overcome her phobia in order to save her spouse. She enters the water while chanting Om Namah Shivaya. Maitree ventures underwater for her fifth Jewel stone.

Disguised Jhumki’s mother is seen by Nandini. Nandini meets Jhumki’s mother disguised as Nageshwar Baba’s follower. She informs Nandini that Maitree has Swarnanani and that they must travel to the bush to save Harsh. Nandini has mixed feelings. She dials Maitree’s number, but the connection is lost. Jhumki’s mother asks Nandini to trust her and gives her the Jeevandhan leaves to save Harsh before leaving. Nandini comes to a halt and says they will accompany her.

Maitree emerges from the water, believing she has passed the Panch Tatva exam. Maitree notices changes in the weather. She takes note of the temple in front of her. Jhumki stands back and watches Maitree. Maitree walks into the temple. She begs Shiv Ji to grant her Swarnamani.

Maitree considers where she should look for the Swarnmani. Jhumki decides to murder Maitree after obtaining Swarnmani.

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